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  1. Bird1 Stored Heat 941049 Age 296 Bird2 Stored Heat 119381 Age 296 [s]Bird3-[/s][b]Sold to Guillak 1sc[/b] [s]Stored Heat 1418730[/s] [s]Age 296[/s] [s]Dark Archer1[/s] [s]Stored Heat 535904[/s] [s]Age 545[/s] [s]Dark Archer2-[/s][b]1 sc Chengmingz[/b] [s]Stored Heat 962377[/s] [s]Age 318[/s] Dark Archer3 Stored Heat 272432 Age 87 Bid as you like.. (goes on until 00:00 server time)
  2. I'd rather be an experiment subject..but slave will do.I can change 3 scenes in 1 second without being kicked out.
  3. Champion Fighter-*Clock Master* Elite Villain-Jester MD Troll-Eon
  4. This is over now.Esmeralda,I'll find you in-game.
  5. [quote]This is a joke right? Please tell me that you all recognize these awards as jokes.[/quote] With your arrival,joke is complete TTL.
  6. ignnus No man's land 145 Loyalty score [attachment=3389:Evill.jpg] (Morph makes me do things i can't explain=)
  7. [size=3](~12 hours remaining until sale's done.)[/size] Bid until 6th.. Instant buy 2 gold. have fun
  8. #85 think of exciting days to come in the shadows and dust together as one without the honor and just Surely you won't be angry then when i asked you your plan won't torture me for eternity i hope and mock me with your saucepan First can't find a way to necrovion land of the dead Mur's wishpoint won't work i'll go right down at the fork Some of you have guessed who is this guy i tell unholy way,it is not blessed long live the shade sentinel!
  9. Blood..I'd negative rep you with a combo if I could vote..That was malicious rule breaking behaviour imho.
  10. I'm all tingly inside because of this great event..seriously! Thank you host and sponsors. Ps:(please don't neg rep..my feelings get hurt)
  11. So you never intended to make cash by destroying Heat Jars,oh we should all be sorry for you,in fact by the decree king of LR gave to me as of this day i'm starting an imaginary moaners guild responsible with gathering pretty flowers and handing them out to new players,so they don't quit.
  12. [attachment=3310:Nice.jpg] With help from Chewett. @MRAlyon,yeah,some couple of millions i didn't notice,soorry. there should be some item we can buy with that much VP.
  13. He's trying to monopolize heat jar trade it seems.
  14. ignnus


    They are pumpkins.you can pump them because they are pumpable.since they are pumpable they are named pump for short.they are also kins.but kins of what.we don't know we only know they are pumpable kins.not one but lots of kins.hence pumpkins. Pumps are kins that pump themselves to the point of sweet orangeness.like every other pumpkins on the realms thy like to pump and have intense fun by pumping pumpement is pumpy for pumping pumpyness and pumpness so pumpable and pumpastic. Are they pompous.YES THEY ARE.they are pumpous vegetables that like to be pumpfull of themselves and give goose pumps to their unlucky victims who are scared and weak caus they ran out of any pump juice to drink and be strong.you can get GODLIKE power by leaving these pumping vegs in the dark and drink their juices after 1 year 5 hours 2 minutes and 3 seconds later. Any jokes aside these insane and mad pumpkins like to wet themselves 1000 thousand times a day and swim in their artifical lake that they created by pumping their excess pumpkin juices.If you see any of these lakes just jump in them and swim in it because by doing so you will gain absolutely nothing.it's not even warm and they smell bad,you will puke all around be unable to walk without farting for 99 random days of your life. That's the story of pumpkins who can talk and walk around act like normal peeps but when you look at them you will se absouletly nothing cause they are doing it in a way only you can understand.they are having their fun and you are not needed in there cause you are just a magic dueler without even A PUMPKING CREATURE that shouts and warns when eon teleports you to goe and attacks you for hours:you have been trolled you have been trolled.yet you don't see any of these pumpkins in all MD lands so how could you recruit them.in this research i'm gonna tell you how. You just go at goe and write on rocks 50 times i love chopped pumpkin after that go to tea market and back 100 times don't forget to everytime you see eon on the way throw a pumpkin on his face.imaginary pumpkins of course since you don't have any,but it woud be cool if you could.but you won't get any crits if you read this and did the instructions as above cause i forgot to add you need to say i love raw pumpkins or cooked pumpkins not just plain old pumkin that's just weak dude. I am hungry i'd like to eat some pumpkins and get nice.DON'T DO THAT cause Eon will eat all pumpkins and leave you pumpkin bombs inside the little pumpkins makets she did to have super fun watching your ass blown away to the location 9x9_9_9_9x9 where you can't get any pumpkins for the rest of your life and soon die of pumpkin underdose. The end.
  15. So we should all be down to bone self-righteous people like you and that's the only thing matters in this world.Why do you need to spam this forum with your CRAP if you are so content with your ways.No wonder you are king of the tree huggers.
  16. Did I say don't question things?Believe everything you heard?No!What are you yapping about here exactly?Like I care what you prefer other than MD issue.
  17. I didn't see any emphasis on game being unfair except on heads contest event.Don't wonder too much pleaaase.
  18. 3/3 mind points kinda annoy me,why can't I spend it? Or can I?
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