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  1. Territory: MagicDuel Archive Lands Coord: 3_librarytunnel_1 Territory: No Man's Land Coord: 3_librarytunnel_2 Territory: No Man's Land Coord: 3_librarytunnel_3 Territory: No Man's Land Coord: 3_librarytunnel_4 Territory: No Man's Land Coord: 3_librarytunnel_5 Territory: No Man's Land Coord: 3_librarytunnel_6 Territory: No Man's Land Coord: 3_librarytunnel_7 Territory: No Man's Land Coord: 3_librarytunnel_8 Territory: No Man's Land Coord: 3_librarytunnel_9
  2. As per ann. 4017 "Fenth are matter stripped by everything else, Heat is energy, power stripped by any identity (pure), Wiiya is identity stripped of matter and energy". I see Wiiya as the product of fermentation of living matter, its gas being like the distillation of its owner's identity. Curiously, the Wiiya I have in my possession is meant as a gift but I still have to figure out who'll get it. So in this case it seems quite matter without an identity :-D
  3. I'm using FF 67.0.1 and it works pretty good.
  4. Allright, I have to cancel my application.
  5. Does it mean swordsmen, horsemen and molimas are not allowed?
  6. lashtal

    King of Golemus

  7. lashtal

    Molima bug?

    I confirm it's fixed, thank you!
  8. Hi, my Molima stopped eating bones. (I suspect he's preparing for bathing suit test 👙 ) No idea if this affects other resource-processing creatures because it's the only one I have. Thank you!
  9. You heartless sons of a Grinch! Why don't you like the twinkling bells? 🤩
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