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    i swear i'm not trolling... FATALITY after all this time seems like an eternity i've become a wise person of virtues and equality futility, nobility, no cruelty properly witty, funny and crazy i'm a person of audacity, sobriety and sympathy society, arithmetry, geometry not a silly, imbecility it's a pity very animality eccentrity, oddity
  2. me - courage? this is debatable cause i've seen myself freeze in real fights or dive into possibly dangerous actions, mostly depends on the circumstance so no. power? yeah, i guess so, i like control so if i have to choose it's this one. wisdom? LOL, no. Shade Sentinel- courage? no, it's more of a detached look mixed with disdain,lack of fear etc. power? yes, this one doesn't need explanation right? wisdom? since i picked one it's redundant, but i'd say yeah, SS always oozes a sense of wisdom. Mur? - courage? Sure, He strikes me as a courages person. power? No. wisdom? nah. Ok..if i'm dead after this it was nice meeting you all (
  3. When you not remember who your friends and enemies were and it turns into a blur. kinda rsembles a dough with tooth rot on it. or smt.
  4. Not sure if demons age or not.. happy day dude! and glory to the north
  5. ignnus

    Must see movies!

    10/10 for me, it was interesting i didn't skip every 2 min which i usually do, idk maybe it was after garden state gave me a brain hemorrage
  6. ignnus

    Must see movies!

    ninth gate pitch black chronicles of riddick death race i am legend   bonus: rushmore
  7. If you look at a compass you can at first glance at least "guess" it is not maybe very flat and has some kind of core, upon further math, u can painstakingly deduce it is in fact round. (need to read actual posts tho)     edit:just remembered when u r drunk, the balance thingy in the brain goes away and u can feel merry go round like movement hence nausea
  8. dude, i've never read that much text in my life are you crazy, all i can contribute is even if returning older players are just like shades u must not fear them, they are practically zero with hero attitude.
  9. Dude...ehm.. first some unnecessary info (don't read here) : I've grew up among THE hippie republic (my hometown Izmir = most hardcore\in worst shape\faking sharks kind of libbies gathered, and my neighborhood is literally called coldwell)..result is permanent brain damage. This piece reminds me of the times when i catch myself showing extreme interest on something new and it is short lived(3 second), it's all because of a sneering/exploding ego who endlessly whistles nasty things to my ear..then i realize the only way i can get some peace at all is to find someone/something who i can't mimic successfully, like a power source which experience shows eventually will degrade even before naturally running out/some people would call that loser. Long story short:  have some backbone and just die if you are dead instead of sticking to concepts like equality and goodness..grrr   So that's why playing Md has been fun for me. After that ridiculous bit i must say this was an awesome read...most people lack and love that "i care" vibe, not sure how this would be received by general public, cause it is very personal and not "professional" enough, however this story is gold and if only there were a lot more like these..
  10. i'll be honest it annoys me on some baser level but i've come to respect so called "liberty" nowadays and there is whole bunch other things is annoying me at any given time so it's ok. plus it's an awesome name
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    i need to study so i'll write a poem to not do that i'm so rich i even surprise myself as much as i can be surprised you are the best food i never ate or a song from before the history or something today i like the legs excuse me since i prepared the frigin paperwork yes..the only iron being worked glows bla bla bla i will break your face you sly wanna be mastermind blind screeching pile of dirt  
  12. "grow together" you know when you feel you have to do something and it seems too much work well...do the chore in order the get some tolerance levels..since you know...if you can't control the taint at least partially it controls you,also one must keep in mind this is not an attempt on redemption or some kind of strange balance concept, but a necessary "evil" (obviously if you can't fuse with that thing at every point not only it's "fairly" useless but what's the point?),still the thing is..the taint loves control beyond all else and if you are unable to not let taint control you completely, let's just say..taint will lose volume, that's a danger as well because taint is drawn to power basically, to kind of power that can be likened to double edged sword so i should say one's aim here must be to beat the taint to it's face,you will make that uncontrollable thing your slave only to see it slip from your hands to return as better than before.  p.s. i have no life :D
  13. This silly little quest starts at Dark Vibrations(untitled document) and continues from the (clickables of) mysterious statue, if u ever wondered what your truename is give it a go, answer the questions and if u somehow able to finish it among the million possible bugs,that is..well..awesome, it's an easy 3 step journey so there is no other rewards other than the joy of completing it.(thanks to DD and Neno Veliki for testing).   And hello to all, i won't be as active but i see lots of new developments and should drop by once in a while to check on what's going on. best
  14. ignnus


    The answer to this was mini jester so no winners.(very) honorable mention goes to Dark demon for going the other way around and finding the answer innocence.Though he should have known better that I would never make my quest the word innocence not even if the hell froze and the movie waterworld got box office hit all around the world or if the world flopped inside out and there was lava rivers and stuff and you flower waters on reverse gravity..wait..I could do that so lemme give you extra pickle when i see you DD.
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    From the album: Tree

    Trees in Shock

    © Mur

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    Trees in Shock
  17. Feels the dude:D keep up the good work bro whoever you are..
  18. I could read like every few words until the middle..then it's full capacity :D what the hell is that?It's way too long :P Liked the ending..
  19. ignnus

    Random Quotes

    there is nothing in the desert and no man needs nothing :D
  20. ignnus

    Music Thread

    OMG there is something wong with MD :(     http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8cvpWxgxyHo
  21. It won't be an equation but will have it's own existance :D
  22. I agree..with almost everything 1-everything is as it is 2-there is no such things as random or chaos other than the random itself. 3-if there is no start..the whole equation doesn't exist.. (should not eliminate the possibility of a difficult to comprehend kind of start which in turn should not destroy the foundation just change it..I hope) 4-there is no difference between a human and a stone except their differences  So boring right..on the surface :D watch?v=9bZkp7q19f0  
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