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  1. I'm interested that no one has mentioned use of psychedelics -- experience of strong temporary synethesia is a principle feature of LSD, in particular. Many would say it's the whole point :-) I think this is a very interesting (and not too long) article about a project for inducing synethesia in order to assist people with sight limitations (without using LSD!), with an especially helpful list of scholarly references at the bottom: http://www.seeingwithsound.com/asynesth.htm
  2. So, so many options. I started looking for something good, and realized my photos are a virtual pantheon of jackassery. This is from New Orleans, around Mardi Gras. We are on our way to march in a parade, which we never found. (We thought we did, and we marched around for a while, but we found out later we'd been in the wrong place. Yeah, I can't really explain it). We stopped because we saw this sign in front of a Baptist church, and felt like it really spoke to us. I'm on the right. We are trying to look scared about going to hell -- I know it didn't work, but it can be hard to pull off a good look of terror when it's 9.00 am and you're already drunk. The previous picture in this series, which I can't show, is me crying in the shower with a bottle of vodka, still wearing a wig (different one). I was crying because we'd already been out for three days, I'd just gotten back to the house and I thought I couldn't deal with a parade. Obviously I eventually rallied, drank my breakfast, and put my paradin' tutu on. Also the date is wrong by at least ten years, because camera settings are hard, I guess.
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