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  1. I hope you have a great year with lots of accomplishments, great health and a lot of love ! <3
  2. Thank you guys! I miss everyone, hoping for more active times soon! *gives everyone cake and beers*
  3. I think it depends on the perspective: Love can be seen in many ways.   While the guys already described what it is chemically, I'll just say what it is to me. To have a loving relationship, be it friendship, spousal, or even family relationship, you need a lot of balance. Sure, you may love someone, and they might love you back, but is it really love when nothing else fits? They love you, but they would never make a compromise, they would never make a sacrifice, they would never step on their own ego, and admit their faults, can that be called love?  I don't know, but I don't.   Sometimes, the love isn't shared, which is terrible, I think a lot of us have been there - you would do anything, you would make all of those sacrifices and things you need to do, but the other person wouldn't - and the lack of reciprocation leads to suffering, and eventually learning a lesson.  I've learned my lessons in time, and my current view on love, is that it's made by millions of little things :). Find someone who has the same spark for you that you do have for them, and start building. It's like building a house, really, each one puts a brick on top of another brick, but if you base your house on a cracked foundation (unfaithfulness, lack of trust, lack of honesty...) the whole thing will collapse. But if the foundation is strong, you keep adding today's laughter and tomorrow's cry, sometimes the bad weather may crash a few bricks, but with a good foundation, you can always put them back.  If something is wrong in the foundations (could be simply finding that you try to build a house with bricks while the other person is adding wood, or concrete) , it will always affect, even destroy the love eventually. (that's why I believe people fighting in early stages of a relationship won't last, something is already wrong).    I believe that true love is ever-growing. :wub:
  4. Happy birthday dear friend!!! ^_^  Have a great one!
  5. Double the fun and joy!!  I wish you both a loooooOOOOooOOt of happiness, peace of mind, and lots of achievements!  ^_^  ^_^
  6. Happy Birthday dear Blut, I wish you all the best, happiness and wisdom, because you already have lots of love ^_^ 
  7. Okay, I'll try to upload it as something with a link ! :)
  8. I'm sorry for your loss, stay strong and be well.
  9. This is my version of Jingle Bells! In a more metal-ish fashion!    Credits to this guy.   Lyrics here   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BrDObYoSOOY
  10. Gorgeous artwork, keep it up Gonza! :D
  11. Do we send it via PM, post it oorr? 
  12. I've had the pleasure to talk to George in game. Has my vote, also looking forward to see the capitol application, good luck!
  13. When I go to the free credits page, after the first link I click, page reloads, and then when I try to click another one, the page scrolls up.  This only happens when I click. It happens each time after the page reloads. If the page is already scrolled up, I can click the link without any problems. I use a browser named Chromium, which is basically Chrome but without the Google account requirements. 
  14. Witty


    Last time I checked I was alt with: Emerald Arcanix, Lania, Asthir(and all his alts).  None of these is my actual alt acount, ofc.
  15.   Thank you, I couldn't have said it better.    Thing is, there was no flame war in the first place, Dst just said her opinion and like Jubba said, I tried to make a few things clear. I didn't get offended... and I think nobody should for something like this. It's just a discussion, and I think we're all entitled to say what we think. I honestly dislike flame wars and "personal attacks", and I never intended to be part of one.   The reason I posted here wasn't to discuss what happened between me and Dst, 'cause, well, nothing actually happened :D. I was more interested to know other people's opinion about the current MP6 "issue" and how I relate to it, and, ofc, to say what I said in the first post. 
  16.   I get where you're coming from, and you're totally entitled to have an opinion, I really have no problem with that. I agree that it's not fair that it's a popularity contest and well, the consequences aren't my fault per se (they were definitely not my intention - actually, I tried to talk about adepthood with people who were neither Syrian or EE adepts),  call me selfish but I want to aim for my purpose and well, this is the system for now, we should all deal with it the way it is.   If I make it or not, I guess there's only one way to find out.  Also, I agree EE is great and positive, and way more experienced than myself, but that shouldn't be a factor for me to suppress my ambition and/or for me to abstain myself from  pursuing what I wish to accomplish. Like No one said, it's a quest after all...   Just cause it's on the forum doesn't mean it has to be something chaotic, I decided to post because after all, I am interested in communicating with the community, I want to know both negative and positive opinions, so if anyone has any other views on this, I'd love to hear them. :) 
  17.   I know, I will not. Everyone has their right to an opinion (be it negative or positive). I just wanted to make some things clear. :D 
  18. --------posting on Blackshade's behalf, he has computer issues atm------   You can see examples of the birthday quest version here..........http://magicduel.inv...ounds/?p=163879     How To Play   REQUIREMENTS 3 pictures MINIMUM.  Any mind power welcome. ------MUST draw your player name into the drawing---------   TASKS You are to draw a Hell Hound and Upload at least 3 pictures to this post . Draw it how you see them in your eyes. I don't want to be asked how they look. Be creative in the drawing. Try to draw a background or a person riding the hound or it sleeping in some grass ect. However you see fit just make sure it stays MD related and MD Appropriate.    RULES *RULE #1*******YOU MUST DRAW/SIGN YOUR NAME INTO THE PICTURE( This is for authentication purposes.)********* *RULE#2**********NO ALTS   (one account per player)********* *RULE#3********MUST HAVE ATLEAST 3 PICTURES******** *RULE #4***** must state what inspired you otherwise inspiration points are worthless*********  *   THINGS YOU CAN USE TO DRAW WITH Pencil, color pencil, ink pens, markers, paint, chalk, oil pastels       Judging   -Judging will be done by 4 people. Judging will be done in scoring like so below,   creativity: 1-5 uniqueness: 1-5 Inspiration: 1-5 Talent: 1-5 Confirmity: 1-5   You can get an overall score of 100 after each judge does their scoring. 4 judges , 1 judge can give a max score of 25         Rewards   Rewards will be given based on your score (100 - 76 gets a wp) ( 75 and below needs to try again)         Duration   This will be a permanent quest.
  19.   I didn't say she said that.        Thank you.
  20. ... that I wasn't able to attend.    I've read the logs, and dst's blog and I understand that she thinks I'm selfish for trying to become MP6 when the population is so low. I would like to make a few things clear:  I was aware that it would be hard for the population to support more than 2 MP6s at the same time. I am not an extremely competitive person and I do not wish anyone's harm. However, I believe this mindpower is open for everyone who wishes to aim for it, and regardless of age and experience, in the end we should have an equal shot.  I did not went to  "steal" any current mp6's adepts. The "meaningless mp3s" dst mentioned are new people I tried to bring in the game using my referral link, who unfortunately didn't stay, except one. I tried getting adepts in a healthy way for the game itself, not by creating conflicts and chaos NOR by trying to ruin other people's MP6 status. The exception from that may be the Marind Bell people who offered to support me ( I do not know who they adepted before, nor did I insist for them to adept me instead).  I am aiming for MP6, but that doesn't mean I want to create chaos and make it happen overnight. I did not make public announcements begging to get adepts, I don't even have the necessary heat I need for it. I think it's a longer journey and I am willing to go slowly, learn things and gain experience myself.  Achieving MP6, for me, would create some sort of "symbiosis" with what I'm planning for Witty's role, which involves a lot of selflessness and is focused on the community, especially helping out newbies.    This is all I have to say for now, I am open to discuss things further.
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