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  1. Gahhhh *shakes fist like a grumpy old lady* 😂
  2. Ailith

    Weekly silver

    Difficult for me too, so many movies I love for varying reasons. I'd have to go with: The Big Lebowski Massive fan of the Coen brothers anyway, but for me this film is immaculate in every element: Casting, script and soundtrack are perfect. Have seen it many times.
  3. Well, I think it's a wonderful term wherever it came from It'd be abundant in Loreroot!
  4. It is interesting, but in my opinion, we have players from all over the world whether currently active or not, and we don't know how much all have been affected by this thing - or if they have lost loved ones to the pandemic, so plague tag leading to a player's death could be construed as way too offensive, as Steno himself says. A light hearted joke referencing panic buying wouldn't be as bad, but I personally would still be hesitant about applying it to MD for the above reason. Toilet leaf? I haven't heard that term.. like that one ^^ "The twenty minute toilet leaf challenge" - Grab as much as you can in 20 mins!
  5. Yeah that might be crossing the international punchline into too offensive lol I meant "Bog Roll Challenge" (Bog is UK slang for toilet :P)
  6. Hmm... what about a "Bog Roll Challenge"?
  7. @Muratus del Mur Would it be possible to look at this if it doesn't take too much time? Selfish request as I'd like to sort out my papers but there is great difficulty in editing and saving due to the above.
  8. Hey, just by way of explaining why resources are consumed in stacks, I've linked the thread below. (I'm not saying don't question it, just giving you a better idea of the thought behind it )
  9. Could I please have: 1 Tormented soul - 10 plushies 1 piece of cake - 2 plushies as I plan to cheer the tormented soul up with some cake. Many Thanks
  10. I'll help with this if you want. No rewards necessary.
  11. Do you promise more cowbell?
  12. Many apologies, as my absence influenced this delay, am taking full responsibility. Also... Windy: 27 plushies
  13. They are items, you'll see them in people's item inventory. There are special editions of them that are given out on MD Birthday (Anniversary / Anni). Which is what Chewett is talking about here.
  14. My apologies for my unfortunate absence and lack of response in this, Sushi. That is absolutely wonderful! You've used my favourite element there I particularly love the dancing style of movement. I will contact you by PM regarding reward.
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