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  1. Essentially, Mur is saying that A. hoarding all those coins makes the economy stagnant and he wants it to be fluid and B. a more fluid economy will help new players. I think I'd like a more fluid economy. Wealth that circulates is empowering everyone, while wealth that accumulates empowers only a few. I don't know if you are right or not about it not actually helping new players, because...MD is MD, after all.
  2. pick a number between 1 and 1 million. Whoever gets closest will win. Winner will be announced when auction is over. Quote this when picking a number - 23 and...Change 'sunfire' to 'ungod' please Also, add a bid of 3sc for those three uncommon items, as well as 5sc for the drop of blood
  3. That sounds like a nice thing to have when handing out quest rewards... 1 TST and 5 gold
  4. My opinion: Gold buyable with credits in shop should remain there You could also pay some attention to in-game items such as gold bars and the like (and help define thusly the value of coins better) If coins are made a trading commodity more than it is now, how 'common' will gold be? when we say 'gold' we think of it as valuable since we make an analogy with the real world, so it can't be that common or it will lose all its weight as idea (like having a system with stats such as 1200000000 attack)
  5. I did a drawing and realized it sucked big time, so I added some PS equivalents to make the concept a little bit clearer (model taken from Gothic 1). The story unfolds thusly: TTL was a mass of random thoughts kept together by a red thread. Among those thoughts were memories that brought together sounds, colors and rituals - much like a newly-born child's memories. When Fang's creatures attacked, TTL tensed its shape into a powerful formation: a drachorn and a water being were supported by three winderwilds. "Fun, fun, fun!", exclaimed Fang, as the drachorn was weakened by his Heretic Archer. TTL tensed again and the drachorn crippled some of Fang's creatures, in a maelstorm of fire and wind from the flapping of winderwild wings. Now the battlefield was alight, and Fang grinned as his newly-tainted creature raised its weapon. The heavy bolt pierced the air with a loud sound, but it went past the drachorn. A miss? Not at all, as a painful cry was released by one of the winderwilds, its wing limp by its side. TTL slept for only a second, as if feeling the damage, and perhaps felt relief at knowing it was from an aimed hit ability. Confident, the shade armed its water being, but felt a sudden numbness: the winderwild was almost dead, dark blood soiling the plumage. TTL looked forward - the crossbowman straightened up and grinned. "This path is forbidden. You may not pass". Where, where did it hear this before? TTL was a mass of random thoughts kept together by a red thread. Among those thoughts were memories that brought together sounds, colors and rituals. As the next crossbowman loaded, TTL rememebered an arch and a forest, and a faint smell of jasmine... Fang was quite pleased with the tainted crossbowman, so he decided to conduct a little research on it. Would it revert to the normal archer he had before when he left? What are the conditions for this taint to persist? Is it reproduceable? He opened a notebook and wrote 'Experiment no 1'.
  6. Let's get something going 30 branches:1s(ilver) 90 clay:1s 112 fine sand:1s 177 lumber:2s 14 pebbles:1s 11 reality shards:4s 61 rain water:2s 6 gravel:free? 67 timeless dust:3s
  7. It can happen, but I'm not interested in an aramor fenth I retract that bid and I will bid more later, after I kick out my guest (that'll be tomorrow)
  8. You wrote 1 aramor tenth, which I took for tenth edition I was wrong, huh
  9. I'll be bidding more later, but for now let's get one bid war started. 10th ed. aramor, 1gc
  10. (sorry about the double post, but there really is no relation with the previous one) I just looked at the poll, and what most people appreciate is the fact it's more phone-friendly, while what is not liked is the page structure (and animations, although I can't agree with that, I like them). That is kinda funny, because the page structure is the closest it can be to the current MD...it could have been worked out differently, but wouldn't we be traumatized by something completely different?
  11. True, didn't think about it. The erolin animation is very cool, but also causing several issues MRAlyon, you need to recharge the phone It does look very crammed on the left bar, but as I discovered some days ago, it also depends on the browser, not only the resolution. There are lots of elements to fit in...
  12. That's interesting, but it's not bad at all, is it? The server recognizes the landscape format and shows you more!
  13. It looks pretty much like your screens, I can't say if it's cleaner or not (maybe I'm just biased because I'm so used to the old interface). As for the right way to do this, normally, you'd go for competing in the race for Hi-Q, Hi-def etc (the fullscreen option). But many people use and will use mobile more frequently to check things, so scrolling makes more sense for them. I think you can't cut down on the elements shown at low res, which could've been a solution, maybe. So it feels like you have to choose whom to sacc.
  14. I wanna help, but I'll be busy the next 2 days. If that's ok, leave Marind Bell to me!
  15. Stuff is pretty crammed on a 900x500 resolution, especially the left bar
  16. I see the changes as improvements, not missteps, but I would like to see more 'air' in the page. I know there are a lot of elements to fit in, but maybe some can be ported somewhere else. That's pretty much all I can complain about.
  17. Interested in a trade? PM me
  18. For this Christmas, I bring you a little quest in the 'decorate a scene' style. You can work digitally or analog, as long as you respect the indications. The indications are hinted in the title - I want something that reflects the absence of snow. You are to take a scene that has lots of open space and no buildings, such as Tranquil Plains (a very simple building or a very small one is ok). Color it lightly with nuances of blue of your choosing (you can add other colors as well, as long as it fits the 'blue' theme). Also, add an unfinished snowman somewhere in the scene or anything else that expresses this idea of 'absence of snow'. You can submit 3 entries at most, but only one may be rewarded. You can participate with your main OR any of your alts. Deadline is two weeks from now and rewards are: 1 creature of mine (I'll give the winner the choice between a santa, an shmsh, a nutcracker and other medium-rare ones) plus 3 credits for first place, 1 gold plus 3 credits for second, 3 credits for third. Good luck!
  19. This here story is meant to boost Sunfire's motivation, although he'll never read it. Let's work! Glorn was dragging his feet across the Golemus beach, looking dejected, when a tall buff guy strutted right in front of him. What's the matter, boy? You look pale. Everything alright with you? the stranger asked. It's fine, said Glorn. I just...have to study for applied tax bachelor. Darn it! Don't worry, boy, you won't be a bachelor forever. One day, you'll catch a little fish and send her straight to the kitchen. That's how you find happiness in life, I can vouch. That's...kinda sexist, said Glorn. I know, right? I just love my women in the kitchen. No, what I meant was... Don't worry, I know how to cheer you up. Follow me! Reluctantly, Glorn followed the tall buff guy. They walked until they reached a construction site. What's this? asked Glorn. Can't you see? said the man. It's the site for a new supermarket. It's going to be great, we're building the biggest of them all! Here, take this. What's this now? asked Glorn. Can't you see? said the man. It's a pickhammer. But I don't want to help with your construction? Trust me, boy, this is the best cure for you at this moment. No, you don't understand. I want to have a little fun, because all that awaits me is a lot of studying. Say no more. The pickhammer is a lot of fun. Fun? How is it fun? Oh, it's tons of fun. If you know how to use it. Better than a woman, ask anyone here. How do you guys use a pickhammer? raised an eyebrow Glorn. Well, a woman won't leave you this much exhausted. No, no, no. I don't want to work with a pickhammer. I want to spread my wings and fly, to do something I've never done before! exclaimed Glorn. Well, you don't look like you've done this before. You didn't know what this was. No, I haven't done this before, but I don't want to do this! I want to do something big! Not gonna find something bigger. This supermarket is the biggest in MD. We're gonna give consumerism a huge boon with it. No, I don't care about that. What I want... ……………….……………………………………………………………………………………………………………… Ugh, I'm dead tired, thought Glorn. Perhaps I should start with a light study.
  20. Boring spam. Read at your own risk.
  21. I was thinking the other day that if quests are to be a constant part of MD, there's a need for a system. I don't know what is the plan for that, so I'm just forwarding my idea for it and hope it doesn't conflict the plan. Q. How does one create quests? A. One completes a form with two fields: one specifying the quest details (and if there is addressed to someone in particular) and one explaining why the quest should be accepted (meant to convince the reviewer). The form is reviewed by a Quest Ranger, who then either declines or accepts the quest. Accepted quests are posted on the Quest Page, which serves only as a bulletin board if the quest is not intended to all. Q. Does a Quest Ranger have to explain his/her decision? A. No, although they can send a message with the reason (too many quest points given, not suitable for the role etc). If you created a quest and it was declined without a reason, you can ask a Quest Ranger for the reasons. Q. What are the rewards for completing quests? A. A reward is the ability of developing your role, both as quest-giver and quest-accepter. This is also the right way to justify the quest in the second field. Apart from that, I was thinking of quest points. A quest-giver includes the number of quest points awarded for completing the quest and will also receive half of that number as a quest-giver, when the quest is completed. The quest points are automatically charged into the account. Q. What can you do with quest points? A. Buy unusual rewards. Trade will still happen and 'unofficial quests' rewarding creatures, coins and items, the same. However, quest points will give you the chance to buy something that is not 'normally' obtainable e.g. a mirrorrit cast or one-time access to a location like Champions Challenge or Oak Tower int. or Accursed Growth int. etc (for example, 100 quest points can buy a key, which is a 'move_to_loc', disappearing after use).
  22. I remembered today about a talk I had with someone about...long life? She told me of a 120 years old woman who said that all her life she did as she pleased. Now, the person I was talking to has a habit of drawing the wrong conclusions, so I had to stress that you don't get to 120 by doing whatever crosses your mind. If she reached 120, she must have had modest wishes; the point here is to not feel caged, to live life in a relaxed manner, free from mental or physical excesses. You don't reach 120 by going to bars all nights and pouring alcohol into you; it doesn't work that way. All the more as the woman was Mongolian, and it's not like there are many temptations in the steppe. But because the one I was talking to has this tendency of ignoring these tiny unimportant details called FACTS, and just rushes to a conclusion, she was kinda telling me how you need to do as you please if you want to have a good, long life. This is what inspired the following: Doing as you please Nlo yawned. Whatever can be done for fun in here? he thought. Life is dull, really, really dull. He was standing at the base of the marble stairs, fixating the fountain. One would think Nlo was impressed with the beauty, the artistry of it, but no - Nlo was not that kind of guy. He wanted to make life more interesting, and there was nothing interesting about order and stability. People must do as they please, to really live. And Nlo was doing as he pleased all the time. The pillars at the top of the stairs were shiny, sure, but they were dull, really dull. Nlo started to doodle on them, because he was doing as he pleased all the time. He got bored soon, and decided what these pillars really need is the power to inspire. Arousing the intellect, creating sparks within one's imagination, that kind of thing. How better to achieve it than by writing some motivational quote that would make people really appreciate these pillars? 'You are your own pillar of strength' sounded too old-fashioned, and the play was perhaps too obvious. For a moment, he thought of writing 'Romanes eunt domus', but then again, not many would know the reference...How about 'Mur said be happy?' Nlo wrote in italics Mur said be happy. Then he wrote Marind shall rent you her umbrella for a quid and Chewett said this is Nlo's abode. You see, Nlo always did as he pleased, even though 'Mur said' or 'Chewett said' were taboo words in MD (or are they?). Suddenly, Nlo found himself into the prison. Who reported him?! A candle (it's December, the prison got decorated) threw light over a small bench, where Nlo saw Rudolph shaking his head continuously. The poor reindeer was locked up for indecent behavior and hadn't had a drop of alcohol in days. Nlo began to pace to and fro. Did he cross the line? Nah, the right way to live is to do as you please. There's no meaning in it if you do what others ask you to, if you feel restrained. He wasn't in the wrong. He ignored the mumbling reindeer and started doing some warm-up exercises, just because he could. Then he named the walls - this one's Cassandra, this one is Alexandra, then Priscilla, Laetitia. Nlo was now running from Priscilla to Cassandra, from Cassandra to Laetitia, from Laetitia to Alexandra and so on - because he always did as he pleased. There was no way to tell the time, but Nlo decided it's night and he'd better prepare for a cold one. He glanced at the bench (and the reindeer) and decided against it. Indeed, the best way was to fall asleep in the arms of Emily.
  23. (I don't know if it's ok to make this topic, but it'll get deleted if it's not) I can't do much in the clone because there is no 'enable flash' button, so I don't see map and messages (erolin device also not loading)...does anyone know how I can enable flash there? So far, I spotted that in the tag menu, the selected tag (orange circle) is slightly out of bounds; there's a warning:implode(): invalid arguments passed in /home/warventure/public_html/sitegizmo/worldmap.php on line 38 at the login screen; a parse error:syntax error, unexpected '(' in /home/warventure/public/ui/ weaponinventory/load_manu.php on line 1. I also can't seem to be able to turn off the snow/frost background which, although looking cool, make the page loading times longer and I usually turn it off. I like the animation of the menu, but I have to say I like the 'classic' chain one we have now...maybe it can be used somewhere if it's replaced.
  24. An unsettled quarrel: Junior and Ginger have long been enemies. It all started when Ginger took the last gingerbread from the MB bakery a few years ago. The feud continued with the last croissant, last blueberry jam jar and the last strawberry tart. It developed into a battle that was almost ritualic: the two enemies would stare each other down for a few seconds, then they would start the 'pleasantries', which were often condimented with terms such as 'lemon-sour wise guy' or 'happy-go-lucky-wurstel'. Then, the battle for the first one to enter the bakery would start, with endless ramblings about who was there first, with the date and time being measured to milliseconds. In truth, they would both show up at the same time, but none would ever admit that. Today it was all the same. Pushing each other while entering the bakery, they both rushed to the counter to ask for a baguette, but noticed - at the same time - it wasn't so well baked. It was, in fact, the last baguette, as the Marind Bell folks eat a lot of bread. This was a rare occasion to continue the battle, so Ginger took the initiative and said: Ah, there is only one baguette in stock today! Junior, my friend, I think you should take it. Why me? asked Junior. You're the one who loves baguettes. Today I'm being magnanimous, my friend. After all, I can get a flat-bread; they're discounted today. You, eating flat-bread? Mixing with the plebs? Is it really Ginger talking? Who are you?! Confess! Now, now, I'm only thinking about you. My friends can order first, and I'm sure you wanted the baguette. No, I'm sure you're the one who wanted it. No, no, I'm sure it was you. No, no, after you. After you! After you! After you! The door opened suddenly, and Ungod entered the bakery, all sweaty and anxious. Can I have a baguette? I have a guest and I'm out of bread! Sorry, but these two wanted it, said the shop owner. Nah... he can have it, said Junior. Ah...sure, nodded Ginger. They both looked at Ungod as he was leaving the bakery, then glanced at each other as if saying 'You were lucky this time'. With a loud 'hmph', they both got out of the shop, with their shopping bags empty.
  25. You could also say hello to people who don't hello
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