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  1. What about combat? Although I'm not really sure how important the combat system is or if there will ever be any tinkering with it again, it'd be nice to see new things implemented to it. I could think of a few things that could be done with it, although if there's no new changes planned for it, might as well let it stay as dead as BHC. I personally am a big fan of the combat system in MD and have it as one of the reasons I enjoy getting on again. 
  2. My logic: This person doesn't drink anything, remembers someone being drunk, conclusion.. can't be Mur. The soul must feel separated from the body and world and not very fond of world outside. Could use a friend, maybe it's a call for company who are feeling the same.
  3. I'm interested in creatures and (/in) combat I'd love to research and retain how creatures effect combat.
  4. I was curious if it would be allowed to make a thread to recruit for a game in the off topic section >> there's an event going on that asks for advertisement on a forum and this has been the only forum I have used, but I do not want to break any rules or anything >> it could be just for a week temporary before getting the thread removed. -selfish-
  5. Research and Connection is actually a ploy Mur created to get people to remember things he'll probably forget.
  6. It is hard for me to figure out what is the worst about you from my perspective, not that there was many things about you competing with one another for the title of being the worst, just thinking about what I do know about you, I could not quite name anything quite bad. Then again I do not know you very well I suppose. One thing I finally decided was slightly related enough to this topic and probably mentioned before is that you leaving (or well being less active for a time period) bothered me. I had a great deal of joy coming from seeing you around, trying to grab your attention and interacting or helping you whenever I could, but with you no longer showing up or requiring it, motivation left. I don't think this quite belongs here because it probably was not something you could help and was not wholly your fault, or maybe it was. You (Or someone who understands this, and you, better than I) could identify what about it belongs to you and see if it is something you'd like changed. But that is just one irrelevant problem from a stranger!   Another thing I could probably mention, that might have been more a fault on mine than yours, but I am not quite sure wholly so I'd like to name it was that being social with you seemed very difficult, I am not used to dealing with a superior, and I had a feeling of you being a superior that made it slightly difficult for me to try and break through and be a bit more social with you aside from what was needed and trying to slightly grab your attention in hopes of being able to do more things.   I hope this isn't too far off the topic, I just wanted to try and give my thoughts on this topic even if it is useless and unneeded.
  7. (Insert number)) The idle screen randomly makes the noise of the chat updating to make people think they are hearing things when they are on different tabs to get them to come back on and check if someone's talking.. I swear it isn't me hearing things.
  8. For this month I've decided to participate in No one's event to deplete resources. Although I've seen that many people are against depletion, there is little they can do about it. Well a few ideas that I see could be implemented to counter depletion would be: A spell, (possibly buyable from wish shop or for MP6) that would temporary ban target from harvesting any resources for a set amount of time. The ban shouldn't be too long, say 8 mins similar to other spells or even 30 mins. This would be much more (directly) useful than what is currently available... teleporting people elsewhere, moving them away a scene, move lock. If it was a spell that could be purchased out of WP store, people who are actively complaining could join together and try to make the person depleting resources consume more time to achieve his goal. It may not fully prevent it, but it'd give the community a way to fight back. As for it being a spell for MP6, I've always thought MP6s were protecters, why not allow them to be protector of their land as well as people. (Or another anti-protecter with the ability to 'cause people to harvest twice as much would be neat ) Another idea I've had (stolen) was of tools that could be used to replenish resources. (Credit goes to Laphers) There are a ton of unused resources laying around, people are hoarding resources as much as people are depleting resources. Gathering resources does consume a lot of time and sometimes you reach a point where you try your best to deplete, but the clock just ticks and resources come back and you have to work all over again, and as it is, it only take one person to go around depleting resources. If there were tools that could be used (shared hopefully, and equally (maybe more or less) as plentiful as tools already out) to consume your own resources to replenish the resource of where you're at. Just as normal tools these should be given a cooldown (possibly longer or shorter? I'm not quite sure yet both sides can be debated over.) Anywho. Thoughts about it: A community could easily force the environment to replenish at an optimum rate. Since there would be more people willing to help out I feel the cooldown for the item to be re-used should be slightly longer and tools fewer just to make it a bit more difficult and balance it out instead of just one person spamming his resource to restore the land which would be just as bad as the lone harvester. I've probably had more to add to this but forgotten about it. Hopefully others can fill in or point out where I'm missing. Another idea, that again is probably stolen and completely unrelated to depletion is: Well, we currently have skill levels for collecting resources but as far as I know, it's just a collection of how much we've collected and have no real use. I would like it if the higher your skill level, the more you would harvest. In one way, it'd make it easier for depleters to deplete, it would also make it so that people who are always constantly harvesting the same material, would have to share the tools with someone else for resources not to be constantly being depleted. Although it doesn't have to be the same rate and probably would require too much coding to ever happen, I just thought I'd throw the idea out there. These ideas probably won't be implemented, but I just thought I'd throw my thoughts out if they haven't been put up before. If there's already another topic similar or exactly the same as this, I'm sorry for opening another duplicate thread, consider it as refreshing an idea and feel free to close it. Again sorry, I did not feel like going through the search history to try and find a similar idea. I'm looking at you Chewett. Ciao.
  9. I support this and will do everything I can to help.. which is nothing. Off to idle I go.
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