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  1. Nosos

    This is interesting. Not as a creature but in the past someone proposed a shadow puppet with similar features (basically, a cursed item that causes permanent stat-damage and can be given away / hidden in someone's pocket).
  2. The Oak Moon

    Just to clarify, any magic incantation/formula would do, or does it have to be Loreroot-related?
  3. Molima bug

    From my notes, Molima lv 1 should produce 1 resource every 3-4 days of munching.
  4. I. am. BACK!

    Welcome back :-)
  5. Seeking ownership of creatures

    I have a 12th anniversary edition barren soul / hollow warrior ready to depart.
  6. Requesting someone else gets a wiiya tool

    Yeah, let's redact everything...
  7. Principle Documents

    Very nice idea, I'd support it.
  8. Indyra was the first person who helped me figuring out what MD was about.
  9. Lists, a list for everything!

    In addition to Fang and MaGo's: - the "use" of items/tools - forum posts visited (not sure if browsing the forum can be considered in-game activity but I think you get what I mean)
  10. Is the rightbar entirely broken?

    My laptop is more or less the same age as yours. I find Chrome very heavy and it doesn't work all the time (I experienced the same issue with the right bar). Firefox is just fine on the other hand.
  11. Chimeras

    This is very interesting, if you think it fits I will sponsor a swordsman creature.
  12. Combat Mystery Tournament

    Yes Sunfire, my faith doesn't allow me to recruit the creatures you mentioned :-p
  13. Combat Mystery Tournament

    Well, this certainly is interesting and adds spice to the combat tournament. Unfortunately, I have a very limited selection of creatures, actually I have none of those I'm supposed to use for this round :-) Therefore I surrender to my mighty opponent and wish her to rock the arena!
  14. Combat Mystery Tournament

    Ok not sure I got this right but... 1,3,5,7,11,13,17,19