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  1. Greetings all,   My name is Alexander Liberius (character name) and I've been playing this game for quite a while now, I must say that this whole experience is very unique from the rest of the browser-type games out there. The complexity and art is astonishing as well as the game mechanics and the friendliness of the people (specially MRF, Aethon, blackshade rider, Ungod, Grido and Syrian) who helped me answer all my questions and occasionally saves me from being stuck in some of the lands everytime I try to explore (high AP requirements)   A few questions about the roleplay system. I browse the forums from time to time looking for more information about the game, and roleplay interests me the most. What is the purpose of it and what's the difference between roleplaying and not roleplaying? Would you still get the same benefits for both? I'm currently reading the adventure logs and I found out they are real characters in MD, so I'm thinking that so far that's the only benefit of roleplaying (roleplay items can be bought from the shop using credits but I'm still not sure how they can be utilized for a role, as far as I've heard they are useless) so bottom line is what do I get out of roleplaying? Is there some kind of difference between roleplaying and not? Any roleplaying model that I can follow if I do roleplay?   Regards, A. Liberius
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