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  1. Yes Sunfire, my faith doesn't allow me to recruit the creatures you mentioned :-p
  2. Well, this certainly is interesting and adds spice to the combat tournament. Unfortunately, I have a very limited selection of creatures, actually I have none of those I'm supposed to use for this round :-) Therefore I surrender to my mighty opponent and wish her to rock the arena!
  3. Ok not sure I got this right but... 1,3,5,7,11,13,17,19
  4. From 22 s.t.? Too late?
  5. Tomorrow at 22 s.t. sounds nice.
  6. lashtal id: 221376
  7. Different beverages for different times of the day, imo. I prefer a strong expresso in the morning, otherwise I can't make it to work, but I fuel myself with green tea in the afternoon. Either way, I dislike sugar: it covers any other taste.
  8. December 2?
  9. I nominate Faceless Noob for the adventuring award: his dedication and genuine attitude surprised me in a couple of situations. As for the other categories, the names I have in mind were already suggested by others.
  10. My wish list for this year: - one-time revival for all those murdered in Necrovion; - removal of all alts buried in Necrovion (ported to GoE).
  11. Nope, it works fine for me.
  12. This is good to hear... I wish to remind you all that heat requirements are veeery low for MP3s.
  13. Anybody in for this week?
  14. Rewards have been delivered (except from Sunfire's Elu - please contact Aethon for it), please let me know if you didn't get it! Thanks again to all of you.
  15. After one week of invisible struggle, the echoes of a spell prevailed over the other and a winner was chosen... In the finals match Sunfire won against Dark Demon; while dst won over jakubhi in the duel for 3rd and 4th place. We have had several inspiring spells, a powerful magic display, but now we have the winners... : 1st - Sunfire 2nd - Dark Demon 3rd - dst 4th - jakubhi ... and the rewards! - A horseman creature; - A wish point; - A 11th anniversary Barren Soul; - An Elucubration creature (I heard it's colored...) As stated in the previous post, Sunfire will pick first, then DD, then dst, and then jakubhi. Congratulations to all and thank you Aethon for helping me run this contest.