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  1. This is very interesting, if you think it fits I will sponsor a swordsman creature.
  2. Yes Sunfire, my faith doesn't allow me to recruit the creatures you mentioned :-p
  3. Well, this certainly is interesting and adds spice to the combat tournament. Unfortunately, I have a very limited selection of creatures, actually I have none of those I'm supposed to use for this round :-) Therefore I surrender to my mighty opponent and wish her to rock the arena!
  4. Ok not sure I got this right but... 1,3,5,7,11,13,17,19
  5. From 22 s.t.? Too late?
  6. Tomorrow at 22 s.t. sounds nice.
  7. lashtal id: 221376
  8. Different beverages for different times of the day, imo. I prefer a strong expresso in the morning, otherwise I can't make it to work, but I fuel myself with green tea in the afternoon. Either way, I dislike sugar: it covers any other taste.
  9. December 2?
  10. I nominate Faceless Noob for the adventuring award: his dedication and genuine attitude surprised me in a couple of situations. As for the other categories, the names I have in mind were already suggested by others.
  11. My wish list for this year: - one-time revival for all those murdered in Necrovion; - removal of all alts buried in Necrovion (ported to GoE).
  12. Nope, it works fine for me.
  13. This is good to hear... I wish to remind you all that heat requirements are veeery low for MP3s.
  14. Anybody in for this week?
  15. Rewards have been delivered (except from Sunfire's Elu - please contact Aethon for it), please let me know if you didn't get it! Thanks again to all of you.