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    Informatics, Design, Art, Games, Esoterism, Psychiatry, Music, Science....my list is infinite.
    I crave for knowledge.
    I'm the new Faust.
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  1. well then, I'll take my time to get with some better idea or better improvementes. Thanks anyway!
  2. *vladan crosses fingers and hopes they, at least, like some of it"  :unsure:
  3. I admit I haven't worked on this as much time as I should have. But my visions are always a little messy and here goes my enterpretation of Blackshade's hell hounds. (forgive me for the messy paper I draw on) 1) first of all, what is a hell hound without something demoniac in it? Bones' n' horns are the first thing that came to my mind and inspired me. Indeed I wanted to put into their bodies more metal: chains, gears and prosthetics so I happened to research the anatomical body of a real hound. But at the end I kept it simple, since everytime Blackshade came with his hounds, I figured out that they were actually simple in their shape and....interiors. 2) So here I came out with a final outcome of how I picture the hell hounds in my mind. This is actually an Elite Hound, probably the most majestic and sneaky. (I haven't figured them as powerful beasts but I preferred to keep them more silent and slim) I also pictured them in animal traps because I like the idea of them sleeping inside....completely fearless. (I already fear people saying that it's a mixture between a goat and a horse *laughs*) 3) And here comes my favorite part : I pictured them relaxed during their free time playing hell-chess, looking at the time and waiting for their master to come. And the pups! Once in a while Blackshade comes with his hell hounds and pups and I always feared them and stayed alert. But I was encouraged to pictured them in the most harmless way possible. So here came the inspiration for them to be so.....cute  :rolleyes:  I attached to this message a bonus : a page with all my preliminary sketches. Have fun :)   [sharedmedia=gallery:images:2195]  
  4. Blackshade told me that he need your confirmation...if I'm the first or something changed xD
  5. Oh!!! I was worried that this contest has expired....and I'm in the period of university exams too..... I'm glad I still managed to win it! Thank you all! Congrats to the other winners too! That was fun :)
  6. Glad you like it...I was worried it may have been too sketchy and messy 
  7. Sooooo, after some time of struggles and indecisions, I've decided to draw Witty :P Premise : That's not an evil look, I've just figured you as a brave woman ready to guide newbies and oldies to the right path. It's almost summer but I couldn't get nothing out of my mind than a winter look.  I hope it's not too sketchy Cheeers folk!
  8. Seems really interesting, maybe I'll give it a try :)
  9. vladan

    Random survey

    Mostly escape from dull reality and to find stimulation for creativity
  10. Thank you again for everybody who voted and supported my request!!! :D I'll distribute free cookies whenever I find the time to cook them :P
  11. I would have respected you more if you had a bit of good manners and some sort of good reputation
  12. *blushes* I promise I won't get lost in your labyrinth again without a proper military training. Thank you Dark Demon!!!!! :D
  13. Oh, dear Juni0r, let me see, here's your request :  I hadn't enough quantity of sticky goop so I used common adhesive tape.... And indeed I printed more copies so you're sure not to lose a word of it. Thank you so much Nadrolski!  I actually prefer tea, it has more aroma, adds a mysterious and ancient atmosphere and is perfect with "above mentioned" cookies :P
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