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    Small quest or it could be my imagination either way rewards await the person with the best random guessing skills. i was strollin through way of cleansing when i bumped to an absurd road sign like this. [img]http://i47.tinypic.com/jq2ixu.jpg[/img] it is ridicilous,but real issue is i don't like ugly signs around,pointing the way when every Necrovian is able to find her way easily enough,and these were all over the place.Whoever put them it was mission accomplished,I'm annoyed.To find who did it I searched for clues but nothing came up so..I asked the unknown entity for the name of the culprit,SS gave me this poem below proving it took me seriously as Little as total amount of his stats it also has a sense of humor.So I ask you to help me to find him/her while we are busy preparing the punishment. hint:apparently 3 names below starting from highest,has their 4,1 and more than 4 letters in the name of person i'm talking about.So find me the prankster. Also this person owns only 1 creature. [b]reward[/b].first one to pm right answer can pick any item from ignnus' inventory.(not the rare items but resources,stones,gold coins etc..) bonus:if this person is on your friendlist or you can beat him/her combat,take an SS so you can pick another item. taking only one guess from each person.Could be anyone new or old,active or not,alt or main.Send a pm,do not spam the forum. I am Bored i love somebody but who? totally sweet eyes of a kangoroo sun of md shines brightly nightly we search for gaze boo oooo'Apophys what have you done? thou art consumed now taste thou death doh..only Remerson like your seth ra pierceth thy head a wise man would look at this poem gawd it does not make sense he won't know em u must look for the clues among the names of those dudes look at the first letters edit:duplicate letters count too,for example a's in grasan counts as 2 even if the pranskter has only 1 a such as in dark but not the other way around.letters count only when in the names other than prankster.
  2. please stop DD i'm getting sudden emotional high and lows because of you
  3. [quote]as I already told you if you want partecipate and help someone you need to sign up... because you need to prepare yourself to the contest before the start of it not during the contest buying continually stone, cups of tea etc... so if you will start the cntest with 5 cups of tea you will have to use only these 5 cups and not more... if a player give items to you and you will not tell me this I will ban from partecipation all 2 players... and if you get an item you need to gie it back and tell me who send it to you so I will ask gently to other player to don't interfere during contest because if he want partecipate to it he could have signed up before...[/quote] One can always buy everything before the contest how does this makes sense?I think you are the wrong choice for the BHM.
  4. I see no problem with outside people interfering Unless they can take heads.Here is what happened: Rhaegar helped Clock Master with various stoppage-locks..Burns was helping Nim in Golemus.Tal got my heads by mistake(bug) without being in the contest (returned them like a boss).Some random guy movelocked me....what whas I saying?..I think it's not good sense to rule people out from BHC More data shows outside people won't cause any problems.Jaden helped me with few mirrors:S
  5. Name:ignnus Age:594 a.d. Sex:Shade Association:Shade Sentinel Affiliation:Inner Necrovion Greatest Strength:Fire Greatest Weakness:Fire
  6. ignnus

    HC crisis.

    my suggestions: bring back the heads for mp3 since rewards are much more when a newbie gets the first place. resetting players?I'm not sure what that means but regular teleports to GOE could work to prevent players hiding all the time. if it's possible do not let same player participate in BHC and HC by using alts.Not sure how to track this. otherwise HC seems fine as it is to me unless of course there is no players playing at all but this seems like a more general problem in MD since there is not enough players overall.
  7. well idk what you are talking about or what the hell is wrong with you
  8. *dodges* hey where did you get the pic of my cousin?
  9. @Mallos you just admitted being a troll Well poisoned muffles and psychological combat I see..keep trying
  10. well.I would be pissed of too if I was killed 6 times.Anyways seems really overpowered a few can do a better job with it imho.
  11. i don't have time I have to play BHC so i'll simply enlighten you that Eon was the lapdog of no one not.the other way,I must also say how can a tool cast judgement that's completely ridiculous at least make it rare item. I also love not only MB but all lands equally so a way to prevent those would be great but do not want to be banned for a month cause I misclicked on a water resource.
  12. Alyon: "yeah but it's a sanctuary and you will lose score and heads if yousty there... upto you go there or no... same thing of logout" I had no idea as you can see..nor did I stay there for long to observe.
  13. No there are head updates in between anyway ask Alyon he said it's ok otherwise wouldn't go there in the first place.
  14. you would lose score and heads if you'd idle there,it's a sanctuary so I see no problem with it.
  15. Eagle Eye just went to TOA with the Heads ball he also went idle. [img]http://i50.tinypic.com/294ggna.jpg[/img]
  16. What my own personal dummy?I always wanted one of those.I won't forget your sacrifice Fang and put this to good use :)Picking side?I'm on my own side so you are welcome to hop over into Necro whenever you have the bal..bandages for possible problems with shades.
  17. ignnus

    Month of Free Lands

    I'll help as much as I can for No Man's Land,leave me a messsage for dates so we can go at it organized. ::
  18. 10 pts Peace My item 'Bottle of perfume' to be edited and act as a reviving item if possible with the description 'A fragrance so charming that can guide the spirits back to their bodies. 9 pts Fire Starter My chawan to be able to heat up cold tea 8 pts Menhir Shade Swordman to be completed 7 pts Ledah spell to light Bob on fire 6 pts Soothing Sands elu therapist tag 5 pts Tipu name change : Lord Tipu 4 pts Rhaegar Targaryen altered version of dance spell 3 pts Sephira Caellum my staff be able to give the dead player ability to move around all MD land (with his previous action points or with lower or with no requeriment of AP, I won't decide about this) the spell could be permanently or temporary, up for the council. Could the ghost/dead player be called zombie, when with this spell? Or maybe, Sephy zombie? 2 pts Lone Wolf pokeball that can be thrown at someone with a 30% chance of capturing them as a pet 1 pts Grido request that I be granted the other 1000 land loyalty (there abouts) I lack from previous to this feature, and for them to be distributed evenly across all the lands.
  19. Assuming I can vote without wishing for wishes 10-Lazarus 10 pts my own flag, just like Shadowseeker's, and it will be called "The Infernal Order," the complete opposite and I will be the only one who can invite players in it-the return of my Bull creature that I've received from Christmas 2009 -or- the Necrovion creature on Zleiphneir's Bestiary page (the one he won from Kafuuka's quest about torturing devices). 9-seigheart 9 pts Ancient Key - Key to open the Gates of Mur. 8-Leixer 8 pts Eleixer of Death 7-Shemhazaj 7 pts "Staff of the wanderer" that'd allow to temporary ignore viscosity 6-dark demon 6pts item, "The ShadowBlade", a sword which teleports the target to the Trial of Agony and movelocks him/her there for 30 mins when used (like Lock in chaos). This should have a cooldown of 30 days. 5-tankfans 5 pts Item : Loner's Charm - ignore's viscocity if the user is the only player online at the scene.4-no one 4 pts 4-no one 4 pts traveler's shoes item - cast a "traveler's shoes" spell that- will allow travel granting 35-40 loyalty for any land. (it could grant twice for gates but not really necessary the point) - will last for 24 hours- at the end will teleport to GoE 3-Laphers 3 pts boots that make traveling between scenes (including gates) cost only 1 AP. If that's not allowed then boots that ignore viscosity. 2-Kellox 2 pts a spell to grant one the ability to teleport to any normally accessible place (e.g. NOT places that are require keys/special access etc.) 1-Silence dogood 1 pts -tag "Lord of Silence" Edit:picked wishes
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