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  1. Steno

    Days 4444

    HOLD MY BEER! Oh wait. Dhyone beats me... And weirdly enough Chew, it says that I joined BEFORE you when you hover over names. It says you started in June and I started in April. Which can't be right.
  2. Steno

    Weekly silver

    I would have to say inception is one of my favorites because it makes you think. Also any movie that makes people argue about what it means is good in my book. I also enjoy the Imitation Game. i also really like watching cloudy with a chance of meatballs and tangled (that’s what happens when you got kiddos).
  3. Thank you! I don’t know how to close topic or anything like that. But thank you to you both.
  4. Btw what is the conversion of silver to gold? 1 to 10, 1 to 25?
  5. I was thinking of doing an April fools quest and needed logs for it. Figured I’d take the opportunity to make a market post and possibly learn how to use them. Since I can’t make one yet. It’s all about learning!
  6. Hello, i have never created a market entry and had trouble finding a reference for price. I had seen one go for one gold. Am offering 5 silver for one. I am willing to pay more, but I just wanted to kind of understand what a good starting price is. Please comment if you’re willing to sell and for what price. i might even need 2 for a quest so any help would be appreciated Thank you
  7. In addition, anything that requires static selection access (clicking and holding) such as sliders or drag and drops for combiners do not work on mobile. Is there anyway we could have players input values next to valid ingredients or type in a value for erolin devices? Particularly as both fights and combiners are on GI, I would hate for a new player to think that something doesn’t work at all (not knowing it is exclusive to mobile) and therefore give up. Since chewett has made another forum topic about all papers being buggered, though inelegant, could pop ups instead be smaller size and say something like info will open up in new tab? Or would this turn people off more than text boxes not resizing properly? I’m sure making these changes would require of a lot of coding as well as some some loss of aesthetics, however it might be helpful.
  8. To be truly offensive we would have to have a giant game of tag in MD. The person that was ‘it’ had some sort of plague, with a countdown on them where they had to pass it to someone else otherwise they die. The last person who has it when the event is over gets to die for a week or something. (Followed by a community event where we all bring flowers to resurrect that player) Now that, I would consider very fun, but also very offensive. Meh, just a thought that occurred to me. ailith, did you mean Big Roll Challenge, or Bog Roll
  9. I was about to run a quest about that! Sent PM with my idea what to do with it. And also, not disrespectful it you did it a really cool role-play thing where you had to have X amount of toilet paper, then go through a ritual and gather a resources. Then become a mummy, incapable of dying. This would stay on-theme
  10. I experienced the same thing. However One of the newer MP3s was telling me that when they click on it is just a blank box.
  11. Steno

    Weekly silver

    I suggested this topic, but didn't even have my answer ready! I think one of my all-time favorite characters would have to be Matrim Cauthon from the Wheel of Time series. One of the things that I liked about this book series and character was that it took YEARS of my life to learn enough about the world and the character. I felt like when I was done that it was a part of who I was, it wasn't just an enjoyable book. It had become part of my perception of the world around me. In essence, like MD, it changed my perspective on the world.
  12. Also, what if Chewett's doggo creature had a basic attack, haotic attack pattern, but then at its final level, it had a Mark ability. This ability, for 1minute, was the same as reveal the players location. Basically, it is a hellhound that, at max level, tells you where that player goes for the next minute on your map, so especially during heads competition or the like, you can chase your prey, with your doggo sniffing the way forward for you, just a thought on crit abilities that are thematic. Also, there might already be a creature like this in existence. But what if there was a creature mimic? Like a super-rare creature that only Mur could give out. When you got it, it is an item, when you go to use it, you select a creature within your inventory. It becomes a copy of that creature's basic form, but for many creatures, this would still be invaluable. It would have to have some restrictions, like couldn't copy Drachorns or anniversary creatures... something like that.
  13. Could we have another kind of creature that we assemble, not recruit? But is only able to be assembled in the Lands of the East? As far as I know, there aren't any creatures to be had there. There is a reason behind it, I'm sure. But it would be cool to have another rare type of creature only be able to be obtained from Lands of the East. I'm not sure what it would do, perhaps it could improve defense of one of your creatures randomly, then level 2 it targets adying creature, level 3 targets a column, then level 4 targets a all of your creatures. Level 5 creates a token every 100 days, when fed diamonds, or some secondary resource. Basically a creature that hardens the skin of your creatures, then as it gets older, does this more efficiently, and finally, can do this for your own creatures, even out of battle.
  14. Ah, I see your point. We could turn any section of tile on madman's game into a clicky, make any section of the bridge away from madman's game into a clickie, add another book clickie, make something else at oak fort, besides just alliances (even the broken bridge itself could become clickable-if only for the message that it is out on this side as well). Literally put a stone on the path anywhere closer to the main entrance, and BOOM, clickie! I don't know. My main goal with this post was to make my plight known. In the hopes that perhaps one more could be added by someone with A25 tools. As I said, please excuse my ignorance. I was having trouble finding a lot of assistance when I was in-game so I wanted to ask here how to go about it. I also am not trying to say that there is anything wrong with LR, quite the contrary. I just remember there being more to do.
  15. No, I didn't want make a quest just inside LR. I wanted to make a quest that took players all throughout the different lands. I just thought it was hard to take players into LR without requiring them to make resources->yes making resources is cool, but it is also kind of restrictive if that is balancing somehow to make players go there. If I (or any player) want to make a quest that doesn't require resource gathering (like text-based quests, with some artworks), then LR isn't a very viable option atm. (Please keep in mind that this is probably irrelevant with the introduction of A25-- as MDSCript and A25 appear to be 2 different things).
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