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  1. Josephine

    King of Golemus

    Congratulations Miq!
  2. Travelling Investigator. Josephine, or Josie as she prefers, remembers very little about her existence before she woke up on the beach of the Gateway Island. She senses pain, a need for an end and then.. there she was. Tall in stature with a motherly appearance and calm, reassuring aspect, Josie is an unassuming middle-aged woman who seems to be guided by one simple word.. adventure. An avid researcher and writer, she plans on committing herself to the understanding of the geography of the realm and the exploration of all places existing and yet to be found. Explorer, adventurer, researcher.. this is the path she longs to follow. In her backpack she carries: Paper, Pencils, Compass, Sextant, Astrolabe, Nautical divider, Magnifying Glass, Telescope, Several Reference Books, Journal and Notebook. ---------------- My current expedition: Golemus Golemicarum I am conducting my own research of the geography and the significance of the land and will post my spoiler free journal of it on the forum when I am finished. I hope that as time goes by, my activities may initiate to some interesting research discussions and quests. One day at a time, though.. I have lots of work to do first!
  3. Have a great birthday!
  4. Josephine

    Going idle noise distorted

    Yes please! When you have time of course, and if it's not too much of a hassle... My ear thanks you kindly
  5. Josephine

    Going idle noise distorted

    Hi, With the introduction of new MD, the going idle noise has become distorted. It is at a significantly higher pitch and happens twice instead of once. It happened the other day when new MD was being tested too. I didn't actually mind the original, but this new noise makes me want to pull out my one remaining ear drum through one of my eye sockets. Apologies if it's not a bug, I thought it worth raising anyhow. Thanks, Josie.
  6. Josephine

    Drachorn Charms

    I think it is very kind of you to offer your valuable free time for this, especially given the responsibility is not technically yours anymore. If there is anything I can do to help (bar joining GG :P) please let me know. As I cannot upvote yet, please take this post as an upvote for both Burns' and Aia's responses.
  7. Josephine

    BBGSite MD voting link error

    There are three others with issues also. I went through them this morning again: BBGamelist Goes to - Blank page & " Game does not exist" Top MMORPG List Goes to - ReCaptcha does not work & cannot vote CariereOnline.ro - Online Magazine Goes to - Blank page & "Pagina nu a fost găsită" MMORPG Toplist Goes to - Blank page & "There's nothing here yet" Apex Web Gaming - works MMORPG 100 - works GTop100 - works XTreme Top 100 - works BrowserMMORPG.com - Best BB Games - works Game Sites Top 100 - works Top of Games - works Game Sites Top 100 - works BBOGD - works Gindis Games - works Top Online MMORPG - works MMORPG TOP 100 Arena - works Could the four links that have errors be removed? I would suggest replacing them for now with links to the MD's facebook and twitter pages to encourage hits on our social media sites and remind new players that we have them.
  8. Josephine

    a fragment of my broken mind

    I have only read the initial post, so forgive me if I touch on any ideas brought up in other replies. To me, the two paragraphs complement each other massively. In my idea of reality or universe, the way the future connects to the present and past is no linear, nor does it involve time in the usually agreed context of the word. Take, as an example, a painful experience. Before this, there is no relation to pain and after it is a two way interaction from the observer in the future facing choices or occurrences in the unhappened future. To me it looks like this: You can see the entropic nature of the interactions could amplify or be lessened depending on the effectiveness or severity of the future choice or occurrence. Now, I initially said that there is no relation to pain before this.. but this was meant as the pain directly caused by the initial painful experience. How we face that experience and the impact of it, of course depends on other past or present occurrences. A simplified version of how this now becomes like a system of interacting and interdependent occurrences, the effects of which move constantly back and forth through what we regard as past and future: This means that the “homogenous soup of timeless reality”, which you mention Mur, is to me a sphere of not perfectly aligned mathematically accurate patterns and structures, but a living, breathing system of veins as you might find in most living creatures. This arterial system can flow in an infinite number of directions, it includes conscious decisions as might be made by sentient life forms as well as outward occurrences faced by anything that has been “naturally programmed” to react to external influences: I gave an actual “feeling” in my example, but my interpretation of what you might have meant by “feelings” is simply a “fluid state of being”.
  9. Josephine

    Just visiting

    Thank you Ungod, I appreciate the creature you gave me. I hope that I will be able to draw a bit better by the time you publish your Christmas 2019 quests
  10. Josephine

    I am Hungry

    As I still cannot upvote, please consider this an upvote for Mag's result post. Congratulations all!
  11. Josephine

    Just visiting

    Ungod, As I am the only person to have entered this, I would like to suggest that perhaps I do not get a reward as it is not really a true contest. I am glad you enjoyed the pictures, however. Josie.
  12. Josephine

    HTML Crit inventory page Bug

    Everything is fixed now, thank you very much!
  13. Josephine

    HTML Crit inventory page Bug

    Oh yes, this happened to me after getting the Christmas Gift 2018 too, Nimrodel. I cannot see any of the creature pictures on the experimental HTML 5 interface but can see them when I load as the flash interface. The Christmas Gift is stuck as loading on the flash interface but is clickable on the HTML 5. I cannot put the Gift into a ritual as the picture doesn't load in the create ritual page: I messaged Mur on realising, but with anything like this I will post here in future. Thanks for posting this!
  14. Josephine


    Heart shards Pain indescribable, that loss, that loss. My heart shattered to pieces, and splintered inside the cavity of My chest - sprinkles of irritation Causing agony in disparate turns as whimsically as pins and needles. Torment unimaginable, that loss, that loss. Mind retracing, what ifs and why did I's, Unending anguish of an unforgiving, unkind and irrational conscience. All thoughts racing wildly, too many Until an end is begged for, please stop. Time immeasurable, that rebirth, that rebirth. Soul completing, the fragments coalescing, piece by piece, fragment by fragment. Self worth and confidence appear, tenacious and renewed with all the doubt dispersed. Now unafraid, the future faced anew.
  15. Josephine

    Just visiting

    This is my entry. I tried my best though I draw like a small child