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  1. Hey Aia thank you so much for your valuable feedback. You are an amazing quest designer/planner & writer, your contribution is more than welcome! I will team up with A25 user and contact you soon.
  2. I was thinking some ideas about how to make a series of scene arts more quickly & effortlessly, so players can have a quick/one time adventure or mini quest/festival event in MD for fun, or maybe even for A25 users to train/practice their tool, skill & creativity. This is how it works~ mainly I just need to draw EVERYTHING (included all items/doors/triggers etc) in a single sheet of paper and make them all clickable & glow separately. Then the A25 users can mix & match all the clickies freely in the frame and create their own scenes & puzzles, of coz we can add few more extra drawings for important scenes later so they'll look more special. Still, this method is very good to reduce workload & generate creative scenes for the fun adventure. Below are some of my concept sketches & examples(eg: Escape Room theme) only, I think you can get the basic idea~
  3. Wowowowowowowo YAY! (pls check the MD avatar colouring contest too~)
  4. Happy birthday Aia! I hope all your wishes and dreams come true.
  5. Um... maybe the guilds should be divided into Land based(primary) & Job/Skill based(secondary)? Idk, I think sth like Caretakers, Crafters & Treasure Keepers etc should not bonded to one land only, it would be fun if player can have 2 types of guilds at the same time?
  6. [Updated] Finally here is the result of the item artworks, some of them paid extra for additional requests, Ailith cancelled her request and Nava gave away his reward due to lack of item. Total 5 completed artworks~ Thank you guys, it was so much fun!
  7. [Updated] After some discussion with quest participants, I have decided to set the deadline for requests for item artwork for the 2nd of June this year(30 days), after which the reward will expire, as I cannot leave this in my workflow forever due to indecision. Items may be found in the MD shop or by trading with others; unique or personal items can be requested from an administrator such as Mur or Chewett, sometimes in exchange for a wishpoint, although they may choose not to implement your item. Thank you for your understanding.
  8. Time's up~ First of all, thank you for your participation & inputs! It's more than I expected and I really enjoyed reading all the submissions. It's hard to choose coz I like all of them, especially Vicious, Aia & Ailith’s stories! I think their stories are very dramatic and more engaged with the MD theme. Also it’s interesting that Ungod’s story reminds me of a Japanese horror manga “Tomie”, and Fang actually created a love story/backstory of himself, Nava was very close to the deadline but he made it. So congratulations! I changed my mind, everyone will receive a reward~ (I should find a judge next time :P) Aia - the avatar & a colored item artwork Vicious - colored item artwork Ailith - colored item artwork Ungod - b&w item artwork Fang - b&w item artwork Nava - b&w item artwork *you can sell/trade/give away the rewards whatever u like. I will contact the participants individually via forum pm. 🧙‍♀️
  9. Here is my new drawing~ lets play a little game with it! Use your imagination to write a dramatic backstory for this character/creature in the comment below. It must be related to MD, and connected to at least one player/place/alliance...etc. Try not to repeat ideas that others used, I'll pick the one I like most (after one week) and give you this avatar as reward, or a piece of custom artwork for your in-game item.(optional)
  10. This is my first time coloring a scene, and I like to focus on small things, even it can be unnoticeable & time consuming. I don't exactly remember the first day of my journey, it was a long time ago...but I still remember the mixed feeling about it. It was like playing an escape room, so many puzzles and hidden messages around me, I can't wait to click everything and search for clues. but there was no one in the Paper Cabin, then I met the Shades and the little girl (in story mode)...well, little bit creepy but I like it very much, the unknown is beautiful. Also the Paper Cabin was like a safe room to me, I was extremely curious about the "outside world", but I always go back there when I feel lost. Although it's not the place for beginners anymore, it is still one of the meaningful place in MD.
  11. Aia this is beautiful~~!
  12. Solved, Chewett will help him and get the token back.
  13. Sushi

    King of Golemus

    Congratulations Miq~~~
  14. Mallos bought the Gold Avatar Token in 2013, he keeps asking and waiting patiently but no one can help...(manager left, too busy etc) so I made it, as a MD artist with the gold avatars medal, I would like to request approval for his golden avatar. the screenshot of the chat logs he sent me I tried to upload but I got denied.
  15. Let me introduce you the new dish from Sushi Bar & Gallery, a special and experimental dish for MaGoHi~~ BACON x SUSHI! The concept is pretty simple but fun to try, a mix of our favorite foods in bite-size, a delicate balance between crispy and chewy with the smoky, salty, fatty and slightly sweet/spicy flavor! um~ there is no way the knight of bacon can resist a temptation like this!! 😈😝 Enjoy!
  16. I wish we can select items to show/display or turn on/off the "safety lock" in the picture menu, then we can have more artworks for the rare items and consumables etc without too much worrying. : P
  17. Yum yum! 🥙🥓🥘🍣🍲🍖🍝🍨🥂😋
  18. Maybe this skill is not about "taming the creatures” but it’s about taming our ego, our minds and fears…etc to get along/interact with all kind of creatures in the realm?
  19. I have read it all. very interesting, bringing creative minds together is a great thing! Maybe I’m not a skilled quest creator, but I can take a role as freelance artist for the projects.
  20. A timeline infographic based on my silly idea above😂: 1) Experience the same period of time repeatedly. 2) Return to the beginning stage of the events without memories. 3) The “aware" periods, too late to change anything but keep sending the messages to other people in different universes. 4) Other people's timelines(parallel universes) with infinite possibility. 5) Time travellers from another future, bring back the messages before irreparable damage occurs. 6) Avoid making the same mistakes and start a new page. (OR maybe after that you won't be able to know if you did the right change until the next time loop, so basically you are keep making the "right" choices. If everything is connected maybe its some kind of reincarnation...) The reason I use parallel universes...I think maybe the time loop didn't completely reset or reverse, coz we still have the "aware" periods that we can actually remember the things we did or the thoughts between the loops, so it DID happen in the past and the action will have consequences.
  21. I don’t think we can use tattoo etc… because I believe all the environment/reality, the body & memories will also back to the beginning stage of that event. Well "I" can’t send the messages to myself, I don’t know how to record it and avoid losing it. But maybe I can drive myself into a fatal position and then come out alive!? I will go insane and create a big disaster/event, the more involved people, the better chance in the result(the greater the unity, the greater the strength). because of the future consequences...…I hope the time travellers will come back to stop me/forward the messages and change my past(their past), create another parallel universe... haha I know this is a terrible idea but maybe it is another way to break the loop and send messages to the past? I mean, maybe I am in the loop that I can not inform myself directly, or maybe I am keep creating new timelines, reaching the similar outcome and too late to change anything. But other people are still continue living in their universes with infinite possibility, so with their help I will be able to pass the messages to another "me" from parallel universes and change the past eventually.
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