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  1. lashtal


    The history of mankind is a history of migrations. Be it for food, wealth, climate, wars or whatever. I think building walls, creating a 'us vs them' culture is kinda shortsighted. For sure it may have positive short-terms implications, from a strictly economic point of view. But we are expanding so rapidly, and our influence on our habitat is so dramatic, that we should start to think more in perspective, and as a "whole". OR, we could stop making children, realize we are fucked up anyway and walk hand in hand towards extinction, but that's a bit unpopular.
  2. I'm all for the change, it makes perfect sense. Either "worldly intertia" or "material intertia" sounds fine imo and could replace old VP. As for VE, it could follow the same path... "spiritual inertia"? Also, let's not forget exploring points. I'm not entirely sure about the concept behind, but still...
  3. Tainted angien (only if un-tokened, otherwise ignore my offer): 5 gold note 5 gold coins 30 silver note 45 silver coins Should be 15 gc globally.
  4. In addiction to what Chew said, it seems one cannot view "all announcements" anymore. The page keep loading forever but nothing happens.
  5. Probably the issues I'm enountering are there because the new interface is still being completed. Therefore, apologies if I'm stating obvious things. However, I'd like to point the following (I'm using a normal MacBook Pro with Firefox browser, I have no smartphone so I have no idea how it looks there): - items are not usable, if you click on "use" or "open item" nothing happens; - inventory is a bit of a mess, no categories, no compact look, only big boxes for each and every tool/item/resource. - creature pages: I was very happy to see the images that were badly cropped are now ok. Minor issue: the description of the creature, its target and abilities are placed above the image. - the "idle" and "log out" buttons are very well hidden, I had the suspect you wanted us to stay online all the time ­čśë
  6. Territory: MagicDuel Archive Lands Coord: 3_librarytunnel_1 Territory: No Man's Land Coord: 3_librarytunnel_2 Territory: No Man's Land Coord: 3_librarytunnel_3 Territory: No Man's Land Coord: 3_librarytunnel_4 Territory: No Man's Land Coord: 3_librarytunnel_5 Territory: No Man's Land Coord: 3_librarytunnel_6 Territory: No Man's Land Coord: 3_librarytunnel_7 Territory: No Man's Land Coord: 3_librarytunnel_8 Territory: No Man's Land Coord: 3_librarytunnel_9
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