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  1. I'll add some skills that have that some may find interesting Cooking tips and tricks Programming. Chew would be the more experienced person, but I can answer questions for those starting out and basic information. My knowledge range from: Verilog/System Verilog, C/C++, Python, Java, JS/Jquery, CSS/HTML, and a bit of Autohotkey. I may not have too much expertise, but I do have a perspective of a recent learner Basic economics. While I do not know much more in-depth knowledge, I am very interested about economics in general, and do have some knowledge based on my own research and education Mathematics, especially discrete. Well, I did not follow this field of study, sometimes I wish I did, but if it's not some too high level mathematics, I may interest you in some ways Teaching, is a good way to learn, and to strengthen your understanding of a matter. My preferred medium would be discord, as it provide a lot of flexibility
  2. O hey, I solved it in exactly 332 seconds too @@ someone buys a lotto ticket or something with 332
  3. I guess I need to summarize this too. Aelis is the only successful solver of the 3x3 during the anni. Congratz I'll be trying to make this quest official, and earn some better rewards for it permanently. For now, I will try to reward all solver of tier 1, 2 and 3 with 8 SC, 1 GC and 2 GC respectively.
  4. Nope, you, Steno and Ailith each have 18 points to spend. This was engineered so the top places can get an anni if they choose to. For mirus: I am a man of great status - Purposely ambiguous, a merchant may or may not be seen as a great status My richness knows no bound - This would be true, referring to wealth in general. A merchant can safely be associated with great wealth Soldiers bow before me - False. This statement implies a position over the military.
  5. Based on the result above: prizes and placements are as follow! 1st: Aia. She earned the second highest (after Aelis and Ledah, at 6.5) points, and barely managed to clutch victory by her submission, putting her ahead of the 2nd place of a mere 0.5 point! Congratulation! 2nd/3rd: Aelis and Ledah, coming in close second at 6.5 points each! Ledah gambit to (almost) copy Aelis paid off! Speaking of luck, eh? The following players (after the top 3) placed within the top half of the game: Nathan, Tyche, and Taurion will receive an additional 2 plushies for placing on the top 50%! Thank you all for participating
  6. Here are the result... few, that took some time! This result is machine-graded. I wrote a custom code to automatically grade each submission... because judging it manually has so many potential problems, so the result should be accurate (I hope!) Tissy: r2c3: 0 r2c4: 1 r2c6: 0 r3c3: 1 r3c4: 1 r3c5: 0 r4c3: 0 r4c4: 1 All row bonus: 0 All col bonus: 0 Total: 4 Nathan: r1c2: 0 r2c1: 1 r3c3: 1 r4c5: 0 r5c4: 0 r6c6: 1 r7c7: 0 r8c8: 1 All row bonus: 0.5 All col bonus: 0.5 Total: 5 Taurion: r2c8: 1 r2c4: 1 r8c1: 1 r5c7: 0 r3c3: 1 r1c7: 1 r4c2: 0 r6c6: 1 All row bonus: 0 All col bonus: 0 Total: 6 Steno: r6c2: 1 r6c3: 0 r6c4: 0 r6c5: 1 r7c2: 1 r7c3: 0 r7c4: 0 r7c5: 1 All row bonus: 0 All col bonus: 0 Total: 4 Tyche: r1c4: 1 r3c4: 1 r5c4: 0 r2c5: 0 r4c5: 0 r6c5: 1 r1c6: 1 r5c6: 1 All row bonus: 0 All col bonus: 0 Total: 5 Dark Demon: r4c1: 1 r2c4: 1 r3c5: 0 r2c6: 0 r2c8: 1 r3c7: 0 r5c6: 1 r8c3: 0 All row bonus: 0 All col bonus: 0 Total: 4 MaGoHi: r3c4: 1 r4c4: 1 r5c3: 0 r5c4: 0 r5c5: 1 r6c3: 0 r6c4: 0 r6c5: 1 All row bonus: 0 All col bonus: 0 Total: 4 Aelis: r1c6: 1 r2c7: 0 r3c8: 1 r4c8: 0 r5c8: 1 r6c7: 1 r7c6: 1 r8c6: 1 All row bonus: 0.5 All col bonus: 0 Total: 6.5 Ledah: r1c6: 1 r2c7: 0 r3c8: 1 r4c8: 0 r5c8: 1 r6c7: 1 r7c6: 1 r8c7: 1 All row bonus: 0.5 All col bonus: 0 Total: 6.5 Trolla: r1c5: 1 r2c8: 1 r2c4: 1 r3c5: 0 r4c3: 0 r4c5: 0 r6c3: 0 r7c4: 0 All row bonus: 0 All col bonus: 0 Total: 3 Ungod: r3c3: 1 r4c4: 1 r5c5: 1 r4c5: 0 r5c4: 0 r6c3: 0 r6c6: 1 r6c3: 0 r7c7: 0 All row bonus: 0 All col bonus: 0 Total: 4 Aia: r1c7: 1 r2c4: 1 r3c5: 0 r4c8: 0 r5c3: 0 r6c6: 1 r7c2: 1 r8c1: 1 All row bonus: 0.5 All col bonus: 0.5 Attempted Solving Bonus:1 Total: 7
  7. Apologies for the long delay. Here are the final results of the quest: Submission Aia Sunfire - Jester - 1 Jakubhi - King - 0 Steno - Peasant - 0 lashtal - Knight - 0 Tissy - Bishop - 0 Ailith - Servant - 1 Aelis - Empress - 0 Demon - Queen - 0 Mirus - Merchant - 1 Ledah - Footsoldier - 0 Total- 3 Steno Aia - Princess - 0 Lashtal - Knight - 0 Ledah - footsoldier - 0 DD - Peasant - 1 Tissy - Queen - 0 Ailith - Sservant - 1 Sunfire - Jester - 1 Aelis - Merchant - 0 Jakubhi - Empress - 1 Mirus - General - 0 Total- 4 Aelis Aia - Bishop - 0 Lashtal - Queen - 0 Ledah - Captain - 0 Steno - Footsoldier - 0 Dark Demon - King - 0 Yokin/Tissy - Knight - 0 Ailith - Servant - 1 Sunfire - Jester - 1 Jakubhi - Empress - 1 Mirus - General - 0 Total- 3 Ailith Aia - Princess - 0 Lashtal - Bishop - 1 Tissy - King - 0 Ledah - Knight - 0 Steno - Footsoldier - 0 DD - Peasant - 1 Jak - Captain - 0 Mirus - Merchant - 1 Sunfire - Jester - 1 Aelis - Queen - 0 Total- 4 Lastal Aia - Priestess - 0 Jakubhi - Empress - 1 Yokin/Tissy - Knight - 0 Mirus - General - 0 Sunfire - Jester - 1 Dark Demon - Queen - 0 Steno - Peasant - 0 Ailith - Merchant - 0 Aelis - Princess - 1 Ledah - Captain - 0 Total- 3 Tissy Aia - Knight - 0 lashtal - Bishop - 1 Ledah - Priestess - 0 Steno - Queen - 0 Dark Demon - Peasant - 1 Ailith - Servant - 1 Sunfire - Jester - 1 Aelis - Captain - 0 jakubhi - King - 0 Mirus - General - 0 Total- 4 Ledah Aia - Priestess - 0 Sunfire - Jester - 1 Dark Demon - Knight - 0 Jakubhi - Peasant - 0 Lashtal - Knight - 0 Tissy - Bishop - 0 Steno - General - 0 Mirus - Merchant - 1 Aelis - Captain - 0 Ailith - Footsoldier - 0 The total award points are as follow: 1st/2nd/3rd Tied! Steno, Ailith and Tissy all receive18 spending points! 4th/5th/6th Tied! Aia, Aelis and Lastal all receive 4 spending points! 7th: Ledah won the 7th spot :P, he shall receive 3 spending points Since I did not receive submission from Dark Demon, Sunfire, or Jakubhi, they are disqualified for the rewards Please PM/reply here to let me know what reward do you desire
  8. the difference being that the pattern is: REPEAT: Forward Forward Backward Forward Forward Backward Forward Forward After 8, it cycles back to 1. That's 4 forwards in a roll
  9. Ah, you're thinking of the knight actual position. What is referred here, is the starting square the knight can eliminate, not the current position of the knight and the horse.
  10. well, this is a bit late, since I did have a lot to do. Sorry! I'll tally up the point sometimes within the next few days, but here are the official role list! Aia - Captain Lashtal - Bishop Ledah - Queen Dark Demon - Peasant Tissy - Footsoldier Ailith - Servant Sunfire - Jester Aelis - Princess Jakubhi - Empress Mirus - Merchant Steno - King Knight Priestess General Special note to Aia, as she managed to deceive all submission thus far, despite listing her role as the truth statement! Also special note to Aelis, whose guesses were quite... close to the mark, but ever so far!
  11. Well, given the limited amount of people who participated, I'd guess it's time to post the answer to this sidequest xD First, we notice that if the knight ends turn k on the nth square, it will kill the mouse if the mouse started at square n - k. This shall be the number we care about. We denote these starting points (n-k) as kill squares Upon the next move, the knight may move to square n + 4 or n - 4, and the corresponding kill square would be (n+4) - (k+1) = n+3, or (n-4) - (k+1) = n-5. Therefore the kill square moves forward by 3 or backward by 5. Anyone interested about number theory, should know by now, that as 3 and 5 are co-prime squares, you shall be able to construct a strategy to cover every squares with these "kill squares". Hence an optimal solution is easily found. The easiest way, would be to move forward twice and backward once, which is : 3 x 2 - 5 = 1. Repeat this pattern and you shall end up marking all squares as kill squares The most optimal pattern is as follow: 0 3 6 1 4 7 2 5 8 (repeat). No kill squares are visited twice, and given any starting position of the mouse, eventually its original squares would be marked as dead (and thus, also the mouse).
  12. I am, frankly, still not satisfied, for reasons you'll all see: despite my numerous efforts, success and perfection still slips away, ever so close, yet so far. This is a dish I wish to eventually master, but until then, I'll have to contemplate with sharing my progress and experiences. So here be my dish, a simple, humble winderwild egg "omelette", a "mutated", homunculus version of the winderwild Here be my two... least grotesque creations: And, its "hatched" form: The "hatching" progress, is as such: https://imgur.com/a/NBCH9oA https://imgur.com/a/4bwCiNI The concept is simple, as a bird, the Winderwild often lays infertile eggs. These eggs are nutritious to feast upon, for a multitude of dishes. But what if one, were to explore, and attempt to create an unliving mimicry of the bird itself? This dish, as I had hoped to learn, was to mimic as such - an attempt to re-capture the beauty of the winderwild, in a somewhat more macabre manner. The ingredients, are simple. One may only require 3-4 winderwild eggs, and a pinch of salt. The first step, as easy as to hatch a normal winderwild egg itself, is to beat the eggs with salt to taste, in a bowl, until the yolk and the white a fully mixed. The second step, requires a moderately heated pan, about just over one hand in length, and must, through one mean or another, have an appropriate non-stick principle, through a combination of cooking oil, and the coating of the pan itself. This is of vital importance, as one wish not to have the egg glued to the pan during the cooking process. Once the pan achieves a moderate temperature, enough to cook an egg drop on contact, pour the egg into the pan, and whisk away the paper thin layers of cooked eggs. One then shift the content of the eggs to one side of the pan, and slowly roll the egg over into a pouch, Sadly, even such simple steps, I cannot do. But here, I share the numerous point of failure, and where I had suffered the most, to aid those who wish to recreate the dish First, a good amount of egg, proportionate to the pan size, is of quintessential importance. The cooking process is swift, failures or success determined within seconds. The key idea, is the pan temperature and heat capacity, both of which affect how fast the egg will cook. Too little, and it shall cook too fast, too much, and it shall cook too slow and thick. Neither of which is desirable Second, accuracy and speed. Once the egg is poured, you have up to 20-30 seconds to finish the dish. It cannot be any slower or faster, else it impact directly how the egg is cooked. Whisking a second too much, and you may find your eggs too overcooked to be folded Third, the tools. You shall need not only a good, non-stick, correctly sized pan, that pan must have a gentle slope as well. A harsh slope plays directly into the shape of the fold, and making it extremely difficult to both fold and shape the egg pouch. The pan must also be able to heat evenly - not just the bottom, but especially the sides. The final phrase of the cooking process focuses entirely on cooking at the side of the pan, and a pan that cannot heat specifically the side will make temperature management much, much more difficult. I, sadly, only have access to a moderately fine pan, one that is non-stick, but has a rather harshly angled, non-heated side.
  13. I hate you. And the architect one is a damn troll... and also not a maze 😠
  14. I wrote... and wrote... and hope I didn't screwed this over by writing through the night. But finally Part 3: Blood, secrets, and vengeance MaGoHi stayed true to his words. He inflicted agony which I didn’t know to have existed in this world. Such was his mastery, that each moment lasted an eternity, and each sensation can be felt all across my body. The faint sound of the generator fills the empty background noise of the torture lab. An eldritch concoction devised by the unholy sect, it selectively releases pulses that refresh one’s own senses. True to their twisted nature, it amplifies one’s sense of pain and pleasure alike. Or it should have, had MaG not injected me with a specific suppressant that cancels everything positive. From a nearby lab table, MaGoHi sits idly, staring at a twirling smoke running through a lab tube, condensing into what seemingly a liquid, from the dripping sound it makes. He ganders at his own notes, and launch into another round of interrogation: - This would’ve been much easier if you weren’t so tight-lipped, you know. Not that I didn’t enjoy it. I always enjoy breaking those who have a strong reason to stay quiet. I find it, puzzling, how one would be so firm in their belief, that they would choose to endure such suffering. But eventually, they all crack. None die in my watch, and none shall leave until I have my answer. Eternity blinks - MaG snaps his finger - within a moment. This chamber, crafted by masters of the Principle of Time, under the consultant of ClockMaster himself, can alter one’s perception of time itself. Oh, how hard it was for me to convince Chew to let me use this as my laboratory, but he has never been disappointed. I’ve never failed to get him the answer he wanted. MaG approaches me, stacks of paper on his hand. Papers enchanted with the principle of imagination, and a bit of mind magic. It detects the faintest ideas in one’s mind, recording vivid images upon its coarse, yellow surface. He had done this many, many times, along with his relentless question, each time backing out after he had filled out the pages. Then, he would examine them, while running regenerative magic, and occasionally, shove a feeding tube down my throat. He would then read, take notes, and repeat. This time, unlike many others, he had a wide smirk on his face. - Bit by bit, crack by crack. Your mind betrayed you, DG. Your lips may not move, but your mind does. As pain takes over, your defense weakens, and your mind, captured. I’m afraid our time together is over. But, just to make sure - he wades the new stack of paper in front of me - let’s make sure, shall we? - You, on the night of April 26, murdered Sunfire. You were lurking in the East - he waves a rough sketch in front of me, of some mossy, stone walls - at the drywater temple. A sudden pulse of electricity pulses as my eyes glances over the sketch. MaG cracks open a smile as he flips over the newest mind paper - a clear picture of the temple is imprinted upon its surface - Bingo - laughed MaG. - Now, you had with you, a Skullcrusher - he flips over another picture. You smashed his head - MaG’s eyes lit up with anger - then dragged his body, moving it behind Knator’s vacation home. You buried him here - MaG shows another picture, this time, of a great tree - before cleaning up the blood stain and evidence. - The guards however, heard a ruckus, and found his body, and caught you when you returned to the scene to dispose of it. I’ve already sent my men out, and your weapon was found in the nearby stream. - And your reason… care explaining this? - he flipped over an image, that of the Golemus crown. Part 4: Scheming in darkness Fear. True fear was not something that I had felt since I was captured. How long has it been? It felt like eternity, yet, when measured by other factors, those less surreal than the mind itself, it couldn’t have been more than a few days. I was cracked, in mere days. Too soon - I think to myself. Another pulse runs through my body as MaG sees my expression, his eyes filled with delight. Time felt almost as a blur, as adrenaline filled my vein, the first time in many, many days. His hands move over to the paper, the same gesture he had performed again and again. Time slowed to a near halt - at least in my mind - as I mustered the rest of my energy, and call upon the power of an unused wishpoint. A simple request - death itself. Moments later, dragged by the pull of mysterious forces of the dead, I find myself standing- if you could call it as such - at Berserker’s way. Hidden under a nearby stone, one simple gold coin, and a one-time resurrection device. A second wishpoint used, activating my true invisibility spelldoc. The gazebo, then bob, then the gates of Necrovion disappear behind me, as I rush towards the Bridge of Ages. My vitality recovers as I walk upon my homeland. Time. Time was my goal. And now, I can only hope that was enough. I find myself collapsed inside the Tempest Fort, it’s aged walls resting upon my back. An assuring voice fills my ear, as my lips widen to a smile: - Ave.
  15. There were few (well, only Aia) that attempted to decipher the message. Though her solution wrong, her effort was stellar and her theory interesting. Albeit, as it does not match the revealed tiles, hence I shall award her 1 pts for her effort! I shall calculate everyone's score later, but here's the solution for the puzzle An enigmatic message: czlopzxqegjp UKWCIII 140420 210420 abcdefghijklmnop may reveal the location This line itself contains the key for the message. This, is a message, along with the relevant data, for the Enigma Machine! You can plug in the relevant data here. The machine model would be the Enigma I (top), and plugging in the relevant config, we get: notpo sttit le - not post title The post title is AnNi2020. This isn't simply a stylistic choice, it is the key to the map! You can see that it's exactly 8 letters long, the board is 8x8, and... the message is not post title. The answer is simple, convert AnNi2020 to binary, and revert it. You will get the following map! I'll calculate everyone's score and announce the winners later!
  16. It was so much fun, though the time constraint forced me to prioritize other activities, and I just couldn't bear making bad memes Looking forward to next year
  17. Part 2: The victim? Thud... thud... thud... The unmistakable heavy footsteps of the guards approaches my cell room. Each step reminds me of the dreadful potion, and albeit I care little of him, the memory inevitably cause me to shudder at each sound. The cell door opens, and enters the same two guard - this time, the lady carried a heavy pair of shackles. I remember not how it was slipped on me, but clear as day, of the cold, heavy feel of it. When your mind is in a daze, it remembers not most event and sensation, least for those that left a sharp disturbance, like a drop of water on a still lake. The entire walk to the torture room is quiet. Eerily quiet. Or at least, whatever sound was there, faded into the background of my mind, simply ignored and forgotten. I, however, remember being sat down to the cold, solid stone chair. My shackles removed, only for my limbs to be tied to a more stationary ones, which where everywhere, next to the numerous devices in this room. A distinct laughter was heard. - Welcome to my torture room - chuckled the Bacon knight. He seems amused with my puzzled expression - Didn't expect to see me here eh? Most don't. They think I don't seem like that type of person. Think that someone like Lashtal would be doing these kind of deeds. But this role, no, it isn't suited for those with a license to kill. Torture isn't meant for killing, now isn't it. Torture... is for information. To keep something alive, even when it shouldn't, and not only alive, but conscious - and talking! MaGoHi turns around, still lost in his monologue - To do this job, no, to excel at it, takes more than just skill. He turns around abruptly - It takes PASSION!. Passion, and desire. To innovate, to improve, one needs to not only stomach such role, but to bask in ecstasy while he... indulge in such art. - Why did you think I was called the Bacon Knight? True, I do love a good bacon. But that simply won't do. Nothing feels like eating a well seasoned, smoked, sliced piece of bacon, while listening to the squeal of it's original owner. To be able enjoy as such, it is art! His face suddenly turns cold - But even such art... feel wasted on you. But I must, I shall, to the best of my ability, avenge Sunny. My sunshine, Sunny. How dare you kill him. How dare you, you naughty little piglet. He grabs the nearest blade, a long, razor sharp surgical knife, and swings at my face. I can feel the wind sweeping past from his motion, yet strangely, feels nothing but the wind. That is, until a burning sensation across my entire left cheek reveals what he had done - bastard had sliced my face off, but only ever so little. Yet, the pain remains unbearable. - Nice isn't it? Pain, comes from nerve cells. A deep cut, below such nerve layer, has little value. A precise, thin cut, however... He pops open a jar. A strong, acidic smell fills the air - Is much better, don't you think?
  18. Information. Information, stands for many things. Fundamentally, it is one of the indestructible thing in the universe: the position, spin and velocity of fundamental particles. Abstractedly, it empowers those who hold the correct data, let it be knowledge, secrets, or simply whispers. A primal, complex thing that, when abstracted to a multitude of other forms, is part of what fabricate the universe that we know of.
  19. got a new pan, time to eat 5 more eggs tonight. If things went smooth, I'll make and record the dish when I finally got the temperature and technique down
  20. I'll extend the submission for a week after anniversary, use the time wisely. I shall collect and announce the result immediately afterwards, and failure to submit before the announcement is well, forfeiture
  21. I desire more time... as I can only stomach so much failed attempts per day
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