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  1. Well, you don't have to stop if you don't want to I believe every good and every bad you do comes back to you in some way, so it's always up to you how to live; there are no 'real' moral guidelines, even though there are lots of books on morals. I think the only fair moral guidelines is 'there's a consequence for all you do. now go do what pleases you'. As far as MD is concerned, I don't know if it's such a good idea to try to make it more pleasant. I mean, that's what we all want, but if we somehow manage, a demon will appear and make it unpleasant, because... balance must be preserved. My point is - do what you want. If you want to help someone, do it, if you want to propose a new idea, do it, even if nobody (seems to) care. If you want to make MD a better game...be here
  2. I have only read the topic now, but I'd like to say a few things that do not deal with your actual idea...that's how it works As far as honesty is in discussion, I, another honest user (😈), have noticed that things in MD aren't supposed to be entirely fair - it's a place where deceit and theft and murder are allowed (I wonder why). An idea will not be rejected if it can benefit villains (or be abused in a smart way), but it will if it is abusable (in a very crude way). Frankly, I'm not capable of assessing how abusable your idea is, so I cannot comment on that, sorry. But I think you'll have to pierce through all the arguments presented against your idea by people who don't agree with it.
  3. well, you don't have to be disappointed, because it's a start. some may say it's a bad start, i'd say it's okay, but it's only the start. the way I see it, I divide books in two big piles: fun (entertainment) and how-to (manuals). There are fun books which last for centuries , because they also contain advice to heed; there are manuals that teach things in a fun way, so you can mix if you so feel. but when you decide to write, you basically choose from those two, and if it's entertainment, you HAVE to entertain. That's your purpose, and your readers have to be entertained. If it's not entertaining, or it is close to being entertaining, it means you have to work more. i'm sorry I write on your post so much instead of actual writers (md players) - they could point out more and give better advice...
  4. See, this is what I mean about a thread (if you don't want it to be a steel thread of logic, think of another): a story that goes all over the place is hard to follow and people just give up. Writing can't be only fun, you have to work as well...sad, but true.
  5. I'll comment, because...I spent two WPs to get research clues. Pretty dumb, huh? I did, though - because that's what interested me: research. My problem is not with the system of getting research clues, my problem is that I can't reach lvl3 research clues. Even though I voted 'no' on both questions, it's not a definite NO, it's a...mellow one, since my problem isn't about those things. I have 8 research points and no way to reach next level; to me, that's a sign the system isn't finished.
  6. That can work, but it gets very messy afterwards. Raw emotion can be entertaining, as long as there is a steel thread of logic. Anyway, good luck with 'normalization' (with writing, just like with everything, the more you do it, the better it gets...or so we hope)
  7. I think you have a character there. Needs slightly more work. Do you plan on writing a bunch of such characters and then make interact? if so, it might be interesting.
  8. Ungod


    Just a small rant, don't mind (too much) what you read (if you do). I was reading an article two weeks ago about the tragic 'celebration' of Japan's 20th year of negative interest rates. Now, I don't know much about economy and many economic terms are farts to my ears, but as I understand, the Bank of Japan is not loaning with a lot of interest, which is a tragedy...according to the author. At some point in the article, it says 'prices for core goods have remained virtually unchanged'. Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't that a GOOD thing? I mean, ok, the economy is fucked up, but the average Joe is paying the same for a loaf of bread as 20 years ago. Doesn't that mean the economy is stable? But, no, it's tragic, because...probably because the 'economy' in our perspective means the well-being of some 10% of the population - the rich guys. The article ends up in a positive note: 'well, maybe that'll be a lesson for Europe - see, Japan is having a tragic anniversary, but you don't see populism waves'. Uh-huh. Like the Japanese need MORE of that. They're taught 'moral education', k?Besides, they're not gonna take up arms if they still have some price stability (I don't know if they really do, but that's what our 'experts' claim). I don't see the tragedy here. Am I blind? And today I get another no-brainer - I clicked on a title 'british childhood poverty hits new lows'. I skimmed up to a phrase that made me close the page - 'the good news is that childhood poverty is responsive to policy changes'. WTF?!?!?!? What does that even mean? What's the good news? From my humble analysis, what the above phrase translates to is 'well, if you come up with a policy, you may reduce poverty'. Translating further, it means 'if you do something about it, it's gonna fix some things'. Yeah? If you find a solution to the problem, it can be fixed? THAT's the good news? And if you stay on your ass, nothing'll move forward? I've got tons of such 'good news' to give to y'all, I can write inspiring motivational articles filled with good news every day. childhood poverty is RESPONSIVE to policy changes...then people ask me why I don't watch TV (and, heh, people like my parents or their generation even have some kind of pity in their eyes for me - poor lad, he's not enjoying life) or read news religiously. Well, I like my brain cells intact, tyvm. Idk, folks, I just snap. Day after day, I keep seeing same thing, the world moving round and round the same way, same excuses, same 'let's get him/her to work with motivational phrases', same 'we're doing all we can, you just give us your money...and shut up' and I get fed up. Some day, just like with TV, I'll just quit reading news. I hate holing up, but getting annoyed is...worse? Wtf, there's no tragedy there, they're just scaring you 'look, you could end up like Japan, with trillions of dollars debt' (in small print saying 'core goods prices are virtually unchanged') and saying 'you must be obedient like the Japanese, they don't rise against their governments'. Wtf, they are NOT gonna do anything about your kids, they're yours, not theirs, even if you pay them to care a little. I feel looked down upon, lied, cheated day by day, deemed a stupid animal every time I read such bullshit. I just have to quit it, better blissfully ignorant than rightfully angry. Or not? /rant
  9. Happy birthday Junior, BigC!

  10. Ungod

    Free Will

    Free will is an illusion.
  11. come up with character-impairing effects, BRING OUT THE GORE side of you 😛
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    phew, so we initiated this. good to know we're to blame. these gdpr regulations were made some time ago, I guess it the backlash took a while
  13. Ungod


    these days, when looking up some stuff online, I saw myself blocked from accessing the content of several US sites. naturally, one assumes they were awful sites - don't worry, bros, I was checking up stuff like wildfire protection (don't ask why). the awful sites are freeeee to access, as deviancy cashes. when you see Tennessee blocking the site or California not 'offering services to that region' (the EU), well...one gets suspicious. Are we in a new internet phase? I've been seeing a crackdown on piracy, on internet freedom and a general policy of restricting access to information, but it gets to levels I didn't imagine. here I am, blocked by Tennessee, because clearly an European has no business in knowing how Americans protect their land from wildfires. Anyone noticed this, can someone confirm we're getting closer and closer to wall-border-fence-wall-small gate for smugglers?
  14. so do I, but I maybe that's because I am so used to it
  15. Ungod


    could be, could be anyway, my suggestion was to bring amulets into that equipment interface, your suggestion is to bring cool gadgets into it - that's not bad, the pool of ideas is getting bigger (more scriptable items with abilities/secrets is what you're suggesting, but I have a feeling these items are coming as a reward for sustained roleplay)
  16. Ungod


    in the human plane, a secret is powerful; in the natural one, an item is powerful - knowing the secret to taking a certain medication for a condition may mean life or death, having the item (the pill) may mean life or death. Deciding which is stronger is not an issue - the lack of each can mean death, so...
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    this equals the item to a cool gadget, nothing more
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