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  1. I’m fairly new to MD, I’m 9 AD old at the time I write this and I am thankful to have been the receiver of so much trust, understanding and kindness from the guardians of Gateway Island (Blackshade Rider, MaGoHi and Azull). The story I’m about to tell you is part kindness, part trust, part teaching moment I guess… It all started with me needing 1 Crystal and asking for a trade (Azull, MaGoHi and Blackshade Rider were active at that time). Blackshade Rider told me he needed some toxic plants for a tea. I didn’t now anything about tea but I knew how to gather the plants so I accepted the deal and asked how many did he want. That was the moment things got a little crazy for me. He asked the other guys if they wanted some tea as well, they did, and started discussing about preparing some tea, about the fact that I am or I am not ready to do this, asking each other about the ingredients and the preparation method, all this while I was there. It was somewhat funny and somewhat puzzling witnessing a discussion about me with all the parties being aware of the fact that I was there. At some point, someone asked me if I wanted to learn how to prepare tea and I accepted in a flash, not knowing but suspecting it wasn’t easy, but willing to learn as much as possible there, in MD, and also being truly thankful to them for including me in such a nice and quite complicated ritual. After some more discussion, I was declared Tea Master (not sure this is the right term) and given a teapot, some heat stones, a tea book and lots of guidance. It was fun. MaGoHi, Azull and I managed to prepare 3 pots of aromatic tea (Blackshade Rider went away for a while) in the end and split it 4 ways. For me, it was an act of kindness that, from a simple Crystal vs Toxic plants discussion, I ended up being included and learning how to take part in a ritual that was way more advanced than my knowledge of MD.
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