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  1. How we look at time is basically like this, no? : d/V. Basically, it's about movement over a distance. If an objects doesn't travel, time doesn't 'pass'. Now, we might say time still passes, by looking at other objects that move, but measure it in relation to the object that stands, and you have zero. So how do we measure time in MD? Can't do it by looking at the sun that 'moves', and bet on the day-night cycle. If you measure it relative to the moment you get 1 more AD, you have a 'day' there, but we can all agree time is measured here in relation to an exterior system of reference, right? What happens in MD that we can take as reference point? For example, the lights shooting up from the angien egg could be one, but the interval is too short. How can we obtain 'a day', measuring time by something 'internal'?
  2. So how do we measure time in MD?

    The relativity of time is not something i'm ready to delve in; i was thinking in classical terms. i know the topic doesn't seem like much, but i think it is relevant; vould it be that we live in a time where time is an oppresor, so we dismiss talks about it?
  3. Happy birthday, Val! Stand tall as an oak, another year has passed only because it didn't know what else to do! Best wishes
  4. Money is strange...i don't know if that os true, but i watched a documentary years ago about money, and it said in Tibet an ass'(mule) dung was a currency. Idk about rarity or use of that...but it made me feel fuzxy and warm inside. This world can be funny at times, i thought.
  5. So how do we measure time in MD?

    Example, please.
  6. I suppose diamonds can be used as currency if we decide to do it, by assigning a random value, even if they cannot be used. I foresee assigning that value would create debates over debates, and the currency wouldn't be stable...ever, unless it is stabilized in a dramatic way. With coins you had a different situation because tgey were 'minted'- bought in shop. This meant that coins had a 'hidden value' that was related to a player's effort, or impact, on md. Diamonds also relate to a player's effort, but it's different in that the very existence of a player was a requirement, something much more profound. I'd like to note as well that rarity is a very direct (and common)basis for assigning value, but also very shallow. Use, I believe, is more natural and desirable in determining value. Now, my problem with brilliant diamonds is that it immediately makes one (me) think of opulence. Trading in diamonds...lol. If you attach a use for it that breaks that idea, it may work.
  7. So how do we measure time in MD?

    You, the player. and why does pipstickz have trouble with the idea of 'time'?
  8. So how do we measure time in MD?

    Yes, it's like that. So what are those regular occurences in md that can be used to measure time? (I mean 'internal' occurences, like rain and such, not the ST). If you are in the realm of MD and have no clock, how do you know what time it is or how much time has passed?
  9. So how do we measure time in MD?

    Are you saying the time you spend in md is fiction?
  10. So how do we measure time in MD?

    Hmm? No ideas? There are a bunch of events, but i don'r rhink we have the right kind. Like, rain - it has different intervals. Because if there are no such events, i would like to propose one - but only if tgere aren't.
  11. MD anniversary plushie shop

    An anniv, please
  12. Sushi Bar & Gallery

    First of all, what a combo! Instant The scene looks very good, i guess a couple more tries would make it perfect. But even as it is, it looks like a scene in MD, awesome! The avatar is very well coloured, as well.
  13. Masks and characters

    Ah, I can upload So, whoever is a fan of art & work, go for it!
  14. In a few hours' time I'll give the start for the contest, I am announcing it so you can be prepared (it being a speed contest). The task is to find out 10 MD characters' name, by looking at masks. How so? Each of the masks below is decorated and each decoration has a coresponding letter (from the english alphabet). Once you garher all the letters of a mask, you must form the word. Also, each of the letter has a corresponding mini riddle - example: letter J would be named 'a cane' (all our letters were drawings/ideograms at first, so look attentively). Send the answers via forum pm. This is a speed contest, with the first two who make out all the names getting an anniv creature.
  15. Poetry

    As i was strolling in MD yrsterday, i saw Metal Bunny at GoE. My first thoughts? Grab it, nab it, maim it, stab it skin it, clean it, like you mean it, Dry it, fry it, forget diet, Omigosh, thay bunny riot! Meeeeetal bunny! Yumm!
  16. Mystery tournament III

    Ye, Iceman is tricky
  17. Mind Power Compass Menu Issue

    Peasants such of yourself? That reminds me of a sintagm from the AL...are you simplyzero?
  18. Mystery tournament III

    Wooo, good luck!
  19. When i'm 'playing' MD, i'm usually bored. With no contest/action, it's up to us to 'make' the action and guess what? People are lazy. Maybe not all, but i sure am. When I'm not playing MD, i remember the strange interesting times in it, and it all looks so attractive and aloof, i wanna come back. Then I open thr browser and i'm bored again. And so, in an endless cycle, i oscilate. Should we call it confusion or the movement of a pendulum? ______________________________ answer to first question; gonna stop here
  20. The Voice in the Dark

    This sounds like a case of sclerotic congenial schizofrenia, so a serious investigation is in order.
  21. It's not true having merchants in power is better than having soldiers ruling. Wars still happen. It's deceit that starts them and deceit that doesn't start them. How is this a 'better society'? It's not, it's simply different.

    1. Mallos


      I could interpret that to mean a lot of things I guess, but it makes me think anyways... Different isn't inherently bad, diversity you know. I heard it said recently something like "We change too slowly in a quickly changing world" it is leaving us behind, if we don't move forward. So a soldier might fight the war for the sake of war (honor/freedom?) but the merchant will likely fight for the wealth, "war is profit" as they say. Which of these two is more willing to change? I would bet on the soldier who is motivated by the people around them, perhaps misguidedly, rather than the merchant who is motivated by the things they may obtain.

    2. Mallos


      I've had someone tell me, rather foolishly I might add, "people never change"

    3. Ungod


      Different isnt bad, but i object to the idea of 'better'. It's not 'better', 'progressive' etc. So there are equally 'bad' alternatives to a world with merchants in power. Also, that slogan 'we change too slowly' is BS. Change is always apparent, not real

  22. Journey to the east

    (Guess what role has Sunfire. C'mon, guess, i dare you!!) That concludes the search fir the crew this year. With only 4 out of 7, the ship stays docked. For now...
  23. We invite you to an audition for adventure! Jason, a well-known hero, will set sail for the east, on the lookout for Miroku. (Jason, a handsome, brave, powerful and generally awesome hero, will be played by me. Hm? What do you mean, "MD's population must be really low?") But for the mysterious East he will need on his ship the presence of tge avatars of the seven lucky gods, as a sort of talisman. So he is looking for strong fighters, rich patrons, skilled artists, experienced sailors, cooks, priests and joyful grasans. This is a roleplay event, no preparation needed, just come over and have fun. You will have to make the judges believe you can fulfill your role as avatar of one of the seven lucky gods. Your past deeds, your current items, you can use all that and much more to show off. Now, i would like to know when is the most convenient time for all who want to participate, so please post here an hour and a day (preferably this weekend)
  24. flectentem re | magicae interiorem

    I'll sponsor 12 silver. Seems interesting