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  1. He cut his ear and sent it to his love He never got a good-enough reply It is the way our hearts are making pace It is the way our dreams wither and die It is the way the core begins to rot The outer shell looks good, but you do not. She followed him until her feet were sore He always promised this would be his last It is the way the hope begins to crumble It is the way the treachery arrives It is the way the core begins to rot The outer shell looks good, but you do not.
  2. Looking for some ideas regarding visuals for circles of spells...a small circle of 3 Life spells and another one of 3 Death spells...or even the artwork, wth i plan to play a little with the idea of casting spells as a priest...
  3. The traveller (you) was on his/her way to the Gazebo when he approached the fenth's press. There, an unknown player was sacrificing creatures. Unlike other times, you managed to see clearly how the creatures were devoided of their shapes and turned into fenths...but it all happened very fast. In a few seconds, nine creatures were sacrificed and the player dissapeared, with no trace whatsoever. You strain to recall what creatures were sacrificed... Rules: you have until thursday (00:00) to send me by forum pm the name of the nine creatures (level and name doesn't matter, type suffices), fastest answers occupy the three places. Rewards: 1g3sc for first place, 1 tele to PC stone for second and 6sc+1 mirrorit stone for third (hope i won't have to edit the post, happy guessing)
  4. Happy bday!
  5. Hi all, I'm writing this post to gather positive reputation, that's the only reason, I swear! I think it's a great idea for more spelldocs to be added. I read the samples on the frontpage of MD now and then, and the more the better...I don't know if they will be used, though. But you can still write a bit, Mur, it won't hurt.
  6. Ungod ID: 250021
  7. thanks for the wiki link, it wasn't that long a poem...it made me read a bit on Dodgston, too
  8. that looks fun, but 106 pages...dammit, i must find timeeee
  9. you're growing old, Sunfire happy birthday!
  10. bamp
  11. been reducing my internet browsing in the last weeks...so i am a little curious - is it me or the internet is on the way to become the 'new TV'? people who watch tv instead of browsing the web are less 'able' (or just too old), so obviously the ones who want to develop themselves, to discover new means and methods (or even purposes) will connect to the web...but it seems more regulations appear yearly in order to 'institutionalize' the web, this meaning that, well...institutions, authority...less freedom of speech, less space for inovation and a different way of flow of information ('cuz filters). internet = new TV or just oversaturation of the digital?
  12. that's quite an awesome one but not what i'm looking for
  13. I remember that one, I had it some time ago in the shop I'm looking for a more ascetic figure, that one looks like a fighter mage or something. thx anyway, dst
  14. Does anyone have an avatar of someone who is clearly a priest (of any faith)? It doesn't have to be highly artistic, just clear...message me, please (not sure this is where it belongs, but hey...hopefully, i'm in the right place)