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  1. On review of the rewards, I would like to announce the following: As none of the contributions were technically written specifically for the event within the criteria specified in the initial post, and that there were fewer than anticipated, I will not be awarding an Anniversary creature for each of the categories. However, I retain the right to award further rewards based on entries of note as also specified above given that it was the few who stepped forward to contribute that made the evening so special. ------------------------------------------ lashtal and Aelis: 15th Anniversary Eastern Laureate And a gold coin each (paid 28/04/2020 at Deathmarrow) This is in recognition for the sheer effort it has taken to put such a piece of music together. All in MD and through PMs. This shows not only dedication to their art form but also the sheer commitment and honest work it has taken to put such a lengthy and complex piece of work together in game. I had no idea this existed before they contributed last night, but I will never forget it now. In addition, a recommendation: @Muratus del Mur @Chewett I think given that this was a purely in game production, and the sound is quite unique and fitting for MagicDuel, could you please consider agreeing to add a few bars of it to a scene of lashtal and Aelis's choice? ------------------------------------- Steno: 5 Silver coins (paid 28/04/2020 at Deathmarrow) For contributing such a poignant and relevant poem written by your own hand, it really resonated with how people were feeling after the ceremony. Good choice. ------------------------------------- Ungod 4 Silver coins and the item "Snowdrop Seed" (paid 28/04/2020 at Deathmarrow) You presented two pieces, one story written by another and an MD poem written by your hand. I appreciated both and, just as I have stated in Steno's feedback, they resonated with the feeling of the evening. As you were gracious enough to provide two contributions, I am also rewarding an item from my own inventory which I think fits the mood of your contributions. ------------------------------------- Tissy 3 Silver Coins (paid 28/04/2020 at Deathmarrow) Your contribution was not MD based, but in fitting exactly with the evening. It was very beautiful and a fitting note to end the evening on. -------------------------------------- Again, I would like to say a very big thank you to all who contributed to both the ceremony and the recitations afterwards. It was a lovely evening, and I hope to hold it again next year. All coins are awarded from my own pocket, and the laureate item will be requested from Chewett after the end of the anniversary.
  2. The event was lovely, thank you very much to all for taking part in honouring the past and hoping for the future Here is the ceremony and artistic contributions tidied up, the raw chat log is hidden at the end of the post: The ceremony, tidied for easier reading: Contribution 1: Ungod: Story Contribution 2: lashtal and Aelis: Music Contribution 3: Steno: Poem Contribution 4: Ungod: Poem Contribution 5: Tissy: Poem Raw Chat Log:
  3. For this, I look to my youth in MD and my most treasured memories. I appeared in the realm as Ailith in August 2008, and my first week reflected my life in the other realm. I was too shy to talk to anyone as, just like many others, I have great difficulty in making friends and being sociable. One day I went to Wind's Sanctuary and found a group of people drinking in a pub run by a woman who called herself Windy. I dared for the first time to effect something in the "chat" and put an "RP" action of myself sitting at the back of the pub, hiding beneath a hood and watching what was going on. Windy, being the warm hearted and generous person she is, spoke to me. Told me to take down my hood and offered a drink, encouraging me to speak. She gave me confidence and without her, I would not have stayed. Having found my voice, I spent time working for Windy in the pub. Names, such as Tremir, Gargant, Khalazdad the Black, King Bull, Sage, stormrunner, Yami no Sakura.. too many.. too many to remember and certainly too many to mention here. This was the best time for me, and this is why I chose Wind's Sanctuary as my scene. You will notice I have put icons from other scenes. Each represents a person or occasion time was special to me in those early years. The desk at the paper cabin, Grido. The Gazebo of Equilibrium, Chewett. And the drachorn, he represents everyone I have met and who has made me smile since that time. In the last few days, I have realised that some things are best left in the past. I thought it fitting for Day of New Beginnings to post this today, as I intend to effect an important change.
  4. Due to the activities being longer than expected, and only few, I will reward two Anniversary Creatures. One for best activity host, and one for best competitor. I will throw the vote for the reward open to the public Please look at the transcripts and respond to this post with a vote for both categories. 1) Best Activity: Ungod Ledah Sunfire 2) Best Competitor: Steno Ungod Tissy Ledah Miq Sunfire Aelis Demonic God Clock Master
  5. Below are the transcripts for the three activities that occured, Warning they are a tad long. I have cut as much unecessary details out as I could! Ungod's warm up philosophy activity: Ledah's Blackjack activity: Sunfire's Game of Diplomacy:
  6. In truth, I had not looked at your link before drawing out my idea, so I apologise for using a wheel mechanism. As I have realised too late, I am submitting my entry but am not expecting any rewards
  7. We want to do a special promotion of cocktails at the pub, but we need some more recipes! You are hereby challenged with the task of coming up with some recipes to help us keep the revellers having fun! Design your own Cocktail! It can be alcoholic or non-alcoholic! Use any ingredients that can be found in MD, remember there are items of various drinks and foods as well as the consumables. I would like to see you post here with: The list of ingredients The list of equipment needed The instructions on how to make it A picture (optional, drawn or photo) Give it an MD themed name (by MD themed, I mean ANYTHING related to MD) The winner will be the forum post submission with the most likes by the end of the anniversary. 1 GC to Winner 5 Sc to runner up 5 plushies all competitors Please note, this forum activity is for FUN, don’t think too hard about it just create and have a laugh!
  8. Ailith

    cake bug

    I think our cake was explosive >.<
  9. One day reminder on this! Devise a simple game to keep your fellow revellers entertained! Description as stated in first post
  10. Four day reminder on this, be sure to bring something to contribute by way of submissions in the following categories: Stories Poems Music Art The theme is what made you happy in MD in the last year or your hopes for the future in the 15th year
  11. MaG IS HUNGRY!!! Then I must make him something…. Hmm… well, we know he likes bacon... how about a massive chunk of bacon?!?! It must be a nice meal, not a mere bacon sandwich! Now how to make the food yield to my will? Hmm… All hail the bacon meister!!!!
  12. I'm sorry Tissy, it' s just the timing where most will be available I'll hopefully be doing more events after the Anniversary too, so I hope to include some all day "drop in" events at weekends to suit people's timings better.
  13. Could anyone who is available to attend please reply to this topic and let me know if you are intending to take part in the activity creation challenge? It is not required for all to be there at 20:00, if you cannot attend until later you may still bring an activity. Please note this is not an official registration request, you may still attend last minute with an activity, it is more for me to have an idea of numbers.
  14. Thank you for the wonderful quest, Aia. A great idea!
  15. Yup, can confirm Aelis is Riddlemeister 2020
  16. I would like to thank everyone who took part. You were all fantastic! As you can see, Aelis is the winner and all others who took part get 2 plushies. (I relaxed the 10 questions requirement due to someone being ridiculously fast....) I first did Riddlemania in MD 11 years ago, and I can honestly say it was as much fun tonight as it was then. Thank you again and Happy Anniversary! Aelis 24 -Anniversary Creature Ungod 12 - 2 plushies DG 6 - 2 plushies Steno 5 - 2 plushies Lazarus 3 - 2 plushies NathanBlake 1 - 2 plushies Chewett 1 - 2 plushies jakhubi 1 - 2 plushies lashtal 1 - 2 plushies Tissy - 2 plushies Trola - 2 plushies Please note, for any question that was left unanswered, the fairest thing to do would be to stick to the answer I had. It was for fun
  17. The only problem I have with that is that you made Aelis cry! This quest is just for jokes, what happens in meme quest stays in meme quest! No politics paranoia or grumpiness allowed XD
  18. Please note the date has returned to the original date, hope to see you all tonight in the East!
  19. With the added sections at the top, the interface isn't allowing the Combat results / Close buttons to show at the bottom of the combat screen. and I am unable to scroll down to them. Apologies if this has already been reported.
  20. Please note the above date has been changed hope to see you all in the East next week!
  21. Well, as luck would have it, I have recently drawn the avatar I want. I don't expect it to win any prizes, but I will post it here anyway. I do not want to be represented by some fantasy image of a beautiful young woman or something like that, that's not me. I wanted to create something that has a deeper meaning for me and my history and present in the realm. And yes, the drawing is not measured exactly nor is it perfect, but then none of us are, so here it is.
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