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  1. lashtal

    King of Golemus

  2. lashtal

    Molima bug?

    I confirm it's fixed, thank you!
  3. lashtal

    Molima bug?

    Hi, my Molima stopped eating bones. (I suspect he's preparing for bathing suit test 👙 ) No idea if this affects other resource-processing creatures because it's the only one I have. Thank you!
  4. lashtal

    Going idle noise distorted

    You heartless sons of a Grinch! Why don't you like the twinkling bells? 🤩
  5. lashtal

    PM bug

    Ok, so it's a Firefox issue, not a bug. Mods feel free to move/close this thread. Thank you.
  6. lashtal

    PM bug

    Usually I use Firefox, and that's how I got that issue. Safari works fine, I can see both my answer and the original message.
  7. lashtal

    PM bug

    Hi, I'd like to report a bug in PM system. When browsing through PMs I received, I cannot see my answers anymore. When I click on "your reply" I get this: [object Object] Thank you
  8. lashtal

    The Wrath of the Shades: Implications

    Ledah won a swordsman for bleeding out like a true flagellant.
  9. lashtal

    The Wrath of the Shades: Implications

    On Day 308 - Year 13, a handful of humans gathered in Necrovion, at the Stone of Twisted Souls. Those were MaGoHi, Ledah, Aelis, Rophs and myself. We started a blood sacrifice in the attempt to have the Shades react and possibly restore the altars. We shared otherarmy stones among us and began to massacre each others with Summoned Army. Personally, I was pleased to see our cause was joined from the outside by Syrian. We are all suffering stat-damage, negative VP and all the stuff that make flagellants feel so good. We're planning to repeat the session at various times of the day, until we run out of casts. I encourage you all to join the cause and start the best grinding you'll ever do. - is the new + p.s. Before midnight, take a screenshot of your daily "progress". The most injuried might get a prize!
  10. lashtal

    Complaint on "One Man, Many voices" AL

    Although I'm not the mind behind the latest AL chapter, I'm one of the pawns on its chessboard and perhaps the last person who spoke with the Old Man. I won't comment on the complaint and the requests. I feel the current situation should be addressed in game, therefore this thread might be a good chance to be all on the same page. The log below was taken in Necrovion, during the total eclipse and right after the Red Service. Please note it was at that time the Old Man changed its form (name, mind power and land affiliation). : The Red Service will be held 20:00 at Gazebo of Gravitational Sound Interior, A jumplink is available now : The sky across MD darkens slightly : The sky over MD lightens again, however the deepest of storm clouds are forming over Necrovion. (note: The Old Man, who had left his circle inside Necrovion, is now back and shows the first changes) lashtal: Changes in Mind Power and land affiliation... How interesting... lashtal: Is that because of the eclipse? : .Little Old Man. looks partially transparent .Little Old Man.: THEY KILLED HIM .Little Old Man.: IT IS JUST US NOW .Little Old Man.: SHOUTS: Our human counterpart is dead! lashtal: Isn't it what you were looking for? .Little Old Man.: THEY WILL PAY lashtal: I'm confused... How did you exit your circle and joined them? lashtal: I thought you were safe in Necrovion .Shadowy Old Man.: THEY CALLED US .Shadowy Old Man.: BLOOD WAS LET .Shadowy Old Man.: WE WERE TRICKED .Shadowy Old Man.: TALK TO MRF .Shadowy Old Man.: WE MUST SPEAK TO HIM What happened outside Necrovion is known to most of you: MRF found what he was asked to but then he seems to be vanished. Facts that might or might not be related to all this: MRF is not the only one who disappeared from sight, the Children of the Eclipse alliance (who got restored after the Red Service) got disbanded and its leader murdered. p.s. Mods feel free to move this post if you think it's too far from the thread's original purpose.
  11. Just finished reading, it sounds very promising!
  12. All of them look good, but to me the 1st one makes more sense. I see that stone tablet easier to carry... The piece of mosaic reminds me of the 20Kg tiles I use on the balcony to keep my beach umbrella steady (not exactly portable)... Anyway, it's so nice to see the thoughts behind your artworks Sushi, keep them coming!
  13. lashtal

    Necrovion demands blood!

    Due to recent events (check Adventure Log, page 551 and following), the 3 methods mentioned in this thread are on hold. In particular, it seems Shades had enough fenths and the Eternal Toiler doesn't work anymore (see picture). Until further notice, entering Necrovion will require real blood. A single drop of yours will work, but you can always bring a friend who accepts to die for you.