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  1. If the ten people who have more consecutive days than I decide to just... forget for ONE day, I'd greatly appreciate it!


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    2. Mallos
    3. Tissy


      power off the server for one day and your dream comes true.

    4. Tissy


      how this system works. I can't believe that the active days among the top players are so close! 

  2. Server just kicked everyone off, don't know if Chew or Mur were doing anything, just FYI that it happened around this timestamp if that's important.

  3. Steno

    Welcome Mar! We're so glad you've joined us!

    1. Mar


      Thanks! I’m glad to be here.

  4. When people ask how I feel after turning MP5:


  5. Everyone's invited, just FYI. 

    invitation final.png

    1. Steno


      this took WAY more space on the feed than it was supposed to, sorry world. I guess this is what happens when you get bored at work

    2. Ailith


      Hey, it's a Steno event. Worth.

  6. Welcome! We're so glad that you joined us!

    1. Caruon


      Thank you. It's nice to meet you too.

  7. Steno

    Happy birthday Miq!

    1. Ungod


      Happy birthday!

  8. Last few days for the forum contest for 14th anniversary creature as prize!


  9. Do the weekly silver!

  10. Since about 3 hours all the pings from the MD server have been super slow. I thought it was my internet, but on mobile connection it was just as slow. Mallos and Aia couldn't replicate, anyone else?

    1. Steno


      And changing to old layout only marginally improved things

    2. Fang Archbane

      Fang Archbane

      Seems alright on my end.

  11. Does anyone have an example of an old quest they wrote? For me to use as reference?

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