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  1. [quote]"It's time for another BHC again. In this BHC fighters will battle all throughout the realm, excluding locations like path keeper, Fields of Fear, Inside the GG mountain, and any other area that isn't normally accessible. I'll allow WP locations."[/quote]

    Excluded to stay there no?So you can remove me and 30k scores from this? What kind of person you are?Okay win it then congrats

  2. [quote]We all die. Even the universe dies. It matters how powerful, in feelings, we lived our life.[/quote]

    yes,sadly we all die at the end,IMHO that's the only thing matters,this bodies of ours won't be truly happy and fully functional unless it knows it achieved immortality.

  3. [quote]Just to clarify, what I said was more personal opinion than proof of any kind. As the CLC statement said, the fact that they don't appear to have any real integration within the realm is only relevant if you can first prove they are being used for alt abuse in the first place.

    To extend my personal opinion, I don't actually give a F***. Yeah, its almost guaranteed that Eon is technically commiting alt abuse. But predominantly that alt abuse centers on tracking abuses, not committing them, so ultimately it helps the realm. And when you look at the wider picture, while still technically alt abuse it doesn't provide any relevant benefit to Eon, so, if you can prove it at all, you will largely be only proving that she is committing an abuse that doesn't help her, but helps the realm.

    Sure for tracking down people to attack the story is a little different, but ultimately if she didn't have the alts she would just use a different method. Like say, asking people, or looking at where your trail goes, or useing locate, or simply teleporting and movelocking you so you can't run away.

    The best part of all this was when dst replied to my earlier opinion.

    None of you would be having this discussion if Eon hadn't gotten Skill Damage. But rather than acknowledge that fact you all dance around it and try to find some other way to blame her, since outright complaining about SD didn't seem to do anything to you (newsflash: craptons happened that the majority of you ignored, even though it was happening in the open. I won't say all of you since I know some of you actually did pay attention, especially Eon)

    So what, a lot of you don't like the way MD is heading. Tough. MD isn't what it was three, two, or even one year ago. Its the nature of this game. You can't deal with it? Piss off.
    MD is going to go along fine with or without you.
    Adapt or die.

    Yes, that was me blowing my stack. If that offends you, it is mean't to. If it doesn't offend you, then that means your probably one of the people who I actually play MD to hang out with, even if you don't realize it (exception is Pip. I can never tell how you will react. Just because we argue more than not doesn't mean I don't like you, Your one of the people I enjoy seeing the most around MD right now)

    EDIT: Alright, to clarify the above, I'm not annoyed at anyone in particular, I was actually smiling while I wrote the above. I am annoyed at the irony that, while I generaly find nothing too awful about what Eon is doing (generaly, not always), my tendency to prefer to make posts based on facts rather than opinions presents the opinion that I am anti Eon/dst. Which isn't true.
    Since I personally can't stand people who act one way in public and another in private, the above post is to express clearly and publicly that, while the facts demand I acknowledge Eon and dst do a lot of abusive things, I personaly don't have a problem with them (the results, I often have a problem with. But that is something I prefer to discuss in private with them, not in public with them, so tough).

    So yeah, me = largely pro Eon and dst, even though my posts seem to indicate otherwise.
    Now hopefully I can stop having insane discussions with myself about the double facade I appeared to myself to be presenting...
    EDIT: Or y'know, not. Since Crazy is often synonyms with fun around MD...
    EDIT: Oh yes, if you are wondering why most of that initial post has nothing to do with the second prior edits clarification, it is because my brain prefers not to work in a linear fashion. So bleh.[/quote]

    I can't wait the see greatness of the Eon and dst blowing your face in the future..I'll say adapt or die too.

  4. [quote]I vote for closing this topic since it leads nowhere. [/quote]

    We are just talking here...stop hating for a moment.

    [quote]I can try to be a LITTLE inspirational. But seriously, I'm not going to let this conversation degrade to the level of a joke. Stop acting like a petulant child and discuss this like a rational human being.[/quote]

    I'm a very rational person..more than some people can take sometimes.
    Just be a little more inspirational please..I'm sure I'll see things your way if you force me.

    [quote]Edit: and I agree with quashen. I was supposed to post one thing, but I ended up having to answer to iggnus. It wasn't to make my posts any higher, though. Quality over quantity.[/quote]

    You are the first one so by this logic i have right to answer..unless that's not rational.

  5. [quote]I was there. The park wasn't that full. There was me and some people from CotE. Also, just because it's hard doesn't mean you shouldn't do it. The important thing is that you do it, not that it's difficult.[/quote]

    It was quite full I remember 6-7 lines of people.And I attacked 2 times.

    [quote]Training is hard, running is even harder [/quote]
    Thanks for the enlightening wisdom..You don't know what are you talking about.

    [quote]Sarcasm, I take it. Unfortunately there's not a font. If you stop the moodpanel posts, great. That's one less source of negativity.[/quote]

    Yeah I'm negative and stopped happy now?

  6. [quote]Quite the contrary, actually. You care a lot about what Eon does. I'm saying instead of "flight", you should fight... or suffer quietly. I don't own you, but I strongly suggest things because I know that running is more frustrating than taking some skilldamage.[/quote]

    Fight with Eon how?Why is the flight so wrong/bad until we can really fight?

    I don't care what he does really.I like he contributes and likes the game and that's it.

    Running is not frustrating it's actually quite good.I doubt you even tried it.

    [quote]Like needle him, ignore him, etc. I've told you to needle him if you want to complain three times this thread.[/quote]

    This is hard.Check your own spoiler link..4 cause counts for park full of people.

    [quote]UNLESS he plays by the rules? I think you mean if he plays by the rules, but correct me if I'm wrong. It seems to me like he's not exploiting bugs or doing anything that the game terms "illegal". So he's playing by the rules.[/quote]

    Yeah he's great..and I'm sorry about the moodpanels.Won't happen again

  7. [quote]And run if you want to, but you seem to think it's futile as well. Rather than run, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. .[/quote]

    I want to run,I do run,I don't think it's futile and I think we running away is the best thing we can do.DO SOMETHING LIKE WHAT?

    [quote]Both times that eon has been needled, he has let it happen because it lowers his skilldamage [/quote]
    So thanks..He is so understanding...But why the Pm block and attitude..I'm ready to train with him anytime with some cooperation from him.

    [quote]he targets you because you feel like fleeing.[/quote]

    I don't care why he does what.I don't have an obligation to....stand and enjoy the Eon's blessing
    I want to flee because I want to..why is it so bad?You own me or something?

    [quote]So wait, it both bothers you and doesn't bother you? You have some chance of running away, or else you wouldn't be trying anymore. Eon seems to irritate you despite the fact that you can run, albeit it requires extreme effort.[/quote]

    It doesn't bother me unless he doesn't plays by the rules..I wasn't the one who started this topic

  8. [quote]I'm just saying that the less you run, the less he'll chase you. It's something you have to learn[/quote]
    That doesn't make sense to me..I've been attacked by Eon so many times in the park or Goe or anywhere..I got -150 fights in 1 evening only.And I shouldn't run to stir his hunter feelings..Lol what are you talking about?
    Maybe he leaves you alone maybe not,he doesn't leave me alone anywhere.

    Needle..he'll just log out when there is a serious threat.

    [quote]Also, you just said that you gain +30 stats a day, so why does it bother you that much that Eon takes a little bit of that away? I'm saying that you should either sit in a sanctuary, or learn to care less about skilldamage.[/quote]

    It doesn't bother me at all as long as we have some chance to be able to run away.
    And we get that by running away.otherwise half maybe and lots of lost fights

  9. [quote]Enough training quickly outstrips the skilldamage provided by Eon and SS. If you're just sitting out in the open, sure... you'll get hurt. But if you are chatting in a sanctuary(which we have plenty of right now), you have absolutely no risk of getting your precious skills hurt.[/quote]

    So..what are you saying?Everybody should sit on sanctuaries because Eon will come and find them everywhere?

    Eon likes to chase....I like to be able to train..You like other things..everybody likes something not just Eon.

    Also,I never saw SS following us in the middle of the maze by the help of the alts.

    The more we run the more he comes..meaning nobody has any chance of doing anything in the open at all.But you are a genius and you figured out he can't attack at the sanctuaries.

    I get like >30 stats everyday...and that's why dst and Eon are attacking us.I'm just asking not to use alts for following and not try to threaten people by insults.
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