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    I absolutely love reading! The last book series I have read recently is titled The Night Angel Trilogy by Brent Weeks. Anyone and everyone should look into it if you are looking for a new book to read. Any guy who is worried about it being lame should NOT worry! Read up about it! Books before that were The Kingkiller Chronicles (the Name of the Wind, the Wise Man's Fear) by Patrick Rothfuss, the Demon Trilogy (the Warded Man, the Desert Spear) by Peter V. Brett, and Incarnations of Immortality by Piers Anthony. (They got better for me starting from the end of the list)

    I love playing video games!
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  1. Ah, to give credit to those who have helped you... I don't have the best memory, but names that stick out are *Burns*. I know someone also helped me into GG citizenship, but cannot remember, may also have been *burns*.
  2. Hello Blackthorn! I would like some artwork done to create my avatar (assuming you are taking requests). I'm sorry that I can't provide full details on what I imagine my character to look like, but we will both do our best and a result will come from it, hopefully. My character's name is Ryan Delphus. He is of Golemus Golemicarum citizenship. He has nearly nothing to his name. As I think of him and become him, he is a writer and reads books a lot. He's quiet and always full of thought. He isn't the best at anything. I imagine he wears a cloak of some sort (lol... who wouldn't in this game) because he is quiet. underneath the cloak, I see he wears light-medium armor (equivalent to leather), with a chest piece and bracers visible within the ruffling cloak. I see the armor as some sort of steampunk style, reflecting Golemus' science and technological advances. I imagine a weapon could possibly be showed, of any sort really, but this isn't really needed since he is a writer. He is quiet, but he is firm in his beliefs and has a strong mind and heart. He is quiet and as a result tries his best to avoid conflict, and sometimes doesn't stand up for himself, but he will rise if he is truly against a cause or if pushed too far. I wouldn't worry about showing a detailed face. Maybe a bored-thoughtful-sad kind of face, slightly hidden by a cloak, or from being turned away (since he doesn't want to be looked at!). Maybe you could show him holding a small book in his left hand. Well that is the best description I can possibly think of right now, I think. I hope it provides great insight. Please feel free to stray from my directions. Treat them as your own ideas. As far as payment goes, I have two silver coins in my inventory, nothing more. I can however, gift you five MD shop credits if you so choose! This is all debatable, of course.
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