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  1. So how do we measure time in MD?

    very determinist of you you catch me at gateway aramory i'm lurking there once or twice a week xD
  2. So how do we measure time in MD?

    I don't understand if there is simply no way to tell if u or the bus next to u is moving does that mean both are standing? What happens if u are not looking or u have no way to look? Nothing. Would it change if that was an isolated environment? NO If it was an illusion? Yes. Perhaps changing reality is possible, it should be possible, humans (clowns) are not so talented unfortunately xD
  3. Poetry

    chicken at kfc tis my fault ofc drown with hot saucy wow no mercy one should eat salata and be a vegetable then it's worse cause you'd kill me in a second without a second thought
  4. I usually clock 340594334 good honest work of miliseconds of blood and sweat on my latest creations...you know cause it matures with good dose of bs (blood and sweat)

  5. Poetry

    SORRY for bad English and everything else. not quite just like dust rise i shan't won't go i shouting at the rage same as a dog-wolf sorry i'm very sorry for the light and brightness we are a silly person and you say you are not please don't try a smile especially if it's not real to me it's certainly not funny to watch our flobby descent to immortality, wisdom of time etc etc.. fury of flames does not think about anything particular at all dimming of light echoes like a drum and a river of molten lava
  6. spam topic

    i feel sad for schiceksn
  7. Snow is falling

    Sorry, it's for laughs.
  8. The College of MD

    This is always been a question i ask upon meeting people. If we fight and compare 1v1 am i better than this person? If i am i can almost see gears are turning at the other side. If the answer is somewhat no, i'd start to plan my victory and if said person is a girl i'd think of asking her out or follow her around xD. Best is all too rare when a person truly does not get intimidated by me at all cause it offers possibilities and i don't have to ask stupid yes/no questions. Also I do not possess the weird ignorant strength of a brute.. It stinks of goodness and i cover my nose. What i meant by strength before is simply if every benefit has a price in our world, asking a worthy question must have a price regardless of definition since the person can benefit greatly fro knowledge. Rest is..i don't wanna get serious and stuff and i don't have the time so someone else can say for the others if they wish. So i'll have fun. I believe nothing comes out of nothing. Remembering my first date(s). cringe cringe.. I'm going to leave this space blank.. I like zealotry in any form cause i've been intentionally starved of it. Fang Munchbane Ugh........no sorry should have asked it first. I dislike the name sun it should be ignnus' b.... void That is the real question. Looking at the window with one eye obstructed.
  9. The College of MD

    Ok it's (college of) darkness so i'll have a go and spout bunch of nonsense... If we truly try to explain a color it's not that it's unexplainable it's a difficult to solve puzzle sure, the problem is not the puzzle though it's the backlash of trying to look at a problem with far too many variables at once, if one is not strong they will be utterly convinced of the superb value of paradox or chaos. Not that these thing are not important to wage war on(for) it's just that they are not so vital or fundamental, a paradox means nothing..except out of it's own designated system of rules. To define chicken or egg one have to define whole a lot of things beforehand so by the time we ask the question it's more like self torture..it's a worthless detail.. So the darkness soothes us, purifies our soul, restores our thoughts it's the absence of color defining a color, not quite a paradox or a question or somebody's tool for benefit it just falls and falls without the mad blinding sun as it always should.
  10. Poetry

    i swear i'm not trolling... FATALITY after all this time seems like an eternity i've become a wise person of virtues and equality futility, nobility, no cruelty properly witty, funny and crazy i'm a person of audacity, sobriety and sympathy society, arithmetry, geometry not a silly, imbecility it's a pity very animality eccentrity, oddity
  11. it's not funny anymore, stop with the codename pleaz  >_<

    1. (Zl-eye-f)-nea


      codename: stopcodenames

  12. I know it's not exactly original idea, still it would be great to build a wall in MD. 

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    2. ignnus


      not smt. u can hop over with a trampoline  

    3. John Constantine

      John Constantine

      A Wall. What would you like to divide by it, ignus?

    4. ignnus
  13. Triforce!

    me - courage? this is debatable cause i've seen myself freeze in real fights or dive into possibly dangerous actions, mostly depends on the circumstance so no. power? yeah, i guess so, i like control so if i have to choose it's this one. wisdom? LOL, no. Shade Sentinel- courage? no, it's more of a detached look mixed with disdain,lack of fear etc. power? yes, this one doesn't need explanation right? wisdom? since i picked one it's redundant, but i'd say yeah, SS always oozes a sense of wisdom. Mur? - courage? Sure, He strikes me as a courages person. power? No. wisdom? nah. Ok..if i'm dead after this it was nice meeting you all (
  14. You know you've been on MD too much when...

    When you not remember who your friends and enemies were and it turns into a blur. kinda rsembles a dough with tooth rot on it. or smt.
  15. Happy new year and merry Murismas to all |\ /