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  1. This topic belongs to many sections, so I chose this one. Do what you must do if I did wrong, mods. The maple sapling at Sanctuary's View, where I'm gonna spend some time, is not getting enough light. You can see the sunlight hits all trees from the right, while the maple is just as dark on both sides. It's great artwork, but it looks out of place because of this. It's precisely because it looks good that I'd like it to get the right light, because a point can be made that the added artwork like chairs or barrels aren't shaded right either.
  2. Ungod

    Looking for idioms

    Hmm...I couldn't make a meme with ''Cazzi tuoi'', though...
  3. Ungod

    Looking for idioms

    How do you want this help to happen? I find (this endeavor) amusing, there are also many English idioms that, translated into my language, sound very funny.
  4. I see you have a knack for gender bender...Queen Ledah and Princess Aelis, huh
  5. I happen to have 3 elementals 100 days old, I recruited them for I-don't-recall-what. Do you want them in exchange for the pimp?
  6. Man...it's like, I think I can guess who wrote each story (most of them, anyway). What is it power I have??
  7. Ungod


    I'm glad you do, I thought you might be against me posting in your section. For those who want the book (50 mazes in it), PM me and I'll share it.
  8. I believe this to be one of the 'not really interested, if it is implemented, I'll check it out' ideas. Then, in order to have some meat on the bones, if you are slightly in favor for something like this, please write here what kind of effect you'd like to see in the selected scene. Would you like the scene to get some music just for the event, or maybe some spell to be activated on all participants, maybe it could snow etc
  9. Ungod


    Ho ho ho, I am pleased. btw, I have received an entry already...seems to be correct.
  10. I think I've heard this idea before...I begin to see cycles in MD anyways, this was about a party more than an announcement for all to see
  11. I'll just write why I think this is great to have in MD - it's because it goes along the idea of achievements. While those are some shiny things to unlock and have on your page, an ascension ceremony/party would be a lively thing. People would come and send a congrats or state the obvious 'aha, a new target'. Basically, the coding part shouldn't be too hard - it's just about a hidden clickable that depicts some decorations, becoming visible when activated by an mp3/mp4/mp5 close to cap.
  12. Ungod


    Ugh...I just posted it to destroy your eyes, really... but ok, 10sc to each of the first 3 who draw the correct solutions (basically, you open the .png in paint or whatever and draw with a red line the correct path). Send them to me by PM so you can't copy others. Edit: deadline is today at midnight
  13. Certainly not as cool as the MD labyrinth, but entertaining nonetheless.
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