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  1. Please note the change in date to the next day and slightly earlier time, apologies for any inconvenience. (I am attending a family gathering in the other realm now on Saturday. )
  2. Greetings One and All. Welcome to the first event of the Travelling Caravan of Entertainment. I cordially invite you to Angien's Ferry on Day 152 of Year 14, server time 17:00. The theme of the evening will be: Mirrors and Reflections. Bring any prepared entertainment on this theme: Examples could be a poem, story, art, music, research speech etc. I will prepare some things also in case they are needed. We will feast and fight until the early hours, perhaps even blessing the combat of the evening with mirror magic if those that have it will cast. Please ensure that all the entertainment prepared is MD related and in good taste. There may be rewards if there are any outstanding contributions. (The date is Saturday 1st June, from 5pm GMT)
  3. Thank you so much Sushi, that was good fun to do Congratulations to Aia, a well deserved win!
  4. For the purposes of the Birthday aspect of this quest, I can confirm that two entrants completed this part of the quest. First Place: Nepgear Second Place: Aelis If you started, please continue as the quest will still run as the first part of my larger quest.
  5. We can have a story night in a week or two if you are willing to tell it then?
  6. The Funtime Festival of the Fourteenth was a quiet but lovely occasion. We had a wonderful piece of music from Aelis, a drawing from Aia and some lovely riddles from MRAlyon. Though there were no further performances, we had a lovely evening of chatting and fun. There was also a medal ceremony at which the following medals were given: Aelis: Fossil Ledah: Golden fossil Nepgear: Veteran Vicious: Veteran
  7. [Update: Papers and Added intention] Once Ailith of the Crystal Citadel, a Water Nymph who was driven from her home by demons, now she is of MagicDuel. Following a sacrifice and rebirth, she is keen to discover more about the realm she loves. Tall in stature with a motherly appearance and calm, reassuring aspect, Ailith is an unassuming middle-aged woman who seems to be guided by one simple word.. adventure. An avid researcher and writer, she plans on committing herself to the understanding of the geography of the realm, the study of its population, activity and the exploration of all places existing and yet to be found. Explorer, adventurer, researcher.. this is the path she longs to follow. In her backpack she carries: Paper Pencils Compass Sextant Astrolabe Nautical divider Magnifying Glass Telescope -------------------------------------------------------------------- I have redefined my intended activities from expeditions to the Following:
  8. I would like to resubmit my suggestion. To help continue with what I would like to do to focus activity on the realm, I would like a consumable that would allow me to cast jumplinks at a given location. The cooldown of the item should coincide with how long the jumplink lasts in case an event runs longer. The restriction element is common sense, I would have to keep to places that are open to everyone, and besides with my fresh account I have no access to super secret places, which are likely no jump as Vicious states. Should there be an event in Loreroot outside a special larger MD event, I would check with you first. Any who are a certain level of active days or who are in story mode should be prevented from using any jumplinks anyway. While it is true that given the scenes I have access to, others could just go there, but I have witnessed that people are more likely to respond to an invitation if a jumplink is put up. These items are not intended just for me, though. I am sure it would help others who wish to create such activity, or for quests also. My suggestion is to help with the following:
  9. Greetings All Fuelled by the success of us all gathering in varied places throughout the realm over the birthday celebrations, I would like to introduce The Travelling Caravan of Entertainment! The idea of this is simple: I would like to keep a calendar of regular events of variety of interests, research talks, fight nights, puzzles, chill out and chat evenings and so on at a variety of appropriate places. Any who wish to host something or simply put forward an idea, please let me know. Let's keep the activity moving!
  10. I personally don't think these should be corrected, but then I have an odd view of MD I suppose (so weird considering I used to be an English Teacher!)
  11. My apologies, I had misread the initial post earlier. Suggestion removed.
  12. Funtime Festival of the Fourteenth So the birthday festival is coming to an end, and the last full night of the celebrations need... celebrating! I invite you to the Great Hall of the Sun on April 27th, Server Time 7pm until close for an evening of fun, frolics and fabulousness. It is an evening of contributions, and I humbly request offerings of entertainment and positive thoughts! Please bring with you something to entertain your fellow MDers, this could be: A story A comedy performance A poem Drawings that you have done of aspects of the realm A speech on something that interests you in the realm A song you created, as a link or as a roleplayed lyric A joke A puzzle for others to perform on the night An anecdote of a funny or entertaining moment you had in MD ANYTHING that you can do to perform that is relatively brief and entertains the rest of us! Prizes will be awarded to under the following titles: Most entertaining, Most thought provoking, Most prolific, Champion of the Celebration. There may be other rewards at my discretion depending on number and involvement. Don't be shy about contributing anything, all I want to see is a part of you in the celebration.. Even if it's a short joke or two line anecdote. So let's get ready for Saturday and HAVE SOME FUN!
  13. Golem’s Reflection Ailith kneels before the fires at Mount Kelle’tha and speaks the following words: “Truth. Balance. Reason” Before her an image of a broken antique hand mirror frame appears, with only shards and dust of the mirror remaining. Ailith nods and utters: “Truth. Transposition. Light” The shards and dust leave the frame and approach her, whirling around her for a few moments as though she had millions of stars surrounding her. “Truth. Entropy. Time.” They then coalesce to create three larger shards and move to hover in front of her eyeline, reflective surfaces facing her. Each holds a different image. To begin the quest, please find Ailith awake in game and during a conversation with her, ask “What did you see in the first shard?” ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is the first part of a longer quest that I intend to run in game from my papers. I am launching the first part only for the duration of MD's 14th birthday. This quest involves some writing, so success and rewards will come from the following criteria: Effort: Outstanding / Average / Minimal Content: Outstanding / Average / Minimal Relevance: Outstanding / Average / Minimal Effort means the amount of time and thought you spend on your response, Content means the consideration you have given to actually writing the response and relevance means how closely your response is connected to what I am asking of you. Please note: I will NOT be judging your grammar, spelling or level of written English if it is not your native language. What matters to me is your own personal style and expression. For the time period of the MD birthday, I will give the First and Second place entries an anni creature. (All contestants who pass the bar on the first section of this quest will be allowed to continue with the second part which will be published in one or two months)
  14. I would suggest that an idea has never failed if you or at least one other person has taken it on board and learnt from it. I know I have. Thank you for posting this.
  15. Yes, I cancelled my subscription once I saw how much I had spent. Not out of protest but out of reining in some self discipline.
  16. I thought the same regarding the avatars.. it took far too much money for me to find a suitable one for two reasons: 1) The same ones kept reappearing shuffle after shuffle. 2) The standard and number of appropriate and well drawn female avatars when compared with male ones is shocking. I found mine after shuffling 50+ credits. Maker bless Sushi for drawing an appropriate and quality female avatar.
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