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    Ann. 4948

    The few times I asked something a LHO, they were fast, polite and helpful. However, I didn't want to ask them for help! I thought I should do it all on my own. You're also being told you have to discover things for yourself. Then, you get to know people and message them directly - or you get into a land/ally and solve your problems with the new companions. I didn't use the LHO system enough, and I probably wouldn't if I started out again. However, I don't really care how you name that group of friendly helpful players, or what kind of system it is - just make it
  2. Where can we find you? and when
  3. Ungod

    Ann. 4948

    Nah, I think it's cool, because At this moment we have a free spot in the mechanics of MD for a group that does public service of some sort, that involves communication, respect to new players, and steady continous activity. I wish to re-establish this part of the mechanics, but i will do so only when i will see a good opportunity. I thought this is what this thread is about, actually - what group could replace the LHOs? Because there was a Public Council, and when I joined MD, it was dragging its feet as well. Any ideas?
  4. Haven't seen the fenths, but it's like squishing the LHOs into a strange apparatus and grinding them like meat, probably.
  5. I think I also felt (at the time) I wanted that avatar sooner; but I don't know if the extra time was a test for our patience. I explored the extra features branch first, partly because of the avi and other extras.
  6. 15 credits is not much.
  7. Burning man? You mean the imp? There are a few possibilities, some including the possibility of a bug, but I doubt it? In any case, imps are cheap, get some for your main - or anniversary editions, which are a bit pricey.
  8. Ungod

    Weekly silver

    Fav movies, eh? Too many to list? I like the quiet nature of Scent of green papaya, but I also like the rawness of Training day. I like the fun of Hidden fortress, but also the hopelessness of Ran. I like the scene at the border from Sicario, but I also like the scene filmed at the tatami level in Tokyo monogatari.
  9. Ungod

    Hey, I'm bored

    And here's some fun comments that made me laugh: It's a good thing that animals of prey don't act like humans do when dealing with this type of thing .. otherwise, they'd all be extinct. I can see it now, the entire herd of deer walking alongside the ailing one that is 14 years old and can barely move. In an instant, an entire pride of lions rains down on the entire herd of deer, mauling every last one of them .. up to the healthiest one in the bunch. its even lower in (). our govt has declared a curfew. obviously the flu only works at night. The Pope addressed the crowd outside the Vatican yesterday. In part he said "just say they all died from COVID and let G-d sort them out."
  10. Ungod

    Hey, I'm bored

    *huff huff* Doc, doc, help me, I'm dying! Whoa! What happened to you? Your head looks like a swollen tomato! I have a panic attack, help me, please! Alright, alright, lie down, I'll give you a shot. ...better? Yeah, somehow. I gave you some morphine. It should last for a while. What happened, anyway? I kept thinking about the flu virus and the casualties and suddenly I couldn't breathe anymore. Can you give me one more of those shots? No can do, got my regulars to think about. Your regulars? Yeah, the chief of police's son. What, is he suffering from panic attacks too? And more. If I don't give it to him, he starts harassing people and other bad things. Well, does he come often? Often enough. Him and his gang. Oh, I see...Wait a minute... ___________________________________________________ Doc, I have a sore throat. It could be a cold. But what if it isn't? Last week I went out and invited a girl to dance at a bar And? The guy next to her - a huge gorilla - suddenly stood up and I backed down. And? Well, she coughed when she saw that. What if I got infected? Look, she choked with her drink when she saw your bravery. Not every cough is a death threat. Yeah, but...did you see how many people died last week? Hundreds, thousands! I bet they never suspected anything. What if I got infected? Doc, give me more of that stuff, please. I told you, that's enough! Relax, all the people that died were 90% elderly. You're young, so don't worry. But so what? Well, they had multiple problems, from high blood pressure to cancer and diabetes. So...you mean...it's not the flu that killed them? It is the flu! Without it, they could've lived for many many years. That flu is definitely murderous. Oh, I see...Wait a minute!... __________________________________________________________ Doc, what if it's the flu? The normal one? Yeah. Well, you have to make sure to get plenty of rest. Eat well, drink many liquids, forget your worries. That all? Exercise now and then - it's your body that is fighting the illnesses, so you have to train it. And if you get s a fever, I can prescribe a few meds. But it's essential to take it easy and let your body work it off. Alright...but what if it's the new one? Look, if you suspect anything, just do the test. I can do it right now for you, but...knowing you, it's fine. You don't even talk to your family anymore, I'm surprised you went to a bar. I was stressed. And I do talk to my family...via whatsup. Aha. But, doc...if it's the new thing, will I die? I told you, take it easy. We don't have a cure yet - that would be a vaccine - but there are other things you can do. Like what? Well, you have to make sure to get plenty of rest. Eat well, drink many liquids, forget your worries. That all? Exercise now and then - it's your body that is fighting the illnesses, so you have to train it. And if you get s a fever, I can prescribe a few meds. But it's essential to take it easy and let your body work it off. Oh, I see...Wait a minute!...
  11. I don't know what Tissy is talking about here (and I don't want to know), but I have to agree that it's not very comfprtable to have toilet paper (in MD, not in your home). It depends how you use it, I guess...
  12. The LR guards do not require you to go through a quest as before (@Aia del Mana please confirm).
  13. I mentioned those clickables to point out that LR has had some points of interest added lately, it's not like it's been neglected. Certainly, that doesn't help with what you want to do, but I don't think you need too many rpcq clickables anyway. If you can suggest some good options for clickables and their use, perhaps they'd get added?
  14. Some lands have fewer, but combined, they make for plenty of clickables in the realm. Ever since I started playing, I've been told that a quest that makes you run around from land to land is a good quest. Loreroot might lack such clickables, but it gained a tag dispatcher and resource-related clickables that let you make paper, barriers, memory stone tablets a.o. in the last year(s). Just to make sure, when you say LR has too few RPCQ clickables, you say it because you'd like to create a quest that takes place only inside the land?
  15. I don't get it, but...is someone opening a teahouse?
  16. +1 but that was setup by Mur, if I'm not mistaken, so nobody touched it (probably)
  17. Ungod

    infinite tea

    How's your glycemia?
  18. If we're talking about events that have impressed us and left a mark, I guess I've witnessed a few...but I like the little events that make up my MD experience. Like when I first saw the Field of Fear scene. There was a jumplink provided and the mood panel invited us for some tea somewhere, so I said 'What the heck, ok'. As soon as I used the jumplink, I was in the middle of those pulsating spheres and I was taken aback. Of course, it was all in my mind - they're not animated, so they're not actually pulsating. But I imagined it, and I tried to understand what the heck it was I was seeing. They all looked like elemental eggs; bubbles of fear and anger that emerged from the ground and slowly took to the air. Above the scorched field, countless spheres of...fear? A truly dreadful place. And then, I came back to my senses to see Necrovians in the middle of their tea ceremony, and it was so nice and pleasant that you could almost see some old ladies enjoying their 5 o'clock tea. I thought 'Damn, these Necros...'
  19. What do you think it should do?
  20. It's not weird, the value of the booster has been altered recently. It used to give you three different values and max was...+3? Also, the number of the items ahs been raised to 20. This is why I think you might have gotten + cart skill from previous boosters and that in fact you didn't get 21 just from going everywhere except NC. The ones in LotE are pretty deep in, the ones in the Labyrinth are a bother to find etc The ones that are easily accessible give you maybe +12 - +14? It's been a long time, but I think +16 is what you get when having enough AP and gate 'clearances' to casually stroll around, so a new player will not get to +16 easily. Unless you want to make it a difficult challenge.
  21. 21? Weird, I thought there were less obelisks scattered around...
  22. I tried to do something similar some years ago, and it still seems like a good thing. If anyone wants to do this properly, you can check out https://magicduel.com/member.php?p=Ungod&override=true Basically, taking the realm map, you can visually mark their usual location and add additional info on them (like, the type of rituals they usually use, or availability etc). Keeping track of mp3s is too much work for me, though.
  23. Interesting. I was just thinking that instead of having such quests automated, like in other games, it's so much better to have a role for it, no? With sponsorship from the land's treasury, someone can hold the role of 'taskmaster' and guide new players. And when said sponsorship ends for lack of funds, or the taskmaster is no more, it's the end! And another one can raise the flag... (some tasks need refinement: for example, getting 16 cartography is easy with shop items, but got from obelisks, might prove difficult (if you can get to LotE or NC obelisks, you're pretty advanced and you have no need for a LR creature as reward anyway) others are pretty good in themselves, like visit 2 capitals and grab 2 shared tools)
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