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  1. Mosquito At first I wasn't sure if the rumors were true. Then the first swelling appeared, like spots of dew demanding to be tasted, on in this case, scratched and bled. I started to pay attention. Then one day, the first mosquito showed its silent head. in the shower, round it flew Too high for me, it instinctively knew. I didn't know what to do. For weeks and weeks it pestered me (at first it was only one) For weeks, it joined me for coffee and I let it be, if it left me alone. But then, it turned a bit lusty and wanted my blood, still warm and so (oh, the depravity) it landed on my arm. That was it. That was the end. I knew it right away. I poised to make my move but when I moved, it flew away. But then I got a bit smarter started moving all around and waved my arms much harder till they made a windy sound. Sure enough, it assumed I had opened the window and didn't expect my swat its blood that day, not mine did flow and that was the end of that.
  2. The drachorn has found a home.
  3. I think someone does, Chewett...Good point though, and it might apply to some other stuff I have. Will PM you eventually
  4. Seeing as you've all seen the beautiful arwork...I am interesting in acquiring one of the creatures from last year. PM me here or in-game. I'm at Oak Fort for now. On a completely unrelated note, I have a rustgold drachorn that I am willing to give to someone who genuinely wants it. Freeee (otherwise it's getting sacced in a week) klaw
  5. A text-to-speech option for Live Chat. (beep, pause a second, then read.) (check for messages from drunk/silvertongue and either don't read them or read them unaltered.)
  6. A list of a player's last ten or twenty login times (server time), available on their player page. I want to know when a person is likely to be around. (Obviously a player would have an option to turn this off, probably located in options/preferences. Maybe by default have it off.)
  7. @Chewett While I can't speak of blackshade rider specifically (especially as I have not read his blog post), I can tell you that one of the most distressing states (for me at least) is seeing a strong emotion in someone else (whether or not it's real) and not being able to connect to them at that point with a responsible action. I would not be surprised if that would lead some to take risks/do explosive things. For me I tend to just go hide in a corner. @Blackshade Rider looking through your forum activity and not seeing any follow-up to this, I'm going to resurrect. the forum really is the perfect medium, like chew says...i too encourage you to open up, especially now that some time has passed.
  8. It happens that the day after I wrote this, I spilled coffee on my laptop, dealing it its death blow. So now I have a different computer. As a result, I can see the forum. I am debating whether to re-block it once I set up the filters on the new computer. Thank you Zleiphneir for posting this. klaw
  9. Happy belated birthday to my favorite small flying thing (mind you, I do enjoy the sea-like call of the cicadas)
  10. Hehe, nope, sorry. Without getting into the details, I'm just not going to have access to internet at home, so I'll just be dropping by the library or Starbucks now and then to do stuff. (In general the temptation to use the internet late at night is just too strong...I've tried putting other restrictions in place and it just doesn't work when I'm alone with a computer. Being decently tech-savvy doesn't help.)
  11. Hello all, I'm doing something I should have done a long time ago and placing an important restriction on my internet use...In the medium term (probably at least 6 months) I will probably be online much less often than usual, and probably not every day. It is up to MD whether this is enough for me to fill my role as tool guardian at passage of war...due to the nature of the items there I think my minimal presence will probably be enough to fill my role (the only thing that seems to offer a real incentive for sabotage are the Needles, so if you want to use those please send me a forum PM) but please prove me wrong. If you want, I can give someone else the tool. Best wishes klatdees
  12. I had a dream last night where Mur answered an email.  Don't remember what it said, but whatevs.

    1. Ledah
    2. Mallos


      Maybe sometimes I like to pretend him, chew, bob and the council hidden or otherwise were all invisible but watching me. See what I would do then, how I behave.

  13. Honestly it does get kinda boring in MD sometimes, ya gotta do SOMETHING...I've considered doing some testing with one of the other guardians but the mechanics are too straightforward (though it did take a few tests to understand them)...nowadays I keep track of pretty much every single person who takes something from the passage of war in my k doc (notebook still messed up probably) just because I can xD that and I post here xD So don't make it out as some huge unacceptable vice to be bored (and as I've said, land loyalty could well be called "land ennui"...it makes you more uncomfortable in a scene, more likely to escape...ergo MD "rewards" boredom, or at least expects us to utilize it to break out of our shells). that said, it's not like boredom justifies abuse
  14. To dark raptor: that seems like clear abuse (from the announcement, don't have multiple of one tool) and gets into the "who watches the watchers" question... I think technically I can grab ban Ungod or nad and they won't be able to take MB buckets (though the ones they have won't be returned) but that might be overstepping my role. I should know this, but...Who is the king of MB? They would decide if the depletion in MB is an issue and if so when...maybe they could even be "unfair" (Lintara has explicitly told me that water depletion in her land isn't an issue, though.)
  15. Rereading mallos's cited announcement (and see also the tool guardian tag description) I think depletion is quite clearly "sabotaging the use of the tools" for the straightforward reason: if there are few/no resources, what is the point of grabbing the tool? Besides which, if we know the Monarchs can specify tool use limitations, and they have specified depletion limits, how else could you categorize those limits except as limits on tool use?