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  1. send me a forum pm with your story, bash. I need to see what your skills are :)
  2. Something is wrong with the tile...or not? Who is this Christmas and who is supposed to marry him/her?
  3. No, in that case, give the credits to me:P
  4. I would like that Asthir gets some credits (if you do, Asthir, you will promise officially on the forum to stay mp3 for 3 years :P). 
  5. Nim, I also gave you a silver coin ingame.
  6. Ungod

    New creature idea

    I guess there is still much to learn. Well, research, research, research...
  7. Ungod

    New ideas

  8. Otus (winged creature)   Recruitment costs: 30Ap, 2k VP, 1k VE, 1 EP -single tragets   1.Baby Otus   Adventurers might find in their travels, in lifeless areas, a single egg with an unusual glow. Taking it carries great risk, although one will never suspect it. From the  egg emerges a small and feeble creature. This bird cannot stop biting everything it sees. Its curiosity is unmatched only by its ferocity when eating - anything smaller than itself is surely a victim.      Targets: dying  Abilities: damage   VE: 300 Attack: 10 Defense: 0 Initiative: 1   Needed for upgrade: stored heat: 400; won battles: 5; age: 3; Upgrade costs: AP: 20; VP: 800; sacrificed vitality: 500; EP: 1   2. Large Otus   Now grown, the large Otus will aid you in your endeavors. It usually lazies around, not doing much. Underestimating it is, however, folly - its attacks are exceptionally fast and silent killers. With sharp talons and a beak with which it usually plucks the eyes of the prey, the large Otus is a terrible opponent.   Targets: dying, weak, random Abilities: damage   VE: 600 Attack: 25 Defense: 2 Initiative: 2   Needed for upgrade: stored heat: 4000; won battles: 30; age: 12 Upgrade costs: Ap: 40; VP: 1500; sacrificed vitality: 1000; EP: 2   3. Huge Otus   The numerous battles in which the Otus has been participating have proven to be more than daily routine. Not only it has perfected its skills, using the sharp talons as sharpened knives, but it has also increased in size to unheard dimensions for a bird. Feeding on the opponent's very soul, the huge apparition that covers the sky only by streching its wings is something to be dreaded. Unfortunately, the element of suprise has dissapeared.   Targets: any Abilities:aimed hit   VE:1200 Attack: 50 Defense: 3 Initiative: 3     Needed for upgrade: stored heat: 8000; won battles: 50; age: 17; + mindpower Upgrade costs: Ap: 50; VP: 2300; sacrificed vitality: 3000; EP: 4   4. Decrepit Otus   The once powerful Otus has turned into a decrepit bird. It wasn't age that shrunk it, but rather a strange disease. The Otus now prefers to stay alone as much as possible and completely avoids the sunlight. It covers itself with its huge wings and stares into empitness with its head bowed. And yet, it never seems to be alone. Could it be that the otus is not sick, but is guiding the spirits of the underworld onto their path?    Targets: any Abilities: damage   VE:1400 Attack: 45 Defense: 2 Initiative: 1   Special influence: increases the initiative and damage of undead creatures (as far as I know, that only means tormented soul)   5. Guardian Otus   edited
  9. I know, dst. I came up with another one. If it's not too much of an effort, I would like to send details of the quest to someone who can code it. If it is...well, I tried to contribute.
  10. Hi. Since there aren`t many permanent quests for mp3s, I have thought of one. It is sort of a tutorial, with little difficulty in itself, that starts in Clash of Ages. Solving the riddles will make a new player to get to know Marind Bell and some basic game concepts.Of course, it`s not limited to just mp3, but it`s no fun to do at later stages. I don`t know who can approve this, but I am ready to send the details of the quest to whoever is in charge.
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