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  1. Agreed XD but a promise is a promise, so here it is
  2. I think higher level clues should be unlocked by achievements awarded from your own research and ideas expanding on existing research or introducing new aspects of it. To me, as someone who is interested in research, this must be an interactively rewarded part of MD. I don't want to just mindlessly unlock research by wishpoints I get from logging on a certain amount of days. I want to unlock it because I have worked to achieve it.
  3. Those of you who know me fairly well know that I sleep in the Drachorn Lair next to Bernard's left foot. Thanks to the kindness and hospitality of the Lair's inhabitants Draconas and Burns, I feel like I am welcome to stay there despite the fact that I do not seek to become a Lair Keeper. In my evenings keeping Bernard company, I have spoken to Draconas many times and I know how much he longs to go home, his love for his beloved rider and the respect he has for many who have resided in the realm. The one thing that still eludes him is a source of food that is big enough for one as great as he is. He has told me many times since I met him of his wish for a certain type of tree which bears fruit of his favourite food from his own realm. Though I have no magic or power to grant him such a tree within the realm in thanks for his friendship, I have drawn how I think such a tree would look and how I hope it would appear in MD. Draconas, I hope you enjoy this gift and accept my thanks.
  4. This is exceptional. Great work!
  5. Ailith

    Alt Issues

    I couldn't attack Rex Umbrae Killer for this reason. I don't have any alt accounts so it's quite annoying
  6. I set the dynamite with Duskwish and pressed the trigger and got this: EDIT: REMOVED ERROR Apparently I have errors in my SQL syntax.. do I need to get a check up from my GP?
  7. I hope you don't mind me being blunt, but it reads like you've been dumped by an overweight woman and are very bitter over it. Perhaps take a step back and be a little more objective towards the protagonist? (Just a suggestion)
  8. Hi, Since the commencement of the total annihilation of flash, I have noticed this morning that my creature page is not loading correctly: Firstly, just under half of my creatures appear only, no picture but are clickable: Then when I refresh the page, a few more appear, but not all and no pictures again. My internet is fast and there are no other issues. I can confirm this is connected to recent changes.
  9. Ailith

    GWI recruiter

    This is wonderful!
  10. I have sponsorship from others who have spoken to me and messaged me in game, I am yet to hear from a treasure keeper.
  11. Thank you for the interest in my quest, Nimrodel, but I will have to respectfully decline your offer. Please come and speak to me or message me in MD if you wish to speak further regarding this. Could any who are treasure keepers or act in their stead please message me, as I would like to speak to them, thank you. I have some sponshorship of various forms from people who have messaged me personally, but I am yet to hear from any official MD sponsors.
  12. I cannot imagine you harbouring ill-will towards anyone Aia
  13. I would rather not say who said it. I meant that not as a criticism, more of a means of explaining why I posted I hope nobody takes offence at my explaining in this way. I have nothing but respect for those who work tirelessly week in week out on MD.
  14. It is connected to some of the conclusions I came to from my research thread, please feel free to read through that, especially my last post there. It might make it easier to understand. The aura is to boost the power and initiative of the holder. By the holder, I mean the character who possesses the creature. I wrote this entirely with the creature itself in mind, and what it means symbolically to me. Having been told that creatures are not implemented anymore as it messes up the fight system, I had no delusions of seeing it being made. I am of the belief that ideas should be shared so that they might inspire others. I am not that interested in fight mechanics, so if this doesn't fit in with the system or mechanics, then please by all means do not take the time to judge it.
  15. To make the first level. At a special creation spot atop Mount Kelle'tha, combine the following: 50 Clay 50 Water 1000 Heat 1 liquid fire* * Recommended new resource. Meant to be VERY rare. Special aura, symbolising the epiphany or inspiration that comes from self knowledge: First level: [Inspiration] the glob oozes heat and energy, which boosts the power and initiative of the holder by 10% Second level: [Inspiration] the emerging figure emanates further energy, which boosts the power and initiative of the holder by 25% Third level: [Inspiration] now complete, Golemus boosts the power and initiative of the holder by 50%
  16. I only have three principles! Less of a mind power, more of a rating 😧
  17. Ailith

    Free Will

    "A puppet is free as long as it loves it's strings" I've never read anything more bleak, nor more true.
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