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  1. Sushi Bar & Gallery

    I also remember another very good drawing of yours... *wink wink nudge nudge*
  2. MD anniversary plushie shop

    If possible, I'd like to buy the following items: Item 3 - Silvertongue stone. Price 10 plushies Item 12 - Wiiya x 17. Price 17 plushies Total: 27 plushies.
  3. Sushi Bar & Gallery

    Very nice works, congratulations!
  4. MD anniversary plushie auction

    Item 4: Wind dragon egg. Age: 2022. 27 plushies
  5. Necrovion demands blood!

    Ok, noted.
  6. Necrovion demands blood!

    I already have 3 requests for next spell reset. I'll keep your application for next one, ok? It will be in 2 weeks.
  7. @Sashimi My apologies, I've been without internet for a couple of days.
  8. Nosos

    This is interesting. Not as a creature but in the past someone proposed a shadow puppet with similar features (basically, a cursed item that causes permanent stat-damage and can be given away / hidden in someone's pocket).
  9. The Oak Moon

    Just to clarify, any magic incantation/formula would do, or does it have to be Loreroot-related?
  10. Molima bug

    From my notes, Molima lv 1 should produce 1 resource every 3-4 days of munching.
  11. I. am. BACK!

    Welcome back :-)
  12. Seeking ownership of creatures

    I have a 12th anniversary edition barren soul / hollow warrior ready to depart.
  13. Requesting someone else gets a wiiya tool

    Yeah, let's redact everything...
  14. Principle Documents

    Very nice idea, I'd support it.