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  1. I want to see whether i can get around the syntax or i should simply leave it to another team member. I would like to try to come up with 'better' examples (the ones in the main post are just fine, maybe not detailed enough)
  2. Ah, ok, i tjought it could be brought back with these tools.
  3. I didn't know the word target - targaid - meant shield...so what's the target now?

  4. I still wonder whatever happened to the chained quests project we started some time ago one step at a time, yush
  5. Ungod

    Rikstar's artwork

    Winrar works well, less than 2 mb. I won't upload them in an album, because it would take too much time and because i also included .psd files in the archives for those who wanna play (if somebody wishes to post one or two, though, feel free to)
  6. Happy birthday, Khal

  7. Ungod

    Of men and Ants

    So you say refusing to do your duty (passing around your genes) means your death? That seems very much like an ant's life (one implicit question to my text was whether a human's life and an ant's are comparable). Interesting. So how do you keep on living, then? Just like an ant resting in (our case, ideologic) graveyard?
  8. Ungod

    Of men and Ants

    This here is really a call for public research, but the title shall make sense after a little while. I was wondering whether those who took an interest in the topic of death in MD would like to publicize their findings. I, on my part, will speak of an experiment related to death and maybe incite some spirits. A couple of years ago, I was suggesting a rework of death in md, because back then I was against the idea of reviving. I looked at it as a nefarious religious influence that went against the basest realities. Once dead...well, we'll take care of your grave in the years to come. Or maybe we'll forget. In games, this revival thing was extremely useful - your character just upped and went back to slashing monsters; death had penalties, but nothing major. The muse? Jesus - the original zombie. That was then, but since that time i heard of this interesting experiment that some of you might know about: Dead ants' bodies release some chemicals after a few days as corpses, and living ants, recognizing the 'stench', drag them into the ant cemetery. This made a human hypotesize that a living ant that is coated in those substances will invariably be taken into the cemetery. In the video I watched, something more extreme happened - the ant went itself into the cemetery, stayed there until the chemicals wore off, then resumed its daily labour. This opens up a multitude of questions. That the ants recognize death by 'stench' and disregard the movement of a living ant as a sign of life, is not much of a surprise. (how do we perceive someone as dead?) But that the ant itself perceives itself as dead, is astonishing. "I am dead", says the ant, knowing already where dead ants belong, and going there itself, without questioning the fact that a dead ant couldn't possible reach it by itself. "I am alive", says the ant, when it doesn't smell of death anymore; and resumes its life. What is an ant's life? An ant has a role, and that role in the community is its life. Work or fight for the colony - or spawn larvas - that is life. If an ant is 'resting' - an unnatural concept for an ant - then it's the same as being dead. What is human life? When reflecting on the world, are we dead? Or is this part of our role?
  9. Ungod

    Trading old age / dead birds

    Love the tags...how about participating in the al and speed up the process?
  10. Ungod

    MDNP Recruitment

    I stumbled across the four issues i have and made a short analysis. Now, i'm sure i bring little to the table, but i'll attach it anyway...even if it seems the project has died in the meantime. mdnp analysis.txt
  11. Happy birthday, Azthor!

  12. Happy birthday Firestarter!

  13. Ungod

    WTB mineral water

    Mineral water is the Dowser's thing. Anyway, good that you posted this, we'll find a way to get that water to you, Nepgear.
  14. Ungod

    Rikstar's artwork

    I'm hijacking this topic! Rikstar, find me in-game if you have a problem ...i'm cleaning my MD folder, regrouping stuff, playing in PS.. panel_of_avatars.rar Combat.rar