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  1. it might surprise you but i did not write that xD
  2. judged was according to these categories: dish complexity presentation description "md topic bonus"(used MD ingredients) creativity WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER! 1.LAZARUS: 39/50 2.AILITH: 30/50 3.DEMONIC GOD : 29/50 4.TROLA: 28/50 4.MIQ: 28/50 6.TISSY: 26/50 7.STENO: 22/50 7.CHEWETT: 22/50 9.UNGOD: 21/50 once i remember what prices i had in mind i will let them reach you 😄 the detailed points with statments from my trusty judge are hidden here:
  3. with this the quest is closed!
  4. WILL, as in willpower, because if you really want something and you have the will to get it you will sacrifice things and find a way
  5. yeah but do try to get it done as fast as possible
  6. great people here *wipes a tear*
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