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  1. i have been thinking for 3 months about this...Triss or Yennefer? Still can't decide, please help me

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    2. Nimrodel


      Triss iggy. Triss is awesome. :D
    3. ignnus


      :) dat ending tho..
    4. Nimrodel


      Havent reached the ending yet >>
  2. funny I guess I'm a cruel person

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    2. Ary Endleg

      Ary Endleg

      See! all cool stuff are cruel
    3. Blackshade Rider

      Blackshade Rider

      sometimes the cruelest person is the most trusted person
    4. ignnus


      i hate the stench of unchecked chaos, literally or otherwise xD,and i love u as long as u don't torture cats
  3. I know it's not exactly original idea, still it would be great to build a wall in MD. 

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    2. ignnus


      not smt. u can hop over with a trampoline  

    3. John Constantine

      John Constantine

      A Wall. What would you like to divide by it, ignus?

    4. ignnus
  4. I feel like a level 99 pokemon. Switching to medieval lifestyle

    1. Ungod


      medieval lifestyle? why?
    2. ignnus


      its a time where i can hunt-gather like a boss but still have coffee and not die everytime i have flu
    3. Ungod
  5. I feel the love guys..i'm touched :D

    1. Tipu


      Ah..wait did they give u dragons and gold?
    2. ignnus


      it's drachorns dude :P
    3. Eara Meraia

      Eara Meraia

      spring comes even to Necrovion xD
  6. it's not funny anymore, stop with the codename pleaz  >_<

    1. (Zl-eye-f)-nea


      codename: stopcodenames

  7. If i ever learned anything at all in this life, it is to trust your gut :)

  8. balance in all things !

  9. Happy Birthday Jester. :)

  10. It would be very funny if Steph curry leave basketball and sleep in chairs, just saying

  11. I have a silly crush on Neko case  -_-

  12. please no more blood violin..aarhg *dies*

  13. Happy new year and merry Murismas to all |\ /

  14. I usually clock 340594334 good honest work of miliseconds of blood and sweat on my latest creations...you know cause it matures with good dose of bs (blood and sweat)

  15. MD: Return of the Sentinels is on theaters yet?

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