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    Yea, well, you can't declare war to China if you don't start creating the 'us vs them'. And you need the war because the American empire is falling (all that while you still need immigrants, so you still let them in).
  2. On narrow view, friends, papers and spells are not displayed properly
  3. Ungod


    There's also some merit in this, in that being ignorant relieves you of those moral choices you'd otherwise have to think about but you still have to meet your neighbours, to learn whom to like and whom to dislike. I take it you're against building walls Trump-style.
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    Long introduction above to serve as base for the question: 'Do you want lands to be more closed than they are now? Do you want borders/walls or do you want more inclusion?' I'm asking because I remembered my 6-year old idea about buildable gates and I wonder if that is a good idea. It would make lands more 'closed' and create centers of authority once again. Is it good to build walls or should we wait for enlightenment in a global village?
  5. Mur, take it as a sign of love for another interface you designed. Undying love, even. @peeps: two days ago I met an angry VorniC at GoE (scene still on flash); the scene didn't load for him and he was on phone. He was like 'nothing works, why isn't MD focusing on fixing these things'. I told him to come back in a week I, too, found only one viable browser that supported flash on mobile and I don't know if it's still available. It's not like Mur woke up one morning and decided to f*** up MD and upset a bunch of players...so instead of complaining, try to say something like 'This looks great, but could you perhaps...'. I, for one, think more about stuff like quests and some other things that need our attention. There's a lot of work to be done.
  6. Also, where can we find you? GoE? When are you on?
  7. Above 12, that is? I got to 13, don't know how, but now I've bought like 4 erolins and none show. I'm on the new interface.
  8. Even when it did, and announced 'You received another erolin slot' or whatever, I still didn't get the increase. On another note, I bought another goblet, it even shows the trigger, and my slots are stuck at 13 i.e. no increase. At this point, it's a bug.
  9. You mean, the possibility of changing the name of a creature if it's already maxed and you can't change it anymore? I'd like to see that, why not. Not particularly useful, but interesting to have.
  10. I'm extending the deadline by one more week, we've had lots of excitement. I cannot congratulate Aia in a one-man race but if it be so...
  11. Ah, yes, I have the same issue on Firefox. It...well, kinda fixes itself after pushing many buttons and cursing at the screen
  12. Outbidding Ledah on 1 Hollow Warrior - 12th Anniversary 20 sc
  13. That's the thing, it stopped at 12 for me. Since two Xmases ago, not counting this one, I have had 12. Now that I have 13 (maybe from this year), I just bought 3 goblets of energy and...I'm still at 13 erolins. Maybe I had a cap on the account?
  14. If I want to load up my erolins fast, all I have to do is switch forth and back between two scenes. It's taking a few minutes, but it's free There are also heat stones...well, this is just my opinion (that 50 slots is too much), use it as statistics.
  15. It must mean some people were less limited
  16. Ahaha, it's true, I loved how it looked, but I never dared to make use of it. (I think there were some daredevils, though)
  17. that's much more interesting, since the heat stone also gives you timeless dust which can be used for totems (and perhaps will be more useful) even with 4400, 50 items is way too much; it's very easy to gain heat on your territory even with a low briskness that...isn't bad, i also thought 4 is too few, but 20 seems like too many yes, and it was nice to have. I mean, you can use locate, you also have on the who's online feature the land a player is in, but opening the map would let you see where, for example, some people gathered. afaik, the limit is 12 erolins max, right? since you get one on Xmas, I've already bought slots just to advance in the shop. It's just wasted credits, since I have max anyway. Of course, a new player doesn't have this, but after, say, 2 shop resets, the item is obsolete a bunch of them would be ok, but then, you'd have to work on the WP shop as well. For example, I think mirrorit would be nice to buy there, but with two WPs (that I spent), I can make - and made - a lot of those stones, that I can't do anything with. you'd have to balance things somehow It looks good, no real issues with this one, I think
  18. Now that I have a little more cash in the bank, I'm looking at these items and thinking pretty much the same thing (this is the one branch that stops me from resetting, because I want to know what it ends with). Touch of God - Regeneration Ritual Extreamly powerfull regeneration ritual. When you activate this ritual, 16 of your creatures will recover full health. Regeneration Ritual of Youth This Ritual is an enchanted ritual that will not only regenerate 8 of your creatures but will also give you a temporary bonus to regeneration (60), attack (12) and initiative (16). Effects last for 15 minutes. This is what I'm looking at and I can buy them right now, but it's to nobody's benefit. If there was a way for me to buy them and for them to turn into some spell that can later be accessed by an MP3 or for these to be gifted to random newly-created MP3 accounts, it'd be cool. Of course, if it's too much trouble, I won't insist.
  19. Well, I have no more gold stuck in other auctions, so yes, I am bidding on all of those. It'll take all my gold haha
  20. Ah, mine wasn't a -23, just 23 (that was a dash). Well, when I saw the initial auction, I thought you're pretending to leave 😕 I do hope you'll be back, though, and you'll buy the items you're (potentially) selling me back So a bid of 3sc for each and all of your uncommon items
  21. I'll go with 14 the three sizes are really nice to have
  22. Oh, I've just seen this! Happy birthday, Aeo, may fortune follow you!
  23. I also do this, so I second Syrian. Besides, when you zoom, elements shift over and over again, making you have to 'adjust' to a new layout. The font size (and type?) could be improved a bit
  24. Can we make the notification box appearing when moving to another scene smaller (width-wise)? It's usually covering the entire scene and I can't move to the next one without having to wait 2-3- secs. Also, when setting up rituals, the default is 50% VE, but the slider is on the far left (0%). So I if I want to set 0%, I have to slide it to the right and then to the left again...
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