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  1. Chapter 30 - Bells : I'm trying a different style of writing in terms of time management. Let's see if this pans out.
  2. Chapter 28 - The sacrifice of Hmm, short one. I'm running out of ideas, hence the long descriptions of nature.
  3. Warning! Some violence and what not. Chapter 27 - A sad farewell Gibberish Rant about Hollywood: I saw Joker on the theater yesterday. I can't recommend it enough. I was ready to get extremely dissapointed and curse Holywood's seven generation of family again or just plain out leave in the middle. Duh its River Phoenix from 'Her; and you know Holywood (soul mafia of +2000s). It left me hot and cold (that's a good thing in this case). It seems Holywood decided between what they were doing and survival, it was better to stop pandering to u-know-whos and trying to just roll over one group of folks instead of bringing people together. I can't wait to see more ambitious movies (i wanna see masterpieces (at least in ambition)) without politics and less and less exporting(i'm sad to say injecting) of trademark strongarming(strangleholding) and in European case pessimism. Now, i never believed people can change (nor they should) but maybe organizations can. When i pay for a movie i don't wanna add insult to injury,ie i'm being brainwashed by an extremely bitter person with a good solid education or what ever. I wanna enjoy the movie etcc... so does everyone else. Anyway movie was super and i'm darn inspired thus sparked another chapter. Here ye go.
  4. :Warning: Graphic Violence and rough language!! Chapter 26 - Triathlon Writer's note: Errrrrrrr..
  5. And that's the last post i'll make on this topic, i'm very sorry. You can tag along if you want, either way nothing would stop those 100 chapters from getting churned out. Even though MD helps a lot for me to be able to write and i had no plans for this project before whatsoever MD is in no terms requisite to follow up my story.
  6. Kinda my point don't cha know? Of course, what was i thinking :XDDD darn me and my needless irrational fears that makes me neurotic and my life hell, well, everyone is special in its own way.
  7. Wow Ungod, never have i thought someone could get so angry/emotional dare i say butthurt over a story by a super novice aspiring writer. Regardless, you seem to have riled up yourself and i'm an advocate of free speech anyway. As much as i'm offended there is always something funny and refreshing about these reactions that i know too well by now. However i'd ask not to use my name or nickname without my permission in any story. Thanks.
  8. Wyfn Phoenix Sorry sorry, news and all are too fast nowadays for my slow brain to catch up. I'll try nonetheless....
  9. Chapter 25 - Entering the Midwest Twenty-five, a good milestone. I apologize for any offense.
  10. As the title says, how does one navigate/strafe unreality perfectly or disable an echo chamber (not meant political) from the inside. I'm not looking for symtoms or causes, then disassemble or such, I'm looking for instant but non-brute solutions. Like for example vibrations. Can vibrations help bring order to the chaotic fields? If so how really does it help and what else can possibly a person do in order to jump outside of the box? If the term is not clear, i'm talking about something like mass hysteria where people have no filter for their actions (none left whatsoever) so let's say from a million of those places a few manage to tear the fabric of reality. I said people, only cause these normally do not occur in nature. For good or bad, as i said i'm not looking for reasons, symptoms etc Only tricks to protect oneself from if one does not wish to entertain chaos.
  11. Chapter 24 - Interrupt at Xanderc As the ghost said edit: deleted some offensive terms that was unnecessary (french-english)
  12. Chapter 23 - A Rough Start of a Journey to be continued..
  13. ignnus

    New ideas

    Today, i've logged in to MD and noticed, everything (imagewise) seems battered and aged. In other words i'd like to see higher resolution pictures, menus, gifs, jpgs whatever. Meaning, i'd like background images modernized and cooler, more importantly sophisticated than what's it right now. MD kinda looks like my grandmother's old relic box, it nice and all but its 2019. Erhm well, i'm not saying anyone should do this, or do i know how to do that AND i didn't even check out dark mode yet... (things to do).. I'm not blaming anyone or such.. It's an idea, speaking of ideas there could be land related/specific interface changes... I forgot what was my point anyway... Good day.
  14. Chapter 22 - For Fredo, Forever ago I admit, this played out better in my mind. Mind the spelling errors. I just had to feature Frodo ROFL
  15. Chapter 21 - I Forgot to Name the Chapter The story, if it ever was that, is going to be around 100 chapters. Seems just right to me, ya know not too short, and before the author (me) transforms to a some sort of bully. **have to go research some castle infrastructure, never seen a real european 'medieval' castle. To Ungod, imma add it to endless list of art i've to investigate & check out, thank you.
  16. Jonn? : ) Interesting. No i don't. Kinda oldie for me. BTW i just remembered i barely have any original text/chapters. Better just copy paste from here now before i lost them for some reason. #forumuses
  17. Chapter 20 - Restless Rest, Living Death *another lazy effort, hmph. *I feel like a sellout.. feels nice. *I'm just naming random section/chapter names now, also feels nice. ..
  18. This was Chapter 19 / (i forgot to add above And name to be thought later )
  19. Hi, i just wanted to inform those of you to not to expect one this sunday (if you did). Do expect one for next sunday at latest. ignore otherwise. Best edit: this sunday or this week
  20. I had a sudden burst of inspiration, you know something like writer's block, except the opposite.. and improvised a quick chapter. Enjoy.. Also, mildly gross alert!
  21. Chapter 17 - Stormaera Here 'y go. Somewhat longer chapter. - I have to stop making up words. ! Last paragraph or two need to be rewritten but the frame is there. Still learning new stuff on the process which is good albeit slowly which is bad . Too lazy, forever .. xD
  22. Chapter 16 - Preparations I hate this story, oftentimes.
  23. Hello, for some reason I feel like i need to give an explanation to some people here about this novel since i hate drama. Its NOT about MD characters, any and all similarities to MD personas are accidental. If you see something you don't like that offends you or someone you know or anything else and is of course logical, send me a PM and i'll take care of it. IG out. (On that point, i've been thinking about moving this to Necrovion only section for a while, But i'm not sure if have secret access anymore or if its relevant to move there. Err, i'm sure i'll get to it ..sometime soon.)
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