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  1. Yes, it's as you say, and of course the idea of a user-driven system is very good, especially since with A25 Tools, there will be content there that will bring other aspects into the game. I was thinking, though, that some of the original MD must be put into words before all that. (I don't really care about how you would advance - whether it's 10 lvl1 clues to advance to lvl2 clues and then 20 lvl2 clues to get to lvl3 or just from 10 to 10 and so on. I bought 20 research clues with 2 WPs, but they were kind of a waste)
  2. Afaik, there is no shop item that even comes close in terms of loyalty cost to 1000. Map identities is a special item that makes locate spell even less important, but if it's too ''nice'', then it shouldn't be in the shop in the first place. Now, farming 1000 loyalty is not that hard, probably, but it's kind of a jump.
  3. In theory, there is a system in place that works, with submitting research ideas and all. I think that for starters, much of the ancient lore behind MD should be put into these clues. Much of it has been forgotten, with players who discovered it leaving, so perhaps now not even Mur remembers it all. The idea was that players who discover things become mentors for players to come, but what happens when the new players don't come or are less interested? So for starters, research clues must be written up to 7 or 10 or whatever is max now.
  4. I have to thank my judges for taking the burden to assess the submissions. The results give AIA the first position, with Chewett and Dhyone following! I only wish there were more participants. Let's have more quests in the future!
  5. It's pretty clean, so I like it. It also looks like it's mobile-friendly (or mobile-intuitive)
  6. This is a mad, mad idea. These 'veins' will make the cube alive, but there's nothing to compare them to irl...in a body, the brain sends and receives information along nerves, but Deathmarrow is no brain. The heart distributes blood, but Deathmarrow is no heart for the cube. Comparing them to the systems of Western medicine is misleading, it's better to compare them to the meridians of Chi from the traditional Chinese medicine, since those deal primarily with electricity and heat circulation in the body. But then, the veins and nerves and invisible Chi meridians all follow the body structure and the way they are arranged show the role of the body parts. In the case of this cube, if it all converges into the arbitrary point of Deathmarrow, what is the role of this point for the existence of the cube? And what kind of cube are we talking about, ultimately, with such a 'centre of gravity'? The GoE is irrelevant... This is too heavy for a Monday, but at least I can confirm this is madness.
  7. Let's start one more bid war: 2 silver on each reanimated roots 2 silver on each sharptear 2 silver on each bp archer 2 silver on each imp 2 silver on each joker (colored, uncolored) 1 silver on each mirrorit stone 2 s on 2 movelock stones
  8. Scratch that, it may be my laptop, because I can see other people's bestiary creatures. Mine are 'loading' indefinitely.
  9. Not a top priority, but it looks like the artwork of creatures immortalized in bestiaries is not loading in the new interface.
  10. I can't wait to see if the heat veins will have an impact on viscosity
  11. I suppose this wasn't clear enough, my bad: Ok, I am hereby declaring the quest finished; thank you, participants ! wait for the results in a week or two
  12. My avi looks really sad in this...funny, I never would've imagined it being like that. Awesome. Dhyone, can you confirm the scene, please? Tomorrow I'll end the quest.
  13. So the vets will beg for newbs to recruit crits for them. Power to the people! (the new people) yea, regenerating WI as a % might not be the way
  14. The way it (still) is, the player had to do some efforts to get to some bare minimum values in order to progress. With percentage costs, that effort disappears, so keeping a fixed value apart from percentage would be a way to maintain it - if we consider this approach for new players useful. 'Farming' would be a bit harder with percentage values instead of fixed ones, but vitality is not that hard to regenerate. The (ex) value points were always the problem, though. You could get to -1mil VP from a fight with someone and it would take weeks to get it back to 0. If we had some way to regenerate WI easier, the percentage wouldn't bother us much. Then again, how do you increase world inertia?
  15. Wait, that's 1 month from when the quest started (Dec 24th)! So it means there are only 4 days left 😱
  16. It's an association that is easily made because nobody ever heard of world inertia. I don't think I've ever heard about it, so it's natural to make an association with what I've heard of. Also, double posting is rarely ok.
  17. It should be tomorrow, but I don't want to force you to finish it by then. Even if you participate, the condition wouldn't be met anyway (and I'm not sure I can accept Dhyone's submission unless the scene is being confirmed - it looks like Ravenhold, but who knows?), because 3 is not more than 3. So taking these things into account, I'll do this: I'm further extending the deadline to the 25th of January. That's a month for people who are interesting in doing a little artistic effort.
  18. Ungod


    I hate propaganda films, they're an insult to my intelligence. Propaganda films are coming from one of the parties involved which pretends to be speaking 'objectively'. Like I can't see you're on one side of the trench. I may choose to fight with you, or pay you taxes, but I should know I'm not allying The Angel of Righteousness, but one of the sides trying to **** up the other side. The thing about ethnic purity or nationalism is that it eliminates the guilt of choosing which one of your 'brothers' goes down. They're all your brothers, and you're told you're supposed to love them equally. Yet as I was saying, we are competing, all living things are. Somebody HAS to go down. That's when we create guidelines and principles that are not respected much, mostly because it takes years of studying to understand them, and it takes everybody's cooperation to uphold them. (these laws choose who goes down and who wins, and eventually crumble) So the merit of nationalism and borders is blissful ignorance and a much more intuitive and irrational way of settling who goes down: the other guy, the different one. I'm pretty much like everyone that has commented, and I've said it in the initial post. But you see, even if you understand people, even if there are no barriers, there will still be winners and losers. There will still be the higher-ups and the rest. We cannot create equality, because equality is something for machines, not for living creatures. My view on this is of someone who would like to believe in a common dream, but sees the impossibility of it. We can continue on this argument (although it's a dead-end for my idea, it's almost 0 support), but I'll give you another:
  19. Ungod


    Yea, a bit unpopular, I'd agree. I think that seeing the larger picture is something only some have the ability, luxury and desire to do, so I doubt pushing this burden onto the common folk is going to achieve anything. China, for example, did something great when implementing the one-child policy; of course there were major downsides to that, but I think it was the right choice for China (and the world as well). The irony of a 'us vs them' culture is that sometimes it manages to create healthier communities than the 'no barrier' culture; the downside is that sometimes it ends up all life. You're the first to take a 'pro' gate stance. Your arguments sound like those of a Roman governor. Too bad they left those Germanic tribes bribe them over the decades. Edit:
  20. Let's go for that sound logic as for the relationship between heat and vitality, well...isn't heat the manifested energy, vitality the process of transforming potential into heat, and potential that something determining the energy pathways and length of such pathways, found in the blueprint of every being?
  21. Actually, if I think about it...when we say somebody's full of vitality/life, we don't actually refer to potential, do we? We mean that he or she can readily manifest that potential (into action), and does so often, so vitality actually refers to a combination of readiness, effectiveness and experience in manifesting your potential. To confuse things even further, a synonym would be briskness, no?
  22. Yea, well, the items that were created (plushies) were not supposed to be transferrable in any way, to my understanding.
  23. it's not too difficult because VP was never well defined (at least imo) Worldy inertia sounds better, but perhaps a one-word terminology is better? wordly inertia points and vitality points - sort of weird edit: also, I am full of worldly inertia is kinda funny; or 'my worldly inertia is in the red/negative'
  24. It's also the most savage. I like what you did there, but I don't recognize the scene.
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