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  1. Happy B day, Nimrodel
  2. Mega Creatures Auction

    Top 3 'heaviest purses of gold'
  3. Mega Creatures Auction

    Did you make top 3 yet? I'll be pm-ing you tomorrow or the day after
  4. Mega Creatures Auction

    Outbidding Chewett on colored joker 831651 1g 1 s
  5. Mega Creatures Auction

    Outbidding ledah on 832951- 40 s and 563406- 2g5 s You might be right about the joker, i dont remember lets leave it like that
  6. Mega Creatures Auction

    20 g for the horseman? I sold mine cheap, huh
  7. Mega Creatures Auction

    Molimas 7g each
  8. Mega Creatures Auction

    Molima 851682 6g
  9. Mega Creatures Auction

    Angien 563406 27 silver
  10. Mega Creatures Auction

    It's hard even for me to track these things! And i have technical issues, otherwise i'd have copy pasted id name and all. Edit: edited, hope i didnt mess up (much)
  11. Mega Creatures Auction

    Aramor 832955 40 silvers Coloured lr archers - 5 silver each Weaver 696965 - 8 silvers Bp archer 350739 - 10 silvers Tree 831651 - 13 silvers Tree 623766 - 6 silver Tree 562441 - 7 silver Birds 623489, 623491 - 6 silver each Daimon 649659 - 4 silvers
  12. Mega Creatures Auction

    Outbidding Ledah on 562441- 5 s
  13. Mega Creatures Auction

    I had to count my gold haha...maintaining the bid on whatever i bid and plussing for : 851682 molima 5 g 852877 2g 5 s those 4 coloured lr archers - 3 s each 649659 daimon 2s Your 3 oldest trees - 2 s each (783983,623766,562441) 563406 angien 1g8s 802018 joker 3s 851577, 851586 barren 2g each 851574 barren 2g 3 s Edit: half a page didnt load, so i missed some later bids. Sorry if i got superseeded and didnt see.
  14. Sky scouters

    Can't. Gotta get some decent net before i do that.
  15. Hi all, I always wondered how the sky is observed in MD. Thei notes of sky scouters mean weather has a place in the realm, so their observations are essential. Your task is to imagine a sky scouter's outfit, complete with tools/gadgets. Drawings will help, and all gadgets need (short) descriprions. You have 24 days starting today to work on it, and submissions can be posted here or as PM. First place gets 2g, one imp and a mildrain spellstone; second, 2 g and a heavyrain spellstone; and third 1g and a teleport to pc stone. You can ask for actual sky scouters expertisr or, even better, you can be one and create your outfit now! Good luck.
  16. Mega Creatures Auction

    Oh, I assumed you'll overwrite Shemhazaj' bid, in order to get more value going for both molimas...id 851848 Also, bidding 2 sc for your three oldest winderwilds and 3 sc for your elemental (although i can't guarantee it'll find a permanent home with me) And...raising the bids to 1 g for the last two anniv barren souls (851577 851586)
  17. Mega Creatures Auction

    Nice collection I am placing bids on the following: 1 G for each angien (5g) 4 G for 1 molima 5s for each BP archer (20s) 5s for the joker with many tokens 3S for each toxicodendrite (9s)
  18. Sky scouters

    How much time do you actually need?:p
  19. *in the background* All hail the bacon, all hail the bacon!!... Happy birthday, all the best!
  20. Happy birthday, not-so-much-junior-now Junior! Lots of fu
  21. How about the receiver sends a pm to the sender, saying the card hasn't arrived...
  22. Magical items

    Cool. For starters, I'd like to make a water hourglass, but not the kind with oil and water...just using capillary action. If anyone wants to help (or has suggestions), message me. I want a 10 minutes one on my desk.
  23. Magical items

    I am posting this here because i would like the end result to be in-game items such as the ones the Crafters would be able to make. The topic has little to do with Loreroot (aside from the fact i'm forced to stay there for the moment). What I'd like to do: create items that have magical properties at first glance, but it's only peculiar scientific effects. I'm sure I'm not the first one with this idea, I'm simply adding myself on the list. How I'd like to do it: get a small team of 2-3 people and discuss an idea until we get a fully detailed project, with theory and maybe even models. Then, with the aid of WPs, ask the item to be implemented in-game. It doesn't have to be usable, and it would be great if it used shop rp items. I have no idea how this would work out, all I know is I'm keen on doing this experiment. If you want to work with me, drop by Raven Hold or drop me a message. Talks would ideally be held in game, but we'll see how it goes (if it does). I realize there are things to improve in MD, I do not want to steal people from the important projects, so I'm willing to work with anyone, I'm sure I can learn from others, even if I later on decide to stop interacting with them
  24. spam topic

    I wanted to write 'wtf' but then as i was browsing bbc online, i read a title 'my wife doesn't shower anymore'... Maybe it's a serious article, full of depth, but i don't have time for research of that level. The mainstream is so full of spam i'd call Monty Python to perform every day; anyone know a good site i can read when bored? Also...let me add to the madness by saying that if your wife doesn't shower anymore, chase her in the streets every time it rains. If she's not there already.
  25. Sky scouters

    Instead if extending, im resetting the deadline. (You have three weeks)