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  1. Item 4- 35 plushies item 7-25 plushies
  2. Item 2 Item 3 Item 5 Item 6 x2 Item 7 Item 13-77 plushies total
  3. Item 3- 16 plushies Item 4-22 plushies Item 8-65 plushies
  4. Item 8 - Darkling, 2836 age ID: 793858 - 50 plushies
  5. If the ten people who have more consecutive days than I decide to just... forget for ONE day, I'd greatly appreciate it!


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    2. Mallos
    3. Tissy


      power off the server for one day and your dream comes true.

    4. Tissy


      how this system works. I can't believe that the active days among the top players are so close! 

  6. Interesting. I thought I should remind you Ungod of https://magicduel.com/page/Announcement/view/5026 I like your idea of risk. Is there a possibility that instead of death, which is quite a heavy punishment, or perhaps, as a more likely negative outcome, that any trades run the risk of either A) Being rejected by the merchant, whereas, perhaps he takes some as a fee for his time [this is kind of dumb imo, but thought I'd mention anyway] B) That instead of getting currency back, there is a chance that you get an utterly useless resource that can only be gotten from the merchant, say... trader vouchers. Which could then be used to trade at a truly abysmal rate, say, 150 vouchers for 1 SC. whereas I would speculate that even common resources, like water, would have a higher rate than that. Edit: by in addition, I meant something along the lines of 50% chance successful trade, 35% poor trade (refusal or for basically useless resource), 15% change death P.S. The voucher system seems stupid. But it could also be as simple as determining the most useless resource already in existence (as determined by sheer ability to obtain in the realm) and make it the currency the trader gives to you)--->This could also be done that if the trade has 4k aromatic herbs and you want coin for your water, he may give you the herbs instead, since he just paid a bunch of people for the herbs, he needs to move the herbs, not deplete his coffers
  7. Steno


    Or perhaps minipets could just be a classification for non-combat creatures, like one that eats candy. Then that space could be explored more.
  8. Good job Ledah! You earn 1SC for completing first! There is still another prize if someone can post a faster time before the 1st of September, otherwise Ledah gets that prize as well.
  9. Just a reminder that July's crossword still hasn't been solved. Reward=3SC. This month's theme: the Lands of the East. https://thewordsearch.com/puzzle/1341065/ Don't forget, it's 1SC for the first to complete, and 1SC for the person who has posted the fastest time in this thread.
  10. A game about stories. Stories that you choose not only what happens, but where it goes, how it impacts you, and even what that story is. I've learned that in MagicDuel one often has their character go and explore options, or routes, that they(or I) would never take as a person. My character might find fulfillment in doing something that I never would in my real life. Then the realization hits that my character and I are not so different after all. In that moment, the friends, the choices, the decisions, the stories become more than just part of a game and a character, they become real, they become part of you. All of those times when your character did something that forced you out of your comfort zone, you've realized that your comfort zone has now grown. I have been pushed, pulled, and gravitated to many things in MagicDuel, all of these have made me do two things: learn and grow.
  11. 10 plushies on the Darkling, Item 8 1 plushie, 7th anni, item 2 1 plushie, 9th anni, Item 3 1 plushie, 11th anni, item 4
  12. Since It's about to be August and August will be LotE, here are some answers to the harder ones... Please note that there are no spaces or apostrophes in answers. 6. A player present during this year's anniversary 8. Starts with the word "Nelya" 10. One word, we use it a lot with new players. 12. A monster in greek mythology 16. Has tiles and a pulley 19. Has an alt with the name "Dragon" on the end, his avatar wields a hammer 24. This one could be called Scout, starts with an abbreviation There, 25% of them now have better clues. I will be giving 3 SC for completion of this, since that's how much SC I've gained this month and both the image quality and difficulty of this were high indeed.
  13. *quietly gets ready to make Chew spend another 5 lifetimes in the next week alone*
  14. I shiver with anticipation to know what you actually determined to do Chew? Was the community's guidance helpful?
  15. Chrome seems fine, though chrome typically only produced 2 scroll bars. I'll try later on mobile safari where I got 3 scrolls to the side every time.
  16. I imagine as more of a throne, even before he got elected . Except it swivels and is actually comfortable.
  17. My Other vote is Make MD FF-compatible (I personally have no issues, but others complain incessantly) and/or make a magicduel.com/mobile page that allows you to fight and move (hopefully less intensive-particularly by making static erolin orbs an option) Also my vote includes adding the discord button... but Apparently I have to work to get him to do that
  18. He wants your ideas, nay he craves them. Your King and Grand Duke (not to mention good guy) @Chewett asks for your assistance. Whether it be interface patches, putting the discord button on the top bar, fixing FF issues, or something else, say it here! He told me to do this #ChewettMadeMeDoIt
  19. A creature that when fed an item (fed actively, not passively like some other creatures, like you have a button on creature page that says "Feed") makes you 'stealthy' or 'silent' for a time. Basically, when fed something this creature gives you a buff where your echo either doesn't appear, 1.2 the time, or only 5 minutes. This buff would be with the tradeoff of a -25% attack and -25% power debuff. The main tradeoff of this would be that it takes up a creature slot while having no combat abilities. This being on an item would probably be easier, but I wanted to explore the offset space a little more. I kind of like the thought that you quiet your mind, attempting to control how noisy you are to the outside world. The state of mind is not quite tranquility, but something with intent behind it. It's like focus, you are turning your actions and mental energies from a raging river (which floods and everyone can see) to a piped water system, moves very fast but you don't see it. Yes it is a very poorly-worded analogy. But I wanted to figure out what 'state of mind' you would occupy when you recruited and utilized this creature. Also, with the new map feature and locate stones being plentiful, this wouldn't be very powerful. Now, if it took your dot off the map.... It would have an entire array of fun implications for future events, like Heads, Torch, Races, Tag, etc. The accompanying resource to consume I have not thought about, but I was thinking it could be something costly like cake, so in theory 1 team would have 1 person with a bunch of cake and this one creature to feed the cake to as a strategy to win the torch contest. Also, can this topic be moved to New Ideas, where it belongs?
  20. #1: I loved this. I've been wanting to ask this stuff for awhile, but no one really seemed to have time -ingame. Mur's whole lecture coin changed that. I learned how to do some really simple stuff that I would have honestly given up on before clearing that hurdle #2 I wish it was longer or that I had multiple clickies to practice in at once when I asked (I thought chew was offline so my query would give me time to prepare ) #3 The best part about this was that it in the future people who want to MDScript can look at a conversation about how to do MDScript and then do it. One of the things the MDScript help files don't seem to do very well is the lack of pictures, maybe I'm dumb, but having a picture that shows it in the window, and what code corresponds to what stuff in the html window side would have solved my problems months ago when I first tried MDScript. 10/10 would listen again As a heads-up to all people thinking about spending their lecture coins: prepare more than 3 questions in advance. Like try 10 or more.
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