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  1. I like the town crier...I imagine it as a bored-to-death middle aged man, reading all day from a scroll in the agora. Newbie tips, events in the city, things to avoid and common platitudes such as 'pay your taxes, obey your superiors, be loyal to your king etc'. Every now and then he takes a break and has a grudge against new people, since they bother him with questions and, furthermore, never seem to know what is going on and must be taught 'everything'. Bickers and complains that newbs shouldn't even exits, but never loses the chance to have a superior attitude when talking to one. I wish the town crier said more...in a rather arrogant way, so that we'd all hate the snotty attitude.
  2. and that tomorrow has arrived...dst gets a WP and a shmsh fenth; I will attach the submission In any case, congratulations to dst. I am now thinking if a second place should be allowed...probably not. Chimera_quest.pdf
  3. i'd add soemthing like art/artistic
  4. If there are no submissions by tomorrow, I will prolong the quest by one week...It is rather difficult research, but it would be interesting to see what people find out.
  5. I think rewarding creatures from MD is a perfect reward for this quest, so sure thing (I have yet to decipher the meaning for a number of MD crits haha ) But, if you decide to sponsor the quest, you will also have a say in the rewarding of it (so if you decide it isn't good enough, you can retract your offer)
  6. Hi. I guess we all know about the chimera, the 'fire-breathing female monster resembling a lion in the fore part, a goat in the middle, and a dragon behind (Iliad, vi. 179), with three heads corresponding.' What puzzled me is how it came to be. There's no way I can come up with this stuff without having some idea behind it, right? Symbols are like that. Doodles are just doodles. Now, one theory is that the origin of the myth was the volcanic nature of the soil of Lycia (Pliny, Nat. Hist. ii. 110; Servius on Aeneid, vi. 288), where works have been found containing representations of the Chimera in the simple form of a lion. (That's not good enough for me). Another one I read some days ago is that the chimera is a symbol for the sun or the symbol of the solar yearly cycle. How? Well, apparently, the lion and the serpent/dragon are marking the beginning and the end of summer, while the goat, the winter solstice. Here's a picture (not mine): So, what's the deal? I offer you a challenge - to look for as many mythological creatures as you can (from all cultures) and find (on the internet, or your own research, if capable) 'common' events in nature that can explain their creation. Should be fun to do - that's something I also pursue, but very slowly. Anyone can do it, time offered is two weeks (so the weekend after the next one is the limit) and the rewards are for the one who gets the most creatures 'deciphered'. The better way is to keep writing in a .txt file which you will upload at the end of THE time, to avoid copycats. The explanation shouldn't be exhaustive, and it should be something that to you, at least, rings true. As for the rewards, one WP for the winner plus some creature (not a 'normal' one), that I haven't decided on yet. I must also decide if I want to reward second place (sponsorship is welcomed, btw). But the quest itself might lead you to some very interesting finds, which are reward enough, no? NO? Ok, I will provide...
  7. shade - 9 gc + 20 sc + brilliant diamond
  8. shade - 9 gc + 10 sc + brilliant diamond (if it's accepted)
  9. shade 9 gc + 1 brilliant diamond?
  10. Shade 9 gc
  11. shade 8 gc
  12. Shade - 7 gc
  13. He cut his ear and sent it to his love He never got a good-enough reply It is the way our hearts are making pace It is the way our dreams wither and die It is the way the core begins to rot The outer shell looks good, but you do not. She followed him until her feet were sore He always promised this would be his last It is the way the hope begins to crumble It is the way the treachery arrives It is the way the core begins to rot The outer shell looks good, but you do not.
  14. Looking for some ideas regarding visuals for circles of spells...a small circle of 3 Life spells and another one of 3 Death spells...or even the artwork, wth i plan to play a little with the idea of casting spells as a priest...
  15. The traveller (you) was on his/her way to the Gazebo when he approached the fenth's press. There, an unknown player was sacrificing creatures. Unlike other times, you managed to see clearly how the creatures were devoided of their shapes and turned into fenths...but it all happened very fast. In a few seconds, nine creatures were sacrificed and the player dissapeared, with no trace whatsoever. You strain to recall what creatures were sacrificed... Rules: you have until thursday (00:00) to send me by forum pm the name of the nine creatures (level and name doesn't matter, type suffices), fastest answers occupy the three places. Rewards: 1g3sc for first place, 1 tele to PC stone for second and 6sc+1 mirrorit stone for third (hope i won't have to edit the post, happy guessing)