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  1. The second card is a plant!
  2. The opposite for me - bug, bird. Double them as I like to live a dangerous life!
  3. Ah, cursesss D: I was never good at these games
  4. Man, I was hoping it's a locust/grasshopper or something Anyway. Here are my next tips (from left to right, top to bottom): Plant, Bug Bug, Plant
  5. In order, from left to right: Plant Bug Bird Sorry for the delay, I got kinda sick.
  6. I've been looking to acquire one of these for a while now, so I'm opening this topic to see if there is anyone willing to sell. As for the price, I have about 12 or a bit more gold to spend on this. If you have a different price in mind, or maybe want something else, you can still contact me, we might be able to figure something out. Send me a DM either here or in-game if you are interested.
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