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  1. Favorite part of reading the entire scoring.
  2. Thanks everyone for participating! The rewards should have been sent out! Thank you Chewett for providing the rewards and making a unique item! If people had ideas for a new room in Sage's Keep, you can post them here. I might even give you a plushie or two, or something else , though obviously the quest is over, I will still reward creativity for a month or two.
  3. Rewards sent out! Thank you everyone for participating! Thank you for the incredibly subtle misdirects that I saw many of you give! Thank you Chewett for making the rewards and the unique prize! Below are the clues, since someone was asking for them. (Note the obvious lack of the Mur clue in my clue list-a rookie mistake)
  4. Steno

    Looking for idioms

    This may take a day or two for me to get some good inspiration.
  5. Steno

    Looking for idioms

    Dang these are hard!
  6. Steno

    Looking for idioms

    I think if you do it like this: Idiom: Kad na vrbi rodi grožđe meaning: When the impossible happens, when pigs fly Then... when I have obviously and hilariously googled the meaning, since google does transliterations first, not translations (for the most part) I'll make a meme out of it like this: And this way, when you're like what the heck is that? I'll kindly explain that it is when grapes grow on willows @Jubaris is this right?
  7. One of my newest most favorite things to do is to turn idioms in other languages and transliterate them into BAD English memes. Please help me with this endeavor. Thank you. The goal of this is to: A) Provide me with immense amusement while not exhausting my MD meme-fodder for next year's quest B) Provide you with at least a modicum of entertainment C) Teach me and others who view this topic about the idiosyncratic interactions between language and culture through idioms. For your consideration:
  8. *sighs* Guess I'll have to volunteer a week of my time, or get drafted.
  9. geez, that was fast. Next time I'll have to use a bigger wordsearch formula Find me in game, klawdees for your prize!
  10. So... I made this because I was bored and Mallos inspired me with his weekly silver forum thread, which was quite fun. I had thought of doing this before but anyway, here you all go. This month's word-search (it may be a crossword in the future). For first person to solve it, I'll give a silver to. May's word puzzle https://thewordsearch.com/puzzle/1187821/ Just post answers below, please don't fill my inbox
  11. Well shucks. Here I was secretly hoping that my entry would win. XP (though due to an clerical error it was pointed out that I used a clue that wasn't included in the clues given to participants XD) Thank you all for voting! The winner of the community award is... Ledah, who was entry #6, with 11 reputation points! You win a unique graphic T-shirt and 3GC, congratulations! Now.. for the results of the judging from our judge! Ledah ALSO won the judges favor, she really enjoyed his entry with its self-deprecating humour. You win a WP (looks suspiciously at Ledah)! We have a 3-way tie for 2nd place!. Because of this, I have decided, since @Ledah also won the community prize, to give his anniversary crit to the 2nd place pool, so that way each 2nd place entrant gets something for contributing such great entries (for the record, they got 12.5 points out of 16, whereas Ledah got 13-so they were really close) Tied for second place is @Jubaris, @Aia del Mana, @Aelis! You each get a 15th anniversary creature!
  12. See I like my answer "Well I know the mouse is going towards PC, so I just chase after it. It runs off the cliff, I stop my horse before I do. I win"
  13. Steno

    PHP 7 progress

    see in-game chat. It was actually issue at Wind's Sanctuary. I misremembered.
  14. Steno

    PHP 7 progress

    ...tried to buy all three items at willow's shop on an alt
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