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  1. Draw/ create/ sculpt your own Hell Hound

    Thanks. I'm at the GoE
  2. Combat Mystery Tournament

    Can I still sign up? Been a little inactive lately so forgot to check back
  3. Mood panel refresh error on mobile

    Thank you lord Wookiee!
  4. When on mobile and trying to refresh the mood panel, this error gets thrown up.
  5. Draw/ create/ sculpt your own Hell Hound

    Been nearly a month, still no reply?
  6. Looking for avatar

  7. Looking for avatar

    I'll buy that avi though dstling!
  8. Triforce!

    Me - Courage, Dstling - Power, No one - Wisdom. Triforce Or if you want to be ironic; Pip - Wisdom, Blackshade Rider - Power and Fang - Courage.
  9. Draw/ create/ sculpt your own Hell Hound

    So here is my entry, after a long time contemplating what to do! The picture as a whole: Closeup of the first half: Closeup of the second: Description of drawing: Hell is closely associated with death and suffering, hence the almost skeletal/decomposing state. The front legs are actually useless, due to be small and fragile, therefore are only used for picking up small prey. The blades are welded into the bones themselves and are neigh-on unbreakable. They are used for, not only battle and to cause damage, but to also walk on. This one's hind leg was torn of when fighting with it's pack Alpha for the highest position and he lost -- they often go for the limbs as, as mentioned before, they are exceptionally fragile and can be broken/torn off easily. The chains are embedded directly into it's wings and remaining flesh, causing it eternal pain, placing it into a rage like state, therefore causing it to be even more vicious and unforgiving. The wings, though looking useless, are in reality extremely strong. Masters of these hounds often chain many of these creatures together, forming a sleigh. They have been seen to fly in the human world at night, with their masters, and were the main instigators of the misconception of "Santa Clause" and his reindeer. In reality...it was not sweet little carrot munching reindeer they saw, but these terrible, skull crunching, creatures they saw flying through the skies. Hope you like these, they're a little dark for my liking but hey-ho! Drawn using: Sketch pencils; 4B, 2B, HB Charcoal and white pastels. 0.25, 0.5 and 1 Graphic line maker pens.
  10. Want to HIre an Artist

    I can always give 'em a shot if not.
  11. 5 Gold Note shown as Default

  12. WTS / some free

    And how would that help me if I'd bid higher and won? I could read my own trade logs? Awesome, thanks for the help! Unfortunately I don't have much trust in rider ,at the moment, due to past experiences, hence my caution. But as you said "so much ignorance..." As I said, bid still stands and let's split the rest of this if you want to continue or message me privately.
  13. WTS / some free

    And how do you propose doing that without revealing the player name? Whole reason is they wish to remain unknown.