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  1. Honor points at MP3

    Well, the general idea is that if one finds a sparring partner, it's more or less fine, in that it can get enough heat and advance to mp4, where he can find the wanted balance. My problem with that is 1) there's no room for experimenting at mp3 and 2) you're too dependant on your training partner. Perma mp3s have it easy. They can just prey on the new people and that's enough to maintain their wanted balance. it would be easy to give new players a certain amount of Honor, but the shop items ask for Honor points to ensure they are gained and that means gain by fight (that could be an argument against my idea, but my idea is to 'help' people fight with less constraints, not give enough Honor points to buy all items in the shop); the last two points mean you get to fight without considering your Honor points at all, so it kinda defeats the purpose of the Honor system. you could also create an npc that can get (skilled) players wins, just as it is super easy to get losses with the LR guardians, but this is makes it too easy unless done in some creative way... what can i say...it's more about how you feel about a small change, since big ones can create endless debates thanks for the thoughts, mago
  2. Honor points at MP3

    I'd like to see your opinion on this, so here it goes... Currently, a new player finds it hard to deal with the honor system and get points. If he/she starts on the new island, it takes some days to get to the mainland, during which theres no way to get honor (theres little chance of fighting someone there). Some beginner shop items require honor and there's no way to get it. But then you reach the mainland and in theory you can get it, only that it depends much on the mp3s you fight. You must make it so you dont lose honor when attacking, so first you need to have the same win/loss ratio and then train crits and sacrifice them for honor points. This can be a bit frustrating because you cant really experiment with your rituals as much as you like, and furthermore you become quite dependant on your partner. Now, MD is not meant to be easy, but at the same time it doesnt have to frustrate you. True, at mp3 its not like you can experiment much, but at the very begining you are being forced to do things one way only (match your partner, sacc crits for honor). True, one must advance, this frustration can lead up to ....determination, maybe. All in all, its about perception - and this is why i want to ask you whether you think a small change is in order or not. I dont think the overall experience is so bad, but it could be improved a little. What i thought about is a shop item (lets call it The Aramor's sacrifice), in quantity of 2 (or4) that gives one a (maybe variable) number of honor points. This, ti boost/ speed up things a little for the new player, who could use the boost for some shop items or to not worry when attacking an opponent that gives a little negative honor. It's not like it makes a major difference - its not a "cheat". All players, regardless the mindpower, have to watch their honor, so there's no need to 'spare' new players - its simply a little boost. Is it necessary/useful ? What do you think?
  3. Complete description

    This is not a bug, but I don't know where to place this one, sorry. I just grabbed an Appretince's Lumber Saw, thinking I can use it. The other tools have in their description that they can only be used if you are a member of the land where the Woodcutter guild is from, this one doesn't. Can we add that bit of information as well to this tool (id 9376) ?
  4. Happy birthday dst

    a day late, but HBD!
  5. code guardian day

    daaamn, that's a long time
  6. I think the 'thickness' of the line is the measurement for how far voting can be stretched. If the division is too grand, there is litle chance for a common need to unite, and maybe even in the face of a common enemy people cannot come together. Obviously, this means the citizens of a state meddling in the affairs of another is impossible. As for the dividing line, I was struck by those lines in the Art of War, where it said 'draw a line between you and another and you have something to defend (or conquer) already'. It struck me because I just couldn't accept wars can be so easily started. But it's true, and even having a little more than another can cause jealousy and further division. It's much harder to unite, to cancel the differences and share a common goal. As far as voting goes, here's something to ponder on: the Olympics. Instead of tribes going to war, they just select a champion (or more) that compete in their name and, avoinding bloodshed, a hierarchy (determined by strength/excellence) is created and obeyed. This is, in fact, what we do when we vote for representatives - in theory, you choose the fittest. This doesn't mean citizens from MB can vote for people of NC, but if the champion of MB - voted - bests the champion of NC - voted, well...there is influence, no?
  7. These kind of topics are fodder for the brain, but they make one hungry as hell... I believe all people know the truth, unconsciously. One can reveal it after understanding it to a rational level, but we all know it. People let other people decide for them - and that is work, trust me - and when things don't go right, they try to put other people in charge. A rebellion is the quickest way to ensure your society will grow. Servering the rotten head does the trick well. That means one head is enough and there's no need for voting, because it doesn't mean much anyway...but democracy was born in Greece because the merchants had the power, but not some privileges of it, and they wanted a bite, and they set in motion the cart...a plurality of needs of the society, a superior number of desires/goods/endeavors, that is what breaks the normal hierarchy and gives birth to regimes that look less totalitarian (which dictatorships, as I said, are perfectly fine to all of us, except the ambitious men with little power). So, there you have it. Is the society growing powerful men or centres of power in various fields? (the human mind is expansive) Then you will not the able to secure the well-being of the society with one leader. A number of leaders will be needed, chosen the same old way - the most powerful is followed. The hierarchy is accepted, because this is nature's way. Voting, in my opinion, starts where people with comparable power meet and can't win/don't want to fight. The powerful will vote, the weak will follow, and all will dream. Never should we forget of the other realm.
  8. I like the town crier...I imagine it as a bored-to-death middle aged man, reading all day from a scroll in the agora. Newbie tips, events in the city, things to avoid and common platitudes such as 'pay your taxes, obey your superiors, be loyal to your king etc'. Every now and then he takes a break and has a grudge against new people, since they bother him with questions and, furthermore, never seem to know what is going on and must be taught 'everything'. Bickers and complains that newbs shouldn't even exits, but never loses the chance to have a superior attitude when talking to one. I wish the town crier said more...in a rather arrogant way, so that we'd all hate the snotty attitude.
  9. Chimeras

    and that tomorrow has arrived...dst gets a WP and a shmsh fenth; I will attach the submission In any case, congratulations to dst. I am now thinking if a second place should be allowed...probably not. Chimera_quest.pdf
  10. Quest rework - Quest types

    i'd add soemthing like art/artistic
  11. Chimeras

    If there are no submissions by tomorrow, I will prolong the quest by one week...It is rather difficult research, but it would be interesting to see what people find out.
  12. Chimeras

    I think rewarding creatures from MD is a perfect reward for this quest, so sure thing (I have yet to decipher the meaning for a number of MD crits haha ) But, if you decide to sponsor the quest, you will also have a say in the rewarding of it (so if you decide it isn't good enough, you can retract your offer)
  13. Hi. I guess we all know about the chimera, the 'fire-breathing female monster resembling a lion in the fore part, a goat in the middle, and a dragon behind (Iliad, vi. 179), with three heads corresponding.' What puzzled me is how it came to be. There's no way I can come up with this stuff without having some idea behind it, right? Symbols are like that. Doodles are just doodles. Now, one theory is that the origin of the myth was the volcanic nature of the soil of Lycia (Pliny, Nat. Hist. ii. 110; Servius on Aeneid, vi. 288), where works have been found containing representations of the Chimera in the simple form of a lion. (That's not good enough for me). Another one I read some days ago is that the chimera is a symbol for the sun or the symbol of the solar yearly cycle. How? Well, apparently, the lion and the serpent/dragon are marking the beginning and the end of summer, while the goat, the winter solstice. Here's a picture (not mine): So, what's the deal? I offer you a challenge - to look for as many mythological creatures as you can (from all cultures) and find (on the internet, or your own research, if capable) 'common' events in nature that can explain their creation. Should be fun to do - that's something I also pursue, but very slowly. Anyone can do it, time offered is two weeks (so the weekend after the next one is the limit) and the rewards are for the one who gets the most creatures 'deciphered'. The better way is to keep writing in a .txt file which you will upload at the end of THE time, to avoid copycats. The explanation shouldn't be exhaustive, and it should be something that to you, at least, rings true. As for the rewards, one WP for the winner plus some creature (not a 'normal' one), that I haven't decided on yet. I must also decide if I want to reward second place (sponsorship is welcomed, btw). But the quest itself might lead you to some very interesting finds, which are reward enough, no? NO? Ok, I will provide...
  14. WTS Creatures

    shade - 9 gc + 20 sc + brilliant diamond
  15. WTS Creatures

    shade - 9 gc + 10 sc + brilliant diamond (if it's accepted)