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  1. Thank you for breaking the ice :D Nice avi, btw. I wish I had the skills - I can imagine a werewolf wearing a dress and  planting seeds while riding a winged horse...(yeah, shrooms)
  2. Ungod

    Quest: Lucidity

    Lol where credit is due. You are organising in a very professional way a meeting of drunkards :))
  3. Thanks. Lets see if you will have to hand out those rewards :)
  4. I wanted to do this myself (for myself), but I totally lack the skills and maybe you can help me with this. I wanted to mix avatars and get a very cool one. Intricate or mysterious or funny or...well, I failed. :( Who can help?   What you have to do is take parts from some avatars, mix them together (in a rational manner) and get a brand new one ( it must make sense- well, at least some sense). The more intricate, the better. You can use more parts from one avatar.   How to participate is easy - submit your entries here, writing what avatars you have used. You can post more than one remastered avatar, though only one will be rewarded (if so). No alts allowed.   The deadline is 2-3 weeks from now (making something like this is hard work), maybe more.   Judging - The panel of judges is assembled and consists of Syrian, Prince Marvolo and me.    As for rewards, I have to tell you I dont not live up to my name (yet), so 1st place gets 6sc, 2nd place 5sc and 3rd place 4sc.    The execution matters, but the idea matters a little more in my eyes, so be creative! (I forgot to add that you can see avatars at the signpost in MDP, so getting material should be easy ^_^ )
  5. http://storenow.net/my/?f=ecdb7c90d0ff6670bf2356dab6ca3d0a   http://storenow.net/my/?f=50a1d03669649aebc5dc265d5561b4a1 
  6. Ungod

    Teams? Teams!

    If we really have to form teams (?), I would go with green - a nice relaxing color for me.
  7. I cant believe we won something :))))
  8. Ungod

    Quest: Lucidity

    I dont want to miss this - count me in as well.   after reading the post again, it seems i have missed to write some stuff: ID 250021; time: evening/night (ST)
  9. Cake. I would like to see the one who risks his life for a smelly petrified 1000 years old piece of cake.
  10. Rophs, form a team asap and save the day :D   Edit: find a team* :)
  11. hmm? it is supposed to take place today, on the 16th. 
  12. I had some time on my hands so I made a very unprofessional S&L game   http://storenow.net/my/?f=fa11bf8686bd58d1bfb6696715afde66 ,  http://storenow.net/my/?f=40c8b718050ef711d94619f37dfaaf2a    I will use this topic for posting stuff - maybe some will turn out to be useful.
  13. 4th team here: John Constantine and myself 
  14. I had the same problem about 2 (?) months ago. Apparently, the council cannot do anything about it - it's the allopass that is at fault (?) (check for an announcement, it was written after I reported the issue).
  15. I have written a quest and thought of putting a little role-play in it, so I need two players to act as RPCs. If you think you can be online for a few hours a few couple of days (depends on participation) and you wish to play a part in the quest, pm me.  
  16. Ungod

    Life and stuff

    After reading the other translations (thanks), I am more confused. So I take it, if you have 10 different people, 1/3 of them is cautious, 1/3 is violent and 1/3 is carefree. So only one in three is valuing life more than anything...
  17. Ungod

    Life and stuff

    Offtopic, then.   I have had too many books on too many subjects, so I donated/thrown about 3/4 of my books so far. I still have a huge collection in .pdf files.   The numbers are giving me a "headache", too, not only because of the 90% thing, but I wonder if they are correct.
  18. Ungod

    Life and stuff

    Going through some of the books/papers I still have (my library gets smaller and smaller), I stumbled across a funny quote:   "Men go out of life and into death. Thirty percent are followers of life, thirty percent of followers of death and thirty percent more who could live hasten towards the place of death. Why so? Because they would augment the richness of life. I am told a man who is good at taking care of his life may travel through the wilderness, without trying to avoid rhinoceroses or tigers, and may enter battles, without being equipped with armour or weapons. The rhinoceros finds no place in which to jab its horn, the tiger finds no place in which to dig its claw, and the sword finds no place in which to thrust its blade. Why so? Because he has no vulnerable point. Thus who he takes no measure whatsoever for life is accomplished at valuing life."   Any thoughts on this?
  19. Ungod


    When you're born into a world, your feet and your hands are tied -  but you don't know it. You don't see it. You think you're free and you move funny.   Then, one day, you might realise you're tied up. You might realise how to loosen the ties, but you also see it won't do you any good. You don't cut any ties. And if someone asks, you are ”alive and kicking”.
  20. Ungod


     I   You lay in the bead, turning into a shadow -  thats how you feel, when - immobile and dry - you rest, while nurses go in and out.   Life was a brilliant thing, but it burned too fast. Your tongue goes over those dry lips -  you remiinisce about the past.   And so you lay in bed and ...rest?... and someone gets you something good  to eat.      III   Pay your crossing of river Styx, only two cents, only two cents! No crossing of river is ever free, not even for the souls of the dead. If you dont have cash or card, mortgage your soul, whatever the cost -    just pay the toll.   (meh...I didnt say quite what I wanted to. I might rewrite it later)
  21. Ungod

    Unholy Priest

    Okay, this shouldnt be here, but I honestly dont know where to put it..maybe in offtopic...maybe   I was cleaning some folders and I saw an image I saved some time ago.I suppose you know about the riots in Ukraine...and about priests in the middle of rebels. Well, the image I saved made me speechless - this is it:   it also reminded me of the unholy priest :)
  22. Ungod

    Pandora's box

    I am posting this just so people have an alternative view. Please dont argue in the next commentaries that hope is a good thing - I, for example, am better without it.   3.One interpretation of the myth that I have heard  is that Pandora, by closing the box before hope would get out, didnt bring the world to its end. The idea that hope brings one s demise comes from observing what happens to someone who goes on only by hope. Refusing to accept reality and having expectations that will probably never materialise  (isnt that what hope is, when not based on anything but itself?) leads one astray. 
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