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  1. It was a long time ago, so I don't know. But I have a local file so that would imply that I did.
  2. I've been asleep for about 7 years, but before that I had an avatar drawn for me. I'm looking to reacquire that same avatar, or at the very least find where it is now. Unfortunately I don't remember who drew it for me back then, but this is the file I have saved on my storage drive. Does anyone recognize this avatar, or know where it is now?
  3. I shall indeed also follow that topic, although it's not really the same issue. That topic is about an inconsistent UI and mechanic.... Actually I suppose I should just create a thread with the avatar image and ask if anyone has seen it.
  4. I've recently returned to the game, and I distinctly remember having an avatar... if fact I still have the file. I am however unsure if I have the avatar feature unlocked? It doesn't look unlocked, but I recall having it. My avatar vault says it has 1/8, but also that it has no avatars. If my old avatar is around in the game still somewhere, I would like to re-obtain it, if it is not I would like to re-upload it. I have no real idea how to find out if it does exist somewhere though. Unfortunately I don't recall who drew it for me, but it was done on request, so I would really like to use that one. If anyone can offer some help as to how to find out if I should re-upload it or not, and also how to confirm if the avatar feature is unlocked or not, it would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Aquellia Currently active on Gateway Island. Category I (3/10) ^.^ I do not know how to sacrifice creatures, also mine are 2400-2600 days old. I have 2 bursts... although they are from a past life. Visited in a past life, unsure on tools. I've made some Thin Wood and Paper on Gateway Island. 4/14 consecutive days. 2 x 1000 heat stored. 4 Achievements in a past life. I recall an avatar... I ought to find it. I have no idea what my exp cap is, or damage relation (I'm capped though) Category II (1/6) Unknown number of MP5+ players spoken to, from unknown lands. Personal Papers are forever evolving, I have updated them since waking though. 0/15 Cartography Yokin Defense undefeated 0 Exits of the 2nd Labyrinth We'll come back to this Category III (0/3) Might have defeated the Loreroot Guardians II in a past life. 0/1 wish points awarded from others 4/30 consecutive days.
  6. I made a quick search for linear programming in excel: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RicajFzoenk   I hope that helps, If not searching for 'linear programming in excel'  or 'linear programming using excel solver' should give you plenty of other results.
  7.   Could this not be done using 2 clickables, and the new features letting them be shown/hidden based of inventory items? When the right inventory items are held it will hide one and show the other. This would give the appearance of a clickable with more than one stage. Other items can increase the number of stages, each one being a new clickable but only shown with the right combination of held items.
  8. Andur, you have written Ackshan's number as 80 on the main post. His post says 70.
  9. I have the same problem, with Palemoon browser (Firefox 64-bit variant)
  10. I visited Necrovion recently and found myself in 'The scene at the bottom of the vale of oblivion' and A thought struck me almost instantly... There was a lack of Pickaxes... But more than that, there was the feeling that a pickaxe alone wasn't enough, I felt the need to play. A game of sort, not sure which entirely but just a small game. There's a small clicky in the scene on one of the rock faces. The perfect place to find a mining mini-game. Of course you couldn't play a mining mini-game without a pickaxe, so best pick that up first so that you can play. But don't forget safety, you can't take the pickaxe off of the site so best put it back before you leave.   The mini-game itself is just going down to the mine to try and meet the daily quota. The problem is a little while back the mines collapsed and most of the tunnels are blocked. It takes a while to mine each section and the working day doesn't last forever. So you have a limit on how many sections you can mine each day. And if you don't meet the quota it's game-over.Occasionally you might find yourself mining out a blocked tunnel, letting you mine in the new area. Technical details: The pickaxe is a pick-able item that while held blocks exit from the scene. If anyone would like to inform me of the exact scene name I'll edit it in. The mini game it self will consist of a grid containing a randomly placed series of rocks. Which may or may not contain ore. Each ore contributes to the daily quota to keep going in the game. If they meet the quota they can continue to the next round. (Getting a better reward at the end) If they fail the quota the game ends and the loose the pickaxe and it won't appear again till it's reset time (daily/weekly). THIS MEANS 1 GAME PER RESET. A single rock on the grid will lead to a new location when found (instantly or the next day, whichever is preferred) effectively resetting the grid (With higher percentage of empty rocks but maybe also better value ore too). The reward itself can be in the way of temporary stats or boost. Or if felt worthwhile enough perhaps an item/resource which is attainable by all but not common? Memory stones, pickles or anything that seems correctly valued. (the game would need to be made and tested first to value an appropriate reward) As the game is primarily grid based the input may be done with co-ords in text box, drop down lists or single tick lists or anything along those lines.   Coding the game itself: I thought Chewett might enjoy it when not doing other work and looking for something fun to do. (no rush) Or perhaps others may volunteer, but Chewett gets the first say. I could code the game alone in c# on windows forms, xna or cmd. But I don't know how to use MD script or make something that will work in a clicky. The pick-able item shouldn't be much of a task nor the blocking exits while it's held. (I'd suggest a way to put the pick-axe down without playing too so people don't get stuck)   Other bonuses: There's very few built in challenges around MD and they only work once. This would allow random placement thus easy repeatability. Think of it like adding a daily/weekly challenge for people to enjoy. At the very least to me the location will feel more complete.     Apologies for the mid post interruption, I was invited to a party and given 30 seconds to get ready...   Aquellia.
  11. I was not able to Test another browser before It Fixed itself. But before it fixed itself I clicked to edit it again to see if it persisted.   I got an error which said I did not have access to the document and that it has been reported.   I refreshed and tried it again and now it works. I honestly have no clue what caused the bug. There was no browser update or change, and the edit page was working perfectly find the night before. I didn't have any other errors beside that one just before it corrected itself. If it occurs again I will post here and give any details I can.   It was not working for about an hour from when I first tried to edit my papers.
  12. [spoiler] [/spoiler]   An print screen of the bug, the center where text would normally appear can't be selected and the text that should be there is not. When clicking the cancel or save button it briefly appears as normal and closes.
  13. I will participate, as per the request of Nimrodel XD [spoiler] [/spoiler]  
  14. I cannot argue with your points they are sound, I stand corrected. I accept your analysis.   In particular the "What we have now is a statement that says "This is what you do". Not "are doing" or "have done", but an absolute "do". By your own argument, this would qualify it as an insult." which meets my (presumably) insane concept of insulting.   Also I don't take insanity to be an insult in anyway regardless of weather it is intended.   (I also knew how infertile fit in, but thanks for clarifying it anyways)   Aquellia   (I will again leave, apologies for my mistake)(I still hold to my 'insane' insult concept though)
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