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  1. Bashaw Steel

    a fragment of my broken mind

    Will read all this shiny stuff when time allows but had to stop and admire this handwriting for a moment.. and to think i`d be jealous for something other than hair:D Anyway, happy new year, folks! May you remember it in a way worthy of living:)
  2. Bashaw Steel

    How would you send messages in the past?

    Hooorey! Thanks to Mur, Taintsinger and my friends at 12man(y) syndicate, you guys rock:) I will put this wp to good use as soon as i know which one is that if i dont forget it in the first place. Stay tuned for more insanity as Ungod and me present to you our brand new adventure full of laugh, entrails and maddening horror tour soon enough:) Public apology to Ungod since i cant be in MD as much as i would love. Few are the chains as those of the stars
  3. Bashaw Steel


    The Cage One wish for skies to open Upon emerald shores of one good night How can it be that cage is broken? If you still walk by its size...
  4. Bashaw Steel

    How would you send messages in the past?

    The best part of MD is that you can go all out with your philosophical self and still be considered partially sane:D And even if you are not, it only adds to the charm:) Dark Demon and Sushi are especially heavy hitters, you guys made my day. Time is, however, most insidious thing one can imagine. Just think about it. It can be described as a part of perception, or something that has numerical value, a concept of our deeds and memories as unfailing proof of our past. All of that and much more can be taken into account and be considered as correct. I think it was Einstein who said that-if you cant explain something simply then you dont understand it well enough. Time is difficult to explain because time is a man made thing and not a law of nature. Stuff happens, earth spins, people die and are born, its not because of passing of time but rather because of cause and consequence. Our reality is just shaped in a way where circular things have more sense and, our minds as demon said, perceive such happenings to be in time. Time is only time because we named that split second in which we exist like that. We could named it sugar squirrel and have the same results. The greatest reason that puts time as such in this position is because it has no beginning. And time as we made it has to has one. Day begins with dawn. Night with dusk. Life with birth. Everything in time has a starting point except the time itself. Mur said how he had been thinking about his problem for a long time. Regardless of that, it is natural to assume that his thinking has a starting point. If there is a start there is also the end. But if there is no start then there is no end. So, even with memories, even with power to alter the reality itself, you will still have to deal with the beast that will repeat itself. And if you are alive in this world and caught in the loop, you will also repeat yourself. So, to leave message to past self is to actually send message to your future self. All things considered in the time loop, that is the only way to cheat the message without SF or spiritual elements:)
  5. Bashaw Steel

    How would you send messages in the past?

    Nature of the time loop is such that regardless what we do to remind us would be good for nothing. Time does not rewind itself to the beginning of the loop but rather resets, so any means of cheating the message would not be possible. If i plant a tree in my garden during that time interval in which i am aware of time loop, record whats happening, leave cryptic stuff or even kill myself, none of that would matter. Plant will not become a seed, record would not exist or any other stuff i left behind including my death. That is because behind itself does not exist. Time loop is not a line of time but rather a circle. If you guys like the night sky like me you also like the stars. Thing about stars is that most of those we see are actually dead. What we see is actually a picture hundreds of thousands years old, if we teleport somehow to their place in an instant, there is a good chance that they would be dead. Time does not travel faster than light but rather have the same speed and light of the stars we are able to see is actually and literary-past. So, to send a message to yourself one must send it in far space with speed of light and make it somehow come back. Breaking from the time loop by actually becoming part of some other time and coming back into the time interval we are aware of our time loop would break the "curse" and allow us to see whats really happening As a side note, time loop is, by far, a greatest punishment one`s councessnes would have to endure. Being aware, even in an instant, that your existence is bound in time loop, even if your future self probable exist outside of it, is brutal:D
  6. Bashaw Steel

    Happy Birthday Kiley

    Da b day wishes, yay!:D Have a good one, Kiley, and the rest of them too:)
  7. Bashaw Steel

    Happy Birthday Aethon

    Happy b day, thon:) May you remember it by heart
  8. Bashaw Steel

    Looking for a book

    Indian philosophy is often centered about ideas that revolves around many aspects of the same thing. Tough pill to swallow if you yourself is not compatible with such beliefs. Philosophy of ancient wisdoms are indeed a good read. However, it is smart to avoid such finite paths of thoughts because they are, well, infinite. They stretch without end and you cant step beside that path because there is nothing to step on. So you just go on and on and each time you take a new path, you start from the beginning. If you have a spark in yourself for such things, dont force it into molds of already made philosophy. Let it guide you instead, not lead you:) If you cant resist Indian truths, i suggest you read the works of Antonio de Melo. That guy is like a One Punch Man in that world:D
  9. Bashaw Steel


    Lava Arranging Watersprites:D
  10. Bashaw Steel


    Thanks! I`d like to say how i think carefully to make them deeper and more beautiful but its just about feeling:D
  11. Bashaw Steel


    Some say that our flesh is more of a prison to a soul than it is a home. Sometimes, however, spirit refuses to bend and burns ever stronger through the iron bars of our lives. Sometimes, its not about flesh, its about host... This one was/is for you, kid:) May you rejoin MD better than i ever did.. Who has the soul full of tiny cracks Through which golden sheen flows Who has within those unborn stars …In space of guilty and remorse I see the sky, full of footprints A shining traces of once daring child Leading into mountain carved in Steel A home? Or a prison, for its golden sheen… Where beats heart that is one with the Sun Somewhere deep, hidden and enclosed Where is the child that stands for her dreams And golden sheen flows…
  12. Bashaw Steel


    I cant believe this old shiny still stands:) Well, guys, you made my day. Guess its time to appreciate and enjoy some verses:)
  13. Bashaw Steel

    HBD Sasha Lilias

    happy b day!:)
  14. Bashaw Steel

    Happy Bday Azull

  15. Bashaw Steel

    happy birthday Eagle Eye

    happyyyy b day EE, may you remember it by wishes coming true:)