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  1. Your true self lays trapped within the flesh unseen by all those around you. The pain of the imprisonment is out of fear and maybe even what is expected of you. Every part of your soul screams in protest causing pain to flow through your body, the risk is too high for a chance. Yet if one person could understand you, accept you, help you break free, the pain would be worth it. Yet the chances are high that they would simply turn away leaving you alone miserable screaming in pain as your dragged back inside your own mind's prison.


    In the end it comes down to Trust.



    note: I found this to be most interesting and I hope more people answer.

  2. Well if there is at least two people in the min, then you have a choice between those two people. If there is only one person then they by default have won that award.


    However I agree a max is a bit much. 

  3. Agreed it should be based on who are already members. Someone who is not part of the alliance who may want to take over can do so in other ways. Such as saying someone within that alliance to gain leadership by influencing people to their side.


    I do think it's only realistic that you if someone who does want to take control of the alliance should at least be able to send a spy that works for them, gives them information and so on, and allow this spy to make their way up even to a point of becoming leader. It could bring a lot of run and interesting RP I think into the game. The main reason for this isn't so much for the RP but because it is something that is able to be done and alts in general are not suppose to be working together I thought anyways.

  4. I do not honestly care too much about armour (I do not really play fighter based characters) but with that said, I still would rather enjoy a female avatar being shown. Based even on the first post, this isn't the first or last time it happened. I actually didn't feel that 'Oh this game doesn't care about gender' I felt 'I must of done something wrong, missed a page, or something the little guy that comes up is very much male' and then of course was informed that I should take it as genderless afterwards, which for me would had worked, if I didn't feel like I had this big buffy male every time a PvE (and now PvP) happened. 


    This can be solved completely if the male figure (and I'm sorry it is far from genderless regardless what one desires to say) was made more genderless if the idea is 'we don't care about gender here' or the addition of a 'are you male or female' if something about maybe wanting to change it later, simply allow the little drop down menu be just that, easy to change from male or female.


    Though the addition of being able to see the little artwork would be most wonderful and I think a lot of players old and new would love that and even the artists themselves would likely adore to see their artwork more 'seen' in other ways.

  5. Yes. From much older posts I can see a rather lovely community (still some negativity but that is to be expected) but like I said it comes off as lost in this world of negativity right now. I'm glad to hear that it was the first and (hopefully) last time for such a thing but new players sadly would not know this, all they would see is two admins more or less going at it on the forums, and while you are both very much people with lives, it is something that should have been taken to say a private only you two (or whoever has any sort of admin power) board.


    Not sure if that is something you have, and if not, I recommend getting one that is completely hidden from all other members who are not on the admin team. I have found them much useful when dealing with disagreements and also keeping others within the admin team up to date in where things are so that the outlook within the community is one of unity and even afterwards still allows you (and others) a way to point out how much they disagree with what is being done. 

  6. I've read this and while I do not know the means of how killing or revive works (though I'm glad to know that you can indeed come back even if it's at the cost of having other people do so for you). I overall like the idea.


    Based on what I have come to understand about this game, it should be within reason to set up a wooden cube box (or something similar) where you get a bit of a story to do, a story mode where you can't access the quest and can't move within the world. Once they have gotten so far, they could then have to gather say resources, wood, water, heat, whatever. From what I seen this shouldn't be to hard to code into the game (as there are spots where you 'put' things into from what I can see) and there is apparently ways to harvest/gather resources. The fact they wouldn't be able to activate any other story based quests (I am not sure how the player made quests vs the main story quests apply so please forgive me if I am mistaken in this idea). The community (or apparently citizens) of that land, can do a little notice somewhere, that can be updated with 'who not to do business with' until they have paid their debt. They could yes still do business elsewhere (unless there an over all agreement with the leaders of each land).


    It would still make them really think about how to get away with murdering someone (stuck in a story mode, resources lost to get off 'probation'), give some sort of justice, and still allow the player of the character something to do and allow them to still in the long run be with the community itself. Finding ways to make trades with others in secret, or having to travel out elsewhere to make those trades, swaying people even by offering more if needed... ect. It would add in the very least a very interesting layer to the game.

  7. I am not making assumptions, I personally do not know these people. However that does not stop other people who are coming in from making them. I actually took the time to look at dates and get a feel for the community as a whole, as I have no emotional attachment to this game or the people in it, I can still point out the fact remains that it's pretty much right in your face. So it is off putting and shows a great deal of negativity, something you do not want if you do want new members to actually stick around. 

  8. Just another thought. To help keep bad blood a bit out of bay you may think about moving very old threads into an archives of sort. Still seen but not so much in your face unless they are of importance, right now it's hard to know what is going on but I seen thus far a ton of what has gone on. If I wasn't so used to this in other RP games, I likely would of turned away from the community as a whole. This is something not so much Chewett should be doing but any of the forum mods (if they still exist I'm not exactly sure yet what council did or didn't do). For example, it's not really all that important to read about "The public email to Mur" it makes it seem as a new member that the admin team (from the sounds of it the owner and his co-owner) are unable to communicate, add in the thread about DD and it makes one feel that you are either on Team Mur or Team Chewett, one will 'give you things' apparently the other will not. Not saying this is indeed the case as I did actually read both threads, but it does add in a prior 'thoughts' about people I do not know... and shows people (the admin mainly) in a bad light. 


    Something to think about.

  9. I shall look into those two topics here in a moment. I am finally able to speak to other players within the chats, thanks to being teleported back to the main gate after Story Mode (I am guessing it is a main gate for new players). Also based on what I have read thus far here and seen in the chats, new players are hard to come by, thus I would assume those who are majority women at this point and time likely have bought or made their own avatars. I would indeed be interested in knowing how many of the women players have chosen to not have an avatar however... 


    I should point out, I am long term RPer (table top, and long form, and even chats) a way to bring in more RPers you may find is having a section (unless there already is and I simply have not figured out what it is) that is used for IC RPs thus allowing those who enjoy long form a place to write out their characters. Though I'm still learning my way around the forums... so again this might not be the place for it.

  10. I realize I'm new to this game but based on someone who IS new.


    - The Walkthrough that's suppose to help us understand the game, needs some major reworking. I'm in story mode now mind you but I am lost and I'm not sure if being lost brand new to a game is actually a good thing. I don't know really what to do and I keep wandering around, if the map allowed a more zoom in (showing us the roads/paths) this would be SO much more helpful. The aimless wandering is not so fun and actually is rather frustrating. Even if this map only opened up by you exploring (moving) to that area, This takes for me at least the enjoyment out of exploring, I'm to the point that once I find where I'm looking to get too, I likely will not move from there unless I have zero choice in the matter (which I think takes away from the point of the game). Other points to add into this walkthrough to help new players. How to battle players, the game info does not explain this at all. There is a ton of questions that are gonna be asked for one besides where things are. Yet mainly how to defend yourself from attacks? Can you? Do you recharge after you loss a battle if you are idle? These are rather important things for newbie players to know prior to getting to the 'first quest' how do you gain heat (as it's required) apparently I have it but I am unsure how this is earned to know if it's wandering, fighting PVE or if it's even earned from PVP. What about those of us who do not desire to be fighter based characters but rather heal, I'm told that it's not a 'requirement' but apparently it is indeed a requirement based on all information and requirement of quests (and by battles I mean I have little interest in PvP, can you gain wins/losses without PvP do they count towards quests?)


    - It was also explained to me that while you are 'genderless' in story mode, the little avatar (though apparently it's not a real avatar) for battles it would be rather nice if the image used was either actually genderless, or if you allowed a male or female basic outline. As it seems to me the idea is to focus on male's playing (again I'm sure that's not the goal) and that females were not really expected to play. Which at the start of the game as I was inform the gender thing wasn't a huge issue and you can buy a new avatar, it still to me says, as a player I should either play a male or pay for a female outline (or actual avatar). Most games allow you even the basic forms of a male/female, this one does not seem to do so. It would indeed chase away any chance of my female friends joining, more so if I informed them they had to buy a female avatar to have a female avatar (as I was told), even though apparently this is not what is being stated when you join and nor is it required for you to get one, many of the female roleplayers I know would like the choice of an outline genderless form or at least being able to have an actual female form.


    Not sure if any of this is helpful or what you are even looking for.


    edit: Second edit was to add into the walkthrough update.

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