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  1. well then, I'll take my time to get with some better idea or better improvementes. Thanks anyway!
  2. *vladan crosses fingers and hopes they, at least, like some of it"  :unsure:
  3. I admit I haven't worked on this as much time as I should have. But my visions are always a little messy and here goes my enterpretation of Blackshade's hell hounds. (forgive me for the messy paper I draw on) 1) first of all, what is a hell hound without something demoniac in it? Bones' n' horns are the first thing that came to my mind and inspired me. Indeed I wanted to put into their bodies more metal: chains, gears and prosthetics so I happened to research the anatomical body of a real hound. But at the end I kept it simple, since everytime Blackshade came with his hounds, I figured out that they were actually simple in their shape and....interiors. 2) So here I came out with a final outcome of how I picture the hell hounds in my mind. This is actually an Elite Hound, probably the most majestic and sneaky. (I haven't figured them as powerful beasts but I preferred to keep them more silent and slim) I also pictured them in animal traps because I like the idea of them sleeping inside....completely fearless. (I already fear people saying that it's a mixture between a goat and a horse *laughs*) 3) And here comes my favorite part : I pictured them relaxed during their free time playing hell-chess, looking at the time and waiting for their master to come. And the pups! Once in a while Blackshade comes with his hell hounds and pups and I always feared them and stayed alert. But I was encouraged to pictured them in the most harmless way possible. So here came the inspiration for them to be so.....cute  :rolleyes:  I attached to this message a bonus : a page with all my preliminary sketches. Have fun :)   [sharedmedia=gallery:images:2195]  
  4. Blackshade told me that he need your confirmation...if I'm the first or something changed xD
  5. Oh!!! I was worried that this contest has expired....and I'm in the period of university exams too..... I'm glad I still managed to win it! Thank you all! Congrats to the other winners too! That was fun :)
  6. Glad you like it...I was worried it may have been too sketchy and messy 
  7. Sooooo, after some time of struggles and indecisions, I've decided to draw Witty :P Premise : That's not an evil look, I've just figured you as a brave woman ready to guide newbies and oldies to the right path. It's almost summer but I couldn't get nothing out of my mind than a winter look.  I hope it's not too sketchy Cheeers folk!
  8. Seems really interesting, maybe I'll give it a try :)
  9. vladan

    Random survey

    Mostly escape from dull reality and to find stimulation for creativity
  10. Thank you again for everybody who voted and supported my request!!! :D I'll distribute free cookies whenever I find the time to cook them :P
  11. I would have respected you more if you had a bit of good manners and some sort of good reputation
  12. *blushes* I promise I won't get lost in your labyrinth again without a proper military training. Thank you Dark Demon!!!!! :D
  13. Oh, dear Juni0r, let me see, here's your request :  I hadn't enough quantity of sticky goop so I used common adhesive tape.... And indeed I printed more copies so you're sure not to lose a word of it. Thank you so much Nadrolski!  I actually prefer tea, it has more aroma, adds a mysterious and ancient atmosphere and is perfect with "above mentioned" cookies :P
  14. Thank you for the support! :) I appreciate the trust
  15. Answering to Juni0r first : I agree that "physics" may be as well learned in other parts of MD world. But someone chooses a land because he/she feels it near to the soul. I'm choosing Marind Bell because I believe that it represents my personality a lot. It has bright (ground) and dark places(underground). Just as the principle of light that conveys both good and evil actions. And I believe that Marind Bell has a lot of places or things I still never discovered and I'm eager to. And as I said above, this is a trial. As far as I'll go through it will help me to get to know more. Answering to the others: Thank you all for the support :) I'm not forcing anyone to vote for me, I just like to experiment and know more. I'm not really fond of cookies and I'm tragically thin....that makes me a perfect sneaky shadow almost impossible to spot  :P
  16. Well, hello dear colleagues, I'm not really famous here around MD but I'm already part of this world 8 long years by now. You may think that I'm shy and don't talk much, that's fairly true. I'm a sneaky person but I know how to be kind and I've found my place in this game. The whole game seems like a reunion of patient,kind and wise people who are always prepared to land a hand to those who are in need. This is a trait I really admire. I'll be glad to help whenever my help is needed.  I draw (I have a profile on Deviantart under the name of "Vladioglas"), I'm currently studying Industrial/Graphical and Web design (html/css coding) at the university. I have a bunch of interests that I'll better not list here because it's not the right spot. I've applied for Marind Bell citizenship because I feel like it's going to enrich me somehow. Although this is a trial. I don't want to force anyone to vote for me nor anything. I just want to know more about the game and its "physics" by practicing. (Pardon me for my bugged english)  
  17. I suppose mine works fine but I still don't want to go up...I'll wait to gain some more skills
  18. First of all pardon me for my lack of drawing skills. I'm not a very active member because of the lack of time tough I decided to participate in this challenge. And I hope I got all the rules right. If I did something wrong I'll try to correct :) So let's begin. My first choice is : Melancholy Simple right? Just a solid round shape. Yet it’s just spinning in my mind day and night, especially when I’m working on the computer. Laser and cable mouses have lost the solidity they had before. (Feel like a poet :P ) Anyway I regret the good old days when your mouse got bugged and you know you could fix it just by cleaning it inside and this special sphere just brings me back to those times. Number 2 : Awe I have a strange relationship with glasses. Sunglasses : because I tend to loose them. Eyeglasses : because they project me in another world…much more harsh than the one I see with my natural eyes. There are a lot of assays about glasses and their conveying feelings…I feel like they really have something mystique, from the first time you wear them to the times when you already get used to them. Because you never get used to them. They change as long as you/your sight/face shape/anything else changes. Number 3: Apprehension Well this is my towel. I live in a student apartment with 2 boys who really like to invite to our house a bunch of friends at night. The fact is that sometimes they use my towel. So next morning I just visit the bathroom in apprehension of discovering that my towel has been used because I find it in a position I don’t remember have placed it. Let’s move on… Number 4: Relief Chips are my primary temptation. They call me at the supermarket….they whisper to me through street adverts…they chase me in my dreams. It’s relieving when I finally convince myself to buy another pack J Ps: that creepy red thing on its head is ketchup...  
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