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  1. Do you want more email spam?

    i meant since i didnt get the GDPR maybe i wont get the update mails either but i think the idea is good as optional subscription
  2. Do you want more email spam?

    idk i mean i didnt get the GDPR yet so maybe its the same with this
  3. So how do we measure time in MD?

    well if you want to base time on observation of something within the realm you could also look at regrow rates of resources and derive time from that
  4. Sushi Bar & Gallery

    please do a lot more of this
  5. Alphabet vs syllabary

    Read something on the topic of "Information theory" in terms of Informatics/communication engineering i think that might help you to answer this question
  6. Happy Birthday Granos!

    Happy Birthday!
  7. Untended/Overgrown Resources

    well idk about a steady overgrow like you said it, but since water overgrows after rain i could imagine plants also to overgrow after rain, but idk about other resources
  8. currency can be anything not just money, you just need the participating parties of a trade to agee on its value
  9. happy birthday!
  10. well i guess the combination of rarity and use will determine its value
  11. i think their value should correlate to their rarity i also think if you take a piece of iron and put it through several steps of processing or combining the value greatly increases, if its usable even more so
  12. What do you love about MagicDuel?

    the players talking to people idling, talking, helping/entertaining newlings, grinding Industry, creating items, proper trade/ trade system stack system
  13. Crown

    do a vote and see ?