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  1. I retract this, there should always be at least one archivist to keep the tradition of the guild going.
  2. After inputting three wishpoint codes, the wishpoint reward tab became unusable. I have reloaded, logged in and out and even restarted computer. All other tabs work, and there is no other thing else that is effected on my interface. What I see when clicking on wishpoints icon: What I see when I inspect the elephant: Hope that helps.
  3. I think it's nice to have a distinction between a role play tag (who you ARE - passive) and a job tag (what you DO on a day to day basis- active). For example, I would say my goal for Travelling Investigator is a job tag, because that's intended to be a continuous active thing to generate research and discussion / ideas. My role play tag would be an evolution of my original tag (I have yet to define it properly) I like your suggestion regarding progressive advancement of an occupation as it implies real achievement and goal sharing.
  4. For people who do not engage in combat, we could attribute minimal principle gains to appropriate outer circle spells for each time you cast. This would help build things up to accentuate principle use. This could also help with the issue of people having less than the maximum principle choices as seems to be an issue at the moment.
  5. I think all guilds should have a specific task, and responsibility for something. They could equally be answerable and responsible for their section of the economy (eg assessing amounts of resources, costs etc.) Pardon my bluntness, but I don't think there is a function for the archivists in the old sense, I haven't seen activity from them since I rejoined last November. Each land / alliance and guild / quest maker can be in charge of their own record keeping.
  6. The feature, while interesting, is basically an account paralysis imposed on the many by the few. Death has been a part of MD since the beginning. I know this, yes it has. But kill items and the effect that allowing a group who have the power to essentially disable other players' accounts against their will in the name of "RP" or "I worked for it so I have the right" have not. (Outside of lashtal's role within Necrovion at present, of course). Personally, I would like to see the removal of kill items and the kill function to be part of a closely maintained game function. If people are willing to die for the sake of RP, they can make that happen in a more MD way.. plan it and make it happen. Then there could be no argument regarding elitism or abuse. Even if the costs are changed, these items are too easily abusable.. individual players should not have the ability to disable another player's account over and over again knowing that player has no power equalling that of their item at the time of the kill. It's not like someone breaking a rit... this is the actual account and gameplay of an individual being affected against their will. No wonder people left.
  7. Current expedition: Loreroot As of: Day 81 Year 14 I will be touring Loreroot to consider closely the geography and research aspects. I will be sketching and noting down my findings in my journal as I am there. Please feel free to join me for a while to discuss this beautiful land!
  8. As Chewett is ready to help and has asked us to decide, I think we should just make a decision to be honest, so we can sort it and move on. Which one do you prefer Aelis?
  9. In that case, as this list is historically something you were working on, Aelis.. I think your symbolic choice is wonderful. Let's get this done! my ID is 259857 Thank you Chewy, I really appreciate your guidance on this.
  10. Happy Birthday!!! I hope you have a fantastic day and wish you nothing but happiness and success.
  11. Then we will leave the choice at your disposal, wise wookie. Would it be possible for both Aelis and I to have access to edit and update the information? As I am a nublet I have no access to use information in clickies
  12. I think the symbolic one is a lovely idea, though both places are nice.
  13. This is just us piecing together past records, there are a lot missing from the sound of it. I don't suppose you remember when you were killed? Amount of times, by whom and general year would help.
  14. So this is your data collated with a list lashtal has sent me and Aia's last two deaths. The minimal info ones of yours are highlighted and given a time in the chronological order as an educated guess. I have used other realm dates for all as it's easier for me. Can anyone send me any other information, no matter how minimal? Incomplete lists make my brain itch Sorry re double post >.<
  15. This was an application for Lab Guardian which I have now removed. I have thought on it more and believe now is not the time to apply for role / responsibility. I would like to concentrate on the work I am doing to support my intended role and interests as there is a lot of it. Please accept my apologies for disturbing this thread.
  16. Thank you very much, Aelis, fantastic! Would you mind please including all deaths for the historical records? Even if we don't have the full records we should be able to see the names of people who have been killed and how often if we have it. (Or if you message me the info I'll collate, I like doing such works. I don't want to take up your time too much) In realm would be better, I think. I would love to take up Chewy's suggestion of a dedicated clickable. Where do you think it should be as a suitable place? I think given the connection with the caretakers, how about in the east? It would be prudent, I think, given the nature and size of the population at the moment, that more than one person be given access and responsibility for its upkeep. I will happily help given I'm not workshy and very interested in what is found To build a more up to date picture, I will also help by looking for any info on more recent deaths than this to help fill the existing record. Addition: Just thought, doing it ourselves is even better because we can record reason for death!!
  17. That's wonderful Aelis, thank you very much!
  18. I would like to request a log of both kills and revivals be made available for all to see so that the entire population has access to data on who gets killed, how often and by whom. and examples for headers might be: Player Killed, Killer, Date, Time, Kill Method / item used and Player revived, Reviver, Date, Time, Kill Method / item used I believe that this information belongs to the entire population, and I can see no viable or arguable reason why such logs may not exist. They could be placed in MDA with the logs of item transfers etc.
  19. I would believe that if the occurrences making things more unpleasant were genuinely RANDOM.
  20. It's alright Ungod. I have already given up on this. I will just stop helping people and doing stuff that will solve the issue for me.
  21. So you're saying that the function and role of tool guardians is that they are able to deter abusers? Then why are we worried about what I'm requesting being abusable? Please can we have a function to send tools back to their original place prior to global reset? As an honest, non abuser who actually uses resource tools, I have wanted to ask for this for a while. So there must be a need, surely?
  22. I like this. It is certainly a new way of looking at it. I think there is a need for it though. If I can take an item, I want to be also able to relinquish it also. There MUST be a way to circumvent possible abuses, surely. I don't see why the bad intentions of one or two should inconvenience the many who are able to conduct themselves correctly. Instead of placing restrictions on the tools for all, place bans on the one or two abusers to keep them from using tools for a time. The way I see it there are so few truly active in the realm to utilise the tools we have as they stand.
  23. I like that idea of a restriction, I didn't consider that someone might abuse this function. I believe once returned, you cannot pick up a tool of that type until global reset. Seems fair. I think even a cool down would not deter some who were intent on abusing such a function, unfortunately.
  24. Would it be possible to have a function to send each tool back manually to their original place prior to uses being depleted? This will help if someone takes something in error, or has been given something they don't really want personally and can't give it back due to 3 tool restriction (as has just happened to me lol).
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