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  1. Due to the bugged age, some have leveled it up, and it seems that this anni crit have 9k max VE, while the old ones had 10k.
  2. I guess I missed the chance to level the crit. I assumed it was a trade off due to 9k VE nerf. Speaking of which, why did anni got nerfed?
  3. This here is to acknowledge that Aia has solved this problem. I'd like to congratulate her for coming up with a solution in such short time.
  4. This is a mathematical problem, one that I devised some years ago, that I remembered recently. It might be of interest to those fond of mathematical challenges. The question is as follows: Find the sum of all numbers, such that, after 13 steps, which can be any of the following: Add 13 to the current number Subtract 13 to the current number Multiply the current number by 13 Divide the current number by 13 Raise the current number to the power of 13 Raise the current number to the power of -13 That the final number be of the same value of the original number Rewards: The most elegant solution submitted within one week's time will be rewarded with 1 GC All other correct answer will be rewarded with 3 SC Reward may increase if there's anyone willing to sponsor this quest
  5. Just a few two cents but, as of now, resources is a mess most without any practical application, and guilds do not have any significant impact whatsoever. It'd be great for the guilds to have some impact, such as the ability to maintain and provide better tools, and a way to protect the resources. The fact that resources are scattered throughout the lands, naught of caretakers, and there's almost nothing someone could do to fix resource regeneration nor punish those who crippled the environment. At the same time, the types of resources are too vastly different, yet governed under the same engine, essentially making them re-skin and re-name from one another (minerals regeneration? a lake having... 20 buckets of water in it?) A quick fix won't last forever, and a full fix requires re-thinking on how resources should be implemented from the ground up, in my honest opinion. It seems that it's all tossed up together with no sense of direction of how they'd impact gameplay. Hard to play make-believe with things that have no intrinsic values, which can't even be split and used for proper trading.
  6. Ah, one of my original recipe, discovered by accident as I terribly messed up another recipe. I present, tender roasted Grasan ribs, coated in BBQ sauce. The recipe is as follow: Ingredients: A rack of Grasan ribs, butchered into pairs A bottle of soy sauce, sold inside the Wind Sanctuary Thin foils, made out of a certain food-safe metals mined inside Golemus, manufactured into thin sheets by the little mans A fine bottle of malted goodness (I remembered of a player whose role was a pub keeper, can't recall exactly, sorry) Various herbs that you may find suitable for a rack of ribs, procured from the depths of Loreroot A big Loreroot onion Wild garlic and pepper, found outside the gate of Marind Bell A fine bottle of sauce, suitable for your taste Honey, in the forest surrounding Wasp's altar Recipe: Optional: Marinade Coat the ribs in soy sauce and add a few crushed garlic cloves. You may add any other seasonings and spices that you deem fitting Leave, covered with a thin piece of paper, so that the meat is completely sealed from outside air Steaming First, finely chop the onion and crush a few garlic cloves. Dice any additional herbs you may wish to add. Lay your ribs down the thin metal sheet, one pair of ribs per sheet. Rub them with pepper and any other herbs as you deem fitting Add onion and garlic, three cloves and half-a-handful of onion per pair Shape your foil into a small curve, then pour the fine, golden malted liquid, not so much that it spills, but not so little that it couldn't coat the meat Wrap up the meat, so that the liquid can surround the meat inside the metal sheet. Using a large pot, pour in enough water to be ankle-deep, then place a small steamer base down, so that it create a nice, dry surface, away from the water Place your ribs inside the pot, and shimmer for 1.5 - 2 hours, depending on how tender you wish your ribs to be Close the lid and wait, take caution as the water may fully vaporize, in such case, simply add more (hot) water. Coating and roasting First, remove the ribs from the foil, gently tap with a piece of water absorbent paper, or left to dry on a rack. This is to ensure the coating can stick to the meat properly, and the meat can caramelize properly. This is important. Place it in an oven tray, and roast over high heat for 10-15 minutes, to achieve caramelization. Alternatively, wrap again, in a new, clean piece of metal sheet, then grill over open flame to taste. Cover the ribs with your preferred sauce and honey, with herbs that you deem fitting. The final rib should have a nice, caramelized surface, while retaining its inner moisture and tenderness. A well-cooked rib should be tender enough that you can directly pull the bone off. Serve with roasted/mashed potatoes, salad and a good mug of golden malted liquid. A few notes on debugging your ribs: If it's not bone-pulling tender, you did not steam it long enough. If it's mushy, vice versa If it's too dry, you grilled/roasted it for too long. For the caramelization process to take place, you need to have high heat in a relatively short period of time. Or that your rib is of garbage quality.
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