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  1. Ungod

    Hello hello!

    'I'm watching a guy's bobbin' ass! Go away!!' Does anyone know where this is from?
  2. Ungod

    Sky scouters

    Bump (Still some time left)
  3. Ungod

    Hello hello!

    Congrats. md is like an old wagon that keeps going..but i shouldnt say old- maybe timeless? U missed a few spins of the wheel, dat's all
  4. Ungod

    Farewell MD!

    All the best, BFH. Thanks for all the work put in MD. (i think nine years aren't going to be forgotten that easily, so maybe you'll drop by some day just to say 'hi'? In any case, glad to know you had fun)
  5. Totems as well therefore: feature, not bug
  6. Ungod

    Help Rophs sail West

  7. Ungod

    LR Archer Recipe Suggestion(s)

    Bacon (to account for the strong ability)
  8. Forum looks better on phone, too - nice!

  9. Ungod

    Sky scouters

    Mmm, me like the first suit. Dunno why, but it reminds me of Nausicaa. Don't be shy to participate, people! Even if your drawing sucks, good ideas for gadgets can compensate for that. (Edit: on second thought, i also like the second. Just that with those goggles and flapping suit, it looked like an insect, so i was unsure 'bout it)
  10. Ungod

    Sky scouters

    Let's give this another run! Task is the same, time for completion three weeks, but as for rewards, it will depend on participation (so gold and spellstones will come in different amounts, higher for a bigger number of participants). Also, this time it'll be two winners only. Good luck!
  11. Ungod

    WTB Shop Items

  12. Ungod

    Unlucky essays

    What do you mean, why? It's to keep the idea of the all-knowing wookie alive and so perhaps create a cult. I think i requested an anniv for the winner of this quest, but i have no idea if the anniv crits have been delivered yet (for any of my quests)
  13. I've no idea why, but i'll try giving an answer, because people always react to correct things, when they know tge solution: Maybe there's a limit of 15 images for each album?
  14. Ungod

    Day of Tranquillity

    Now, with day of tranquility removed, i happily await the day someone new will post in 'new ideas' a topic that says... could we have at least one f day when i don't get attacked, please? Let's call it ...day of peace or day of make peace, not war. Oh, i know - a day of tranquility! That would be funny
  15. Ungod

    WTS Creatures and Items (Auction)

    20 silver for your common items