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  1. Thank you for a delightful contest - I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was good to see the MD Facebook being visited by so many.
  2. Edited up to not be outbid Changed to 5 silver
  3. In Australia the creater of the item is presumed to be the copyright holder unless they have ceded rights to another. [url="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Copyright_law_of_Australia#Ownership_of_copyright"]http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Copyright_law_of_Australia#Ownership_of_copyright[/url] A [url="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Copyright_notice"][color="#0645ad"]copyright notice[/color][/url] (©) is not required on a work to gain copyright, but only the copyright owner is entitled to place a notice. It is useful in publishing the date of first publication and the owner. Where a copyright notice is used, the onus in infringement proceedings is on the defendant to show that copyright does not subsist or is not owned by the person stated in the notice. The grey area resides in the TOS of many forums and websites that state anything used or published on them is now the property of said forum, website. I fall under North American copyright rules but they share a commonality with Australian rules. If I display a work on my own website and list a copyright notice on it - linking to said work off another forum does not take my rights away. I still own the copyright and at the MOST only will sell FNASR (First North American Serial Rights) to a publisher or sometimes donate them to a particular forum/website on anything I plan to use sometime in the future. I have elected not to assert those rights on anything written for Magic Duel consumption - these are just fun, quick dashings for me. But Aranna might have different choices for the story written. Aranna if you elected to put the story on your own site, or an author site (like Author's Den) you would not be giving up the copyright and could link to that external source from here if you wished. That would preserve your future rights and still display the creative work in question. As an author I understand your qualms but wanted to let you know there are ways around them that still keeps your creative work belonging to you.
  4. I agree transparency guidelines would make sense Princ. As you state there are a number of quests with non-published winning works. That is a valid point and a rational discussion starter. Much more so now that everyone who has been here more than 60 days has at least one WP. Discussion on the general framework might be in order.
  5. [url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/6686-wps-gone-bad/"]http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/6686-wps-gone-bad/[/url] found the forum topic dst (used google to get it) So this is a continuation of your previous questioning last year about setting out for discussion points when you see iffey rewarding of wishpoints?
  6. Could you link it please? It has too many 3 letter words to search on. And I've read the announcements and did not see the four names in them as being bad WP abusers which is what I was asking about.
  7. Magic Pirate posted their winning story so apparently there was at least one story. Do the other two have to post their stories to avoid punishment? And other WPs being rewarded - do people now have to save off logs to prove worthiness of them? I question merely to understand and decide if it is ever worth it to win a WP or will I in future face an inquisition if I happen to win one. That now appears a bit scary to me but I am new to the game so perhaps there is past bad deeds performed by Innocence, Magic Pirate, Aranna, and Karak that I am not aware of that makes their story contest suspect? Do they make a practice of spending weeks and weeks on setting up WP trading scams? Seems like a lot of effort for little gain to me.
  8. I've looked at the WP logs and did not see 'proof' on them that anyone earned or deserved the WP they were rewarded for a quest or something else. Am I missing something? Maybe the problem you are stating results from too little showing on the logs? Should they all be linked to proof of validity or something please? As to if you ran a story quest and chose not to share the winning stories - I would personally believe your judgement of the winners would be based on solid reasons because I trust in your integrity based on how you write and what you react to on forum. I'm sure that is not the answer your question asked for but it is a fact to be relied on and thus shared.
  9. [quote name='dst' timestamp='1312664480' post='89660'] No, you misunderstood me. I wanted to say this: if a story is posted late then I may assume that the delay was caused by the fact that the story did not exist in the first place and it took some time until one was created. [/quote] Actually dst that is not a valid assumption. One might not choose to share a story (perhaps because of it needing to be rewritten or perhaps they might be disinclined to post on an open forum something very personal), or one might be on vacation or not a forum reader and thus time lapses between your post and their reading it. I will state that reading the quoted words might make me see red if it was a story of mine being questioned about its existance. I would be very apologetic but probably would refuse to post anything needed to prove my merits as a writer But then again, although I try to be intellectual there is a solid facet of me that has an emotional component. Obviously it must be that core part that is responding rather than the rational being who thinks "I know dst does not mean it the way it sounds".
  10. I find it fascinating that we all have approached these submissions in our own unique way. When the contest was first announced I did enquire whether we were to do a classic newspaper article (who, what, where, why, why) or if subjective articles were acceptable. I think Fyrd’s openness to accepting either method shows a lot of flexibility. It is hard to separate the persona of the avatar from the persona of the forum poster at times, but I did attempt to achieve that goal. My forte is in research, flavored with my own impressions of the avatar in-game that I write about. I admit it makes for subjective articles as dst points out but also contend I do try hard to show rather than tell about the person I write on. Sometimes that might “pretty” someone up more than others might like, but never to the point of making them unrecognizable. Others have submitted purely factual articles that detail the who but not perhaps the why. They provide valuable nuggets of information and illuminate deeds that might otherwise be obscured by time. Both methodologies are valid and leave it up to the reader to decide what portion of any article is relevant to themselves. Certainly critiques should not be based on the mechanical aspects of the presentations but rather on the dynamics of them. As some in game know I rely on a screen reader to play this game. This is because my personal real life world is reliant on aural rather than visual input. It tends to flavor the way I react to others when their words are divorced from the nuances supplied by tonal changes. I have to be extra vigilant that I do not read into the cold equations of verbiage any unintended slights or slurs. I’ve been told this is not a problem unique to the visually challenged, that most people can misconstrue the written communications of others. I will try hard to express courtesy of other’s viewpoints and request the same in return. For me this particular writing contest has proven to be as much an internal journey of exploration as it has been a method of reaching out and appreciating some of the others that share their time in game with me. I cannot thank Fyrd enough for offering that opportunity.
  11. [quote name='Chewett' timestamp='1309935981' post='87209'] please read this thread before posting Bugs, http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/2904-posting-bugs/ Always check a forums pinned topics before posting in the forum, they are generally important. [/quote] I apologize for not being clear enough in stating the refresh option listed in the known bug (resolutions) did not work nor did restarts, cache clearing etc. Since the recursive loop was not being resolved by any means under my control I ended up working with Freedom Scientifics' support team and they were able to help me get functional again. The issue should now be ignored by my interface and I won't have the attack sound and voice constantly coming out of my speakers and making my dog jump.
  12. Keep getting the attack click and notification but shows "This battle was forgotten or never took place" under the crossed swords. Goes on constantly for last two days the whole time I am on. Have refreshed, restarted, hard booted etc. but still the phantom battles go on behind the scenes. ID:219901 Stipple
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