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    Time dilation

    So you’re more looking for hey, here’s an idea. How could this be applied? Could viscosity not be an application of this? That our perception of the time and the energy to move could be intertwined, one in the same, or even two symptoms of the same cycle or phenomena (in this case the principles that dictate the MD realm).
  2. Can pocket lint be moved to this category? But like the descriptions changed to the kind of pocket lint you found as a kid that was wrapped up in a candy wrapper in your pocket so you thought it was candy? I mean, asking for a friend.
  3. Were you still working on this Aia?
  4. Steno

    New Weather

    If you desire for it to be disastrous, then I fear the provisions discussed previously aren’t quite sufficient, particularly for such a difficult hurdle to reach. perhaps 10Ap per scene would suffice. But also something could be gained from weathering such a storm, much like rainwater when it rains? What is the timeframe within which the parameters have to be met for world-magic to occur? 24, 48, or 6 hours? A week? The longer the time or the lower the threshold the less impact and less the inhabitants stand to lose or gain. Just some thoughts.
  5. Steno

    New Weather

    Interesting, could timeless dust be gathered from the dust storm? (just a way for an uncommon resource to be able to be gathered would be interesting. I find the fact that you want it triggered by world-wide actions incredibly intriguing and thought-provoking. Could it also provide an impairment buff, like increase cost of movement throughout the realm by 1-5AP per scene (like it is more difficult to see through the dust, therefore more difficult to move?)
  6. Find me in-game for your reward!
  7. Same rules as last month, first person to solve gets 1 silver https://thewordsearch.com/puzzle/1220597/ This month's theme: Marind Bell
  8. If you are in the middle of this quest, I made MAJOR changes to this quest today and will likely do so again going forward. I request that until you see an update here that you pause in this quest. I apologize for any inconvenience. I am trying to turn this quest into a permanent quest, and that means I must change quite a lot so it doesn't need my involvement. Thank you.
  9. I've gotten 2 already and I have to redeem like 3 more CRCs with no empty slots Normally I would be all about it. If you run out of your other prizes I will change mine to be anni+2 acoustic+1toadspeak to help facilitate that.
  10. I would like 8 plushies, 2 acoustic remains, 2 toadspeech, 2 ghost, and 8 silver. I would like to add that I am most in favor of the way you have set-up the reward system for this quest.
  11. Server just kicked everyone off, don't know if Chew or Mur were doing anything, just FYI that it happened around this timestamp if that's important.

  12. We need one related to bugs and bug fixes; which could be a subset of “system” family tags. announcement https://magicduel.com/page/Announcement/view/4949 i also think that roles should include alliance tags, unless people disagree. Also unless there used to be way more updates about lands that I missed I think we could group each land announcement into a “Land” category. Like the announcement that NC is closed again would go there.
  13. I volunteer for this. Ledah and I have discussed it at quite some length. I like his ideas for tags and would love to help however is needed. Also Chew, what format would we be doing this in? Like would I get announementes 400-500 then export it in a file, or would we be working from a googledoc, quip, collabra, or firepad approch?
  14. Steno

    Looking for idioms

    That is such a better translation than any of the 6sources I checked gave me. *facepalm* i shall endeavor to Do better for the next few when I try them tomorrow
  15. Steno

    Looking for idioms

    Ungod: No translation I could find wasn't offensive... so I didn't make one Jubaris: Tissy #1:
  16. Just in case you didn't know this one because it threw up a longer list of different-looking errors when try to retrieve papers, this is what happens when I tried to submit a quest document that wasn't completed yet (NOT retrieve the quest doc for 1st time-that worked)
  17. Favorite part of reading the entire scoring.
  18. Thanks everyone for participating! The rewards should have been sent out! Thank you Chewett for providing the rewards and making a unique item! If people had ideas for a new room in Sage's Keep, you can post them here. I might even give you a plushie or two, or something else , though obviously the quest is over, I will still reward creativity for a month or two.
  19. Rewards sent out! Thank you everyone for participating! Thank you for the incredibly subtle misdirects that I saw many of you give! Thank you Chewett for making the rewards and the unique prize! Below are the clues, since someone was asking for them. (Note the obvious lack of the Mur clue in my clue list-a rookie mistake)
  20. Steno

    Looking for idioms

    This may take a day or two for me to get some good inspiration.
  21. Steno

    Looking for idioms

    Dang these are hard!
  22. Steno

    Looking for idioms

    I think if you do it like this: Idiom: Kad na vrbi rodi grožđe meaning: When the impossible happens, when pigs fly Then... when I have obviously and hilariously googled the meaning, since google does transliterations first, not translations (for the most part) I'll make a meme out of it like this: And this way, when you're like what the heck is that? I'll kindly explain that it is when grapes grow on willows @Jubaris is this right?
  23. One of my newest most favorite things to do is to turn idioms in other languages and transliterate them into BAD English memes. Please help me with this endeavor. Thank you. The goal of this is to: A) Provide me with immense amusement while not exhausting my MD meme-fodder for next year's quest B) Provide you with at least a modicum of entertainment C) Teach me and others who view this topic about the idiosyncratic interactions between language and culture through idioms. For your consideration:
  24. *sighs* Guess I'll have to volunteer a week of my time, or get drafted.
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