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  1. Happy birthday, MB folks!

    1. Jubaris


      Two ally leaders in the same day, what a magnificent day!

  2. corn syrup - increase briskness by 70 for 10 minutes drain tool - decrease viscosity in a scene by a value equal to that of three players' decrease
  3. Rules for this final round: out of these three cards, one is a Joker, the other two are of the Insect and Plant type. As a player, you get to choose one card and call it Insect or Plant. If you get a Plant but you called an Insect or the other way around, you get -1point; if you win, you double your points (or get +3, if you're at 0). If you get a Joker, your points halve. As a gambler, you must choose a player and gamble only on the one you think got it right. If there is none you think is right, you can forfeit the gamble and keep your score. If your player got the Joker, your points halve or you get -5; if she won, your points double. Nothing happens to your score if she got a normal card, but called it wrong (e.g. insect instead of plant).
  4. It sounds good to me (provided there's enough server memory)
  5. Now, if I were an outsider, I'd say Aia is getting 'inside' tips, as she didn't miss a beat. But I am the House, so I know for a fact I wanted you guys to score as little as possible... 7+4=11 for Aia, 2-4=0 for Nepgear (sorry, Nep). 11+6=17 for dst (another scorer), 8+2=10 for Ledah (I put full points because it doesn't change the position, and it is obvious Ledah wasn't paying attention that he can't have one false and one true). Ok, tomorrow I'll place the cards of the final round, as this has dragged long enough, and we'll have your bets.
  6. Nope. Ok, you know what type the next two cards are. Here are the new rules: players can ask for their points to be doubled (if they accept this gamble), be it plus or minus. Gamblers can also ask for an increase, but it's three-fold; they must gamble on one player only (it can be the same player, as before), with true/false. So, for players, getting both correct answers without the increase is worth 2 points, and 4 if they accept the gamble; both wrong - it's -2 or -4. For gamblers, it's +6/-6 with the increase, 2/-2 without. Once this phase is done, we go to final round.
  7. So...Aia adds another 4 points, reaching 7. Nepgear adds 2 points, reaching 2. Dst adds 8 points, reaching 11, while Ledah adds 8 points, reaching 8.
  8. giving this lonely thread some love
  9. And here's a little sequel to that, because you might be interested:
  10. This time, nothing changes for the players, but the gamblers have to gamble on every choice of both players (so it's 8 total for gamblers). For all answers, choose true/false, as you believe it to be. Oh, and I forgot to say this, but you cannot have 0 points if you want to get a prize. Even if it's just the four of you and we have rewards for four people. (a quick edit, just to be on the same page: if you say Aia got it wrong and she did get it wrong, you score a point as a gambler; I hope you didn't misunderstand that)
  11. Let me post the cards and calculate the scores so far: Therefore, Aia and dst get full scores (3 pts), while Nep and Ledah get 0 pts (first mistake is pardoned, then you have +1 and -1). Let us give our gamblers more chances to score points (or lose).
  12. It's ok, take care of yourself, Nep. Now, dst and Ledah have to redo their gambles, like this ( I didn't explain the rules well enough?): You have to choose one player (you can both choose the same, no issues) and gamble on their choices; it should look like this: (name) 1 - wrong/false 2 - wrong/false 3 - right/true
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