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  1. Christmas marathon

    Ok, I'm extending it until the 2nd of Jan, first thing in the morning. It's not hard, Fang, I think all you have to do is go through the explorable scenes 3 times a day. With the boots and various land loyalty reductions, it should be completable. It's not as easy as getting 10 volition in a day, but I had to make it a bit challenging. (if you find it too hard, do tell me how much you get for going through lr, gg, ug, mb, nml, lab, MDA and east in one go...and maybe I can lower the standards) Also, to participate, send me a screenshot when you start.
  2. Christmas play

    Unfortunately, I cannot create something like Nimrodel's. Not right now, at least. All I could comep up with is a dinner with the following characters: I can come up with more characters if needed. However, I'll make a poll and let you decide which one you'd like to be part of. Edit: can I make a poll in the topic, now that it has been created? Cannot see a button around here...
  3. Christmas marathon

    Tomorrow is the last day if anyone wants to do this... (dunno if there will be any participants, Chewett )
  4. Happy tune

    Beautiful. I wonder if I had the patience to learn it.
  5. Christmas play

    Because you can twist it. Hmmm...I'll ser if i can think of a similar event
  6. Christmas play

    That would be nice. Please think about AL events and create teams, folks. I'll update the topic a bit later.
  7. Happy tune

    Sure. I don't know what else could be awarded, for this quest, though. I'm breaking the ice with this tune, even though I dont think I can participate. Playing an instrument is not hard if you don't want to go pro, so don't worry about how it sounds. tune1.avi
  8. Guardian of Tools

    Thank you, the tools are in my possession.
  9. Hello! How about a play, huh? This time, I'd like teams to roleplay an event/series of events from the AL. History can be...distorted a little, if it makes it all funnier. I cannot ennumerate the rewards, but I'll add details later...the problem with this is that as far as teamwork is concerned, it might be hard to get people online at the same time...so maybe you can decide on a day yourselves and act, then record with acousticremains and post it here. We'll see. For now, if you'd like to bring some history back (or in a new light), make a plan!
  10. Hello, athletes of MD! I come with a challenge: get 100 volition in 7 days. It shouldn't be too hard, but neither easy. All those who manage to get that score get as reward: 7 silver + 1 mineral water + 1 mirroritual stone. Top score will get 1 extra gold piece. Also, a tombola will be held for 333 water (we'll decide on the method later). So pick an interval of a week somewhere between now and the 24th (24:00 being the deadline). When you have decided, pm me (or add here) a screenshot where I can see current volition and date/time. When you finish the marathon, pm with a new screenshot. That being said, good luck!
  11. New player inventory can't be accessed

    I don't understand why newbs are consuming alcohol so early in the game...what kind of games are you playing on the island??
  12. Hello there, whimsical writers! We are looking for a Sir Clerihew in MD, so for that we put up the following contest: write three clerihews on MD characters and post them in this topic. No alts, please, and no editing. Post all poems in one go, so think well before you do. You have time - deadline is...24th of December. Don't know what a clerihew is? Do a little research; besides, it's easy - here's an example: Ungod is best friends with a hog. Yet some people retain they're one and the same! Forum reputation will complement the judges' opinion, so get ready to upvote or downvote! (rewards: santa for first place, 1 g 5 s for 2nd, 1g for 3rd) Good luck!
  13. Hello, musicians and wanna-be stars! We have a contest with guaranteed wins (if you're not terrible, that is). Play a rl instrument and the TKs are going to make sure you get your instrument as an in-game item! Just post you vids here - or the link to where you posted it - and make sure we can see your playername and MD in the video. If you also combine it with an MD themed text, you could get a WP (if you're not terrible, that is). So get your harmonica, trumpet, guitar, cello, ukulele, drum, harp or WHATEVER and play it so we can all see...I mean, hear...Deadline : end of this month Good luck!
  14. The College of MD

    That sounds interesting. Not sure about how it it can be carried forward.
  15. 666 achievement

    What is that ackowledgement, mark of the beast? Can someone explain? quick info: