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  1. This is my entry. I tried my best though I draw like a small child
  2. For in MD, I wish for more new people for MP3s and MP4s to train against.
  3. Easy, smelly soaps. A Christmas gift standard Or a shark that shoots lasers...
  4. Oh I forgot about the opening post! How about something like: Welcome to Magicduel, where the magic is what you make of it. A community led project which caters for fighters, questers and conversationalists alike. Test your skill, intellgence and patience.. eventually all will be made.. clear? Remember to ask the guards for help or explanation, this is no ordinary click to advance and no human is an island (sorry if inaccurate, going by what I see now)
  5. I think that there could be a couple of things added to make it a little more interactive and engaging. Perhaps a couple of target practice dummies to appear in the first scene once you have made your aramor so you can get used to the fight system a little. I don't think too much fighting should be on the island though because that would take away from what you have to discover on the mainlands. Perhaps all guards could be MP7 to allow one or two fights also. Some of the writing on the interface and so on could be streamlined or could even be sorted so it's topic sentenced and people can have the option of accessing reasons or further instructions. Also, in terms of first impressions, some links from the top of the page or on free credits voting either don't work or have outdated content. This looks really bad (sorry ) By the way, I can't upvote yet, so I'd like to share my upvote for all the above posts. I did have a couple of other ideas for the first stages but wanted to think more on them before suggesting.
  6. I agree with No one, that taming can have a negative, almost condescending connotation. What about Symbiosis as a name? The creatures are made from us or someone else, so they can be both internal and external. While they are with us they both give and take from us. As Lintara states, some give us external items, and as Azull told me last night some consume external items. From what I understand so far, they seem to be able to be either a part of us or separate, but either way we exist together. Some creatures may even be kept for sentimental reasons (I am never letting go of my first creature, my aramor, because they represent my first days here), but sentiment does not always have to be attributed. The concept might be able to include all forms of transactional relationship. In terms of symbiosis, it seems like our relationship with the creatures could fit into any of the three types, depending on the type of creature and what how we interact with it. I thought for an icon a warped "recycling" icon as the relationship never seems to end fully:
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