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  1. Tolls

    what you described sounds more like a paid visa to me some of my own thoughts: implementing a "fee" for resources (base resources not what you get out of the processors) that are collected in that land (through trade or with tool) and then brought out would be more like a toll you could make "free" quantities: people that collect less than X amount dont get a fee noob protection: people with less than X AD have a smaller fee example: player A enters Land C with X herbs, collects herbs in Y quantity and leaves the land with Z Herbs, the difference gets calculated: more than the "free" amount: the fee gets calculated based on Y and taken from Z, player A leaves with Z-fee less than the "free" amount: no fee, player leaves with Z with jump to leader, leashes or other jumps you could also try to "smuggle" stuff out since you dont use "proper ways"
  2. Happy Birthday MIq

    Happy birthday
  3. Happy Birthday! hope you have a nice day
  4. Fangs Newbie Discord channel

    Well ofc we dont need 2 chats, but it is really a nice addition, the voice chat is also one of the attractive parts, had some nice conversations with klawdees, sunfire, lin and more, furthermore it is not only MD related chat there is a lot of randomness, links and pictures and thats nice and its completely up to the player if they want to use it or not
  5. Fangs Newbie Discord channel

    one of the main pluspoints about discord is that you have a not location bound chat, that makes it easier to ask when nobody is around you, but like azull said for beginners its better to interact in the game chat first
  6. thanks a lot guys
  7. Function: mds_get_resource_count()

    A quick example how to loop through the associative array and get all the values displayed @vb = mds_get_resource_count(); //@vb is the associative array you get from the function //in the foreach loop we go through @vb //with @vk we assign the k.ey of @vb so in this case the name of the resource //@vv is the va.lue to @vk foreach (@vb as @vk => @vv) { echo "Resource: @vk, Amount: @vv<br>"; }
  8. Protector Papers Bug

    i suddenly had the papers
  9. Protector Papers Bug

    at least for me it does
  10. If this is not sarcasm or a joke then you just have a poor character, all this effort and time is wasted on you and you should feel bad.
  11. Protector Papers Bug

    This is apparently fixed
  12. Mentor and Apprenticeship

    Actually if you look for a mentor that will help you getting back into the game any of our LHOs (the guys with Asterisks on their name) can do that for you.