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  1. [quote]Enough training quickly outstrips the skilldamage provided by Eon and SS. If you're just sitting out in the open, sure... you'll get hurt. But if you are chatting in a sanctuary(which we have plenty of right now), you have absolutely no risk of getting your precious skills hurt.[/quote] So..what are you saying?Everybody should sit on sanctuaries because Eon will come and find them everywhere? Eon likes to chase....I like to be able to train..You like other things..everybody likes something not just Eon. Also,I never saw SS following us in the middle of the maze by the help of the alts. The more we run the more he comes..meaning nobody has any chance of doing anything in the open at all.But you are a genius and you figured out he can't attack at the sanctuaries. I get like >30 stats everyday...and that's why dst and Eon are attacking us.I'm just asking not to use alts for following and not try to threaten people by insults.
  2. [quote]I'm fine debating with them whether my accounts have broken any rules for moving around.[/quote] You know it I know it..what's to debate?
  3. [quote]Ignnus, why do you think everyone is insulting you? I mean, what did Shem say so that you will feel insulted?[/quote] Now suddenly you know a lot about me?Read the first post if you want to see some real insults Cause I'm not using a supporter bias.. he's using the alts that way.
  4. [quote]Don't hide behind first excuse (supporter bias! lol) you can think of.[/quote] I'm not hiding behind anything...And I'm not a lawyer..I'm a player ,just go ask some veteran if Eon's doing it or not before insulting me.Or ask yourself
  5. [quote]if you think eon is 'protected' because of his supporter status, then what about sasha????[/quote] I'm sorry to answer your post!!But Sasha didn't do anything..She asked with her alt to Santa and got ignored,and understood it wrongly in my opinion..And we all expected some super special attention on Christmas and got dissapointed a little bit.
  6. [quote]Why must everyone find SOMETHING to bitch about? It's either me, dst, or Eon. People, stop ****** ******** *****ing.[/quote] Well,I'm okay either way..I won't stop playing the game or anything..but I'm trying to put up a def against Eon in my own way.
  7. [quote]So, the problem here is that... Eon is attacking people again? Eon. Stop that. Stop attacking people. It's mean and naughty! Why can't you just walk away after he teleports you? It's costing him a crap load just to do this to you, so, keep running away, and he will keep finding you. In reality, you are effectively slowing down his training when he is hunting for you. And whenever he buys these stones, he's wasting more and more money. Keep up the good work Eon![/quote] That's the thing here.He couldn't follow us today..We are sorry we'll just shut up,it was a big mistake and let's keep playing [quote]Iggnus, screenshot her threats, and sue her if its so bad. [/quote] She can threaten me all she wants..I don't care...wait..should I sent this to your E-mail?
  8. it's 120+ some other+200 something..you came from the park to US and joining the conversation threatening us
  9. You are pushing me into a corner..I want to train but I can't and I won't give up..you happened to walk your way into MDA cellar with 200 ap?
  10. I can't...but whatever I'm okay with what you're doing..I'm just answering dst calling me a coward here...since you two can't do anything in game as you tried today,you try other methods..that's the thing here. And please use all your methods and ways as you stated instead of namecalling on forums
  11. [quote]Eon never ever said he uses his alts. You, on the other hand, just publicly admitted that you use them. In RL (and why not in MD) this can be considered as a confession and used in a court.[/quote] So I did..but jailing me with this would be a bit too much no? In my defence..I got the alt idea from Eon..and used it like 1 time to be able to talk with my friends on Goe on Christmas [quote]Also what does the screen shot you've attached prove? That there's a player called Eno sitting in a MD scene. Go to fenth's press and you'll find one of my alts in there. Should I be punished for having an alt in there? Check for Peace. She's currently my alt. Should I be punished just because she is in a different ally so I might get some benefits from that (hmm..I wonder how can I abuse you dear Peace ). [/quote] You are like a Mafioso..He does it but we can't prove so he can keep doing it.
  12. [quote](For some reason I'm unable to open the pic in your sig at all, 10 people have downloaded it before though, so shrug)[/quote] More people were saying this..here,i doubt it will stay for long : http://www.imagesocket.com/photos/guest/2381204 and please delete my unwanted posts..I'm out of control lol
  13. [quote]You realize that you've just admitted you use your alts to avoid skill damage on your main. Isn't that the definition of alt abuse? Using alts to benefit for the main?[/quote] Yes just like Eon.
  14. [quote]According to your logic ignnus 95% of MD population should be punished for having alts in different lands. Should I go check where your alts are as well? I am pretty sure they are in different lands.[/quote] There is a difference between Eon and other people..They mostly use it to attend meetings without getting loses and stat damage..like me.Some others I know are planning to integrate their alts as a player..So it's not %95 it's not even %1.I'm ready to get punished as long as Eon stops using them. [quote]As for complaining....it's a paradox actually I'm complaining because they are complaining . Actually no, I'm complaining because they are accusing someone of a certain crime but they fail to bring proofs. In RL this is a crime.[/quote] We are sorry,it happens people give reactions when being bullied so much,just shows your character that you think can do whatever and get away with it .
  15. [quote]If you think that this topic is the result of you saying you'd run away then you lack brain cells more then I thought. Today was the day I had the time to actually talk to you and find out why you keep spamming the panels. And i did find out: cowardice. You think Eon and others (since apparently your posts refer to all paying players) receive protection just because they are supporters. @xrieg: IF you have proofs that Eon is abusing alts then why don't you do something about it? My personal guess (it's a guess and it's personal) is that you don't have iron solid proofs. 50 witnesses as ignuss claims are circumstantial proofs.[/quote] Why don't you stop insulting and be civil for a while?Yes I lack brain cells..because I think Eon should stop his obsessive stalking...and you are helping him who's supposed to be crime detective..He has 5 alts in 5 lands...helping the main and I'll get the screenshots next time..since no one knows about it. not to mention eon's alts have no crits, and all or most of them are in perputual tutorial mode [sharedmedia=core:attachments:3574]
  16. And you gained right to insult us through our actions? Just sue us if you are so annoyed and bring proof. For those who can't understand why this is happening now..we successfully run away from Eon once..Neno got banned the next day.. We again run away today successfully for a second time despite the following alt Eno..dst came to talk us from nowhere deep inside the MDA,when we said we won't stop running away..we see a forum topic now... By any means possible is her way...just keep it in mind and I apologize for the bad spamming..but we don't know what to do..he's following us,teleporting us..it's like a 7 days Head's contest just to get some training.. I've been threatened by dst today she will send me to jail one day and ip ban me that she's sure of it and do anything to make it come true... She said we should just give up and Eon will follow us anywhere...she will use all her powers to make it come true...I said:threats doesn't work on me dst..and we are cowards suddenly...that means you just call people cowards when you don't get your way. You keep harassing mp5's with Eon and make war on us when you got a response...We should just lie down and take it?Is that what you want dst?Eon's started to cross the line too much recently..and we won't be silenced
  17. It's over. I'll find the winners as soon as I can. Mods please close
  18. Want to sell: Dream Mutation Joker-----14sc from Sunfire Stored Heat 2312111 Age 55 Santa-----4 golds from Seigheart Stored Heat 26719 Age 228 Shop Joker Stored Heat 30432 Age 234 Remains----5 sc from Chengmingz Stored Heat 25871109 (no tokens) Also other army stone-----4 silver from Cots heat stone---- Auction ends in 2 days.
  19. [quote]Ignnus will end the Nutcracker sale whenever he chooses...[/quote] Okay people,Nutcracker sale is finalized in 22:30 server time...(unless you don't stop bidding of course)
  20. Last few hours left for the NUTCRACKER.
  21. Got 30sc i want to make gold.
  22. All done,close this please.
  23. [quote]1 sc for bird 3?[/quote] Sure,sold
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