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  1. Allowing post edits for only a day seems reasonable, or at least having later edits require specific approval of some sort.
  2. As individual levels go I like my maxed reindrach...called him "The Relentless Heart"
  3. Angien. I took a combined image of the stages (from the start through hatching all the way up through the one with the "the-world-is-dead-to-me" gaze) at one point and just kept looking at it for many weeks or months.
  4. I was thinking about the same thing MRF/Syrian mentioned (excess losses causing skill damage). It is annoying having so many people so far below balance...I'm curious whether this particular penalty even solved the issue, as I don't fight enough to know.
  5. I agree that skill damage did a lot of the game-ruining. I think it would be conceptually OK to change skill damage to a more temporary effect, with no "true"/permanent loss of stats. Make the stats come back after an hour or 24 hours or a week or death or something.
  6. Fenth has been explained pretty well. I think it refers to the concept that very high potentials need to be locked away very tightly in order to be allowed to participate in this (physical) reality. Take that to an extreme and you get fenths, a constantly-present resource whose revelation becomes naturally associated with certain kinds of death.
  7. If I've understood correctly, wiiya is the identity resource (hence its involvement in creating these new creature fenths) and its distribution would ideally be controlled by someone who is a good judge of consistency of character. I worry that this is something you have struggled with.
  8. I don't think fang is an appropriate carrier of any wiiya-related tools. Went ahead and contacted rophs though, as it's true that wiiya is more useful than it was in the past
  9. To take this to an extreme, suppose someone managed to get 666 (or even 66) necrovion land loyalty without being lashtal/samon/eara(?). Does the "without" clause there render it less meaningful? I remember Blackshade Rider going through some difficulties/confrontation to be able to physically remain on/return to gateway. If he views that experience with pride, this seems as good a way as any to acknowledge it. If not it seems like a good way to totally cheapen the game.
  10. either kets or pamplemousse pamplemousse pample pample pample pample moooooooose but possibly someone else. It's been like ten years. then when I came back it was undoubtedly peace, though it's possible someone led me to her
  11. Happy third anniversary of a thousand days as Code Guardian to the Wookinator! I suppose that means it was two thousand days in June...sorry for missing that one xD
  12. Only if you know something is codable -- and know how -- only then do you have a sense of how much willpower is required for it to manifest...and, regardless of where that willpower originates (who votes) it needs to be somehow transferred/channelled... Similar concepts apply to the idea of choosing the right judge/s. Empathy is a must; balanced empathy (avoiding bribes/vested interests) is just. (haha must/just that rhymes)
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