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  1. A person from royal bloodline being revived lightens my mood as a Necrovian citizen plus takes a weight off from my shoulders as a death guard.I hope now she can live and continue her amazing deeds in the realm without difficulty.Also,outrageous leashing of the ghosts must be slowed down for the sake of our sanity and dignity.We thank you MR.A-lion and Molquert for the help. Cheers

  2. One thousand one hundred eleven quintillions ten quadrillions hundred thousand hundred ten trillions eleven thousand one hundred eleven billions ten thousand millions a hundred eleven thousand eleven


  3. Caught these guys wandering around Necrovion.

    [s]5 [/s]3 pimps 250 age
    3 popes 300 age
    [s]2 imps 250 age[/s]
    [s]1 joker 300 age[/s]

    selling from the price of
    ~0.5 silver each

    (otherwise feel free to take them for your quests,I need to get rid of them soon).

  4. [sub]I'll add this extremely useless information here:[/sub]
    [quote]he broke the rules in an obvious way[/quote]
    [sub]I lashed out since my rule breaking was not very obvious to me.A pm from Eon,don't set afoot at field of fear again during BHC or I will "delete" you with your heads and stuff!,like Eon did the pathkeeper "idling" Manda would be enough to shut me up in this case.That didn't happen so I was surprised to see being deleted and responded.Whatever it's in the past.[/sub]

  5. [quote]
    It doesn't matter if he didn't plan on staying there, he was still in a location that was excluded from the contest.

    What happened when Phantasm went into the TB when I said it wasn't allowed? He was removed from the competition without warning.

    What happened when Nadrolski, which is someone I don't have a good relationship with, decided to go into certain locations I considered restricted but I didn't specifically put them on the thread at the time? I gave him a warning to leave those locations.

    When Shadow was hiding at the Fields of Fear in the BHC he won, i made sure to get confirmation from Mur that Shadow had access to the location and he wasn't using a bug.

    When Manda was at the path keeper I made sure to get confirmation from Mur that Manda had access to that location.

    I check all these things. I don't care who you are, whether I like you or not, you'll follow the rules like the rest of us.

    I've been running things this way for awhile now, and for the most part things run smoothly. When people break the rules and get kicked out they always tend to come on the forum saying it's not fair, but have I ever been punished for it? No, no I haven't. I won't be punished for these things. My rules are pretty simple. Iggnus can claim he was only there for a few seconds at a time all he wants, an excluded location is an excluded location. He obvious realized it wasn't a location he wasn't supposed to be at, otherwise he would have stayed there longer. Unfortunately for him there's a little LHO button that showed me Peace had been at the Fields of Fear while Ignnus kept jumping from the labyrinth. It seems to me like he didn't think I'd ever realize he was at the Fields of Fear, and he'd get away completely free as long as he was quick enough to avoid detection. That's not how things played out, and he was DQ'd for it.

    If you feel it was unfair then start a trial against me. I have nothing to worry about.[/quote]

    Actually this whole post sounds like pretty guilt ridden to me,So I got all these score because I was there like 10 seconds today,then got removed fast,you have everything to fear,keep on cheating when you don't like the scene and you'll see

  6. Eon has kicked me out of BHC without any solid proof of breaking rules and with a bad manner and timing..meaning I was leading with some 30000 score and 2500 heads and got kicked out without any warnings.I hate to drag this out like this but still..time's a wasting clock ticking,so I would like to be reinstated to the BHC with my heads I worked honestly to gain.And Eon gets a trust point deduced for abusing his role as he like.

    some details of the issue can be found [url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/12289-boss-heads-contest/"]here[/url]
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