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  1. I am saddened to see you go Queen Kets you have always been a great inspiration to me, ( I know this a late post but I feel I must say something) as The Queen has been steadfast and true to MD, not like some.... Unfortunately not being online is a huge problem and I understand why you have to go.....the negative peeps know who they are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Ohhh congratulations my dear Maebius......best wishes to you
  3. I'd like to confirm what Lashtal has reported........... as the exact same thing happened to me yesterday, and I have double checked, I have over 20 defense rituals set up and my tree is fully healed but when I was attacked my defense ritual didn't work
  4. I will be able to attend on Sunday at 15.00 and hopefully we'll get nearer to a solution.....
  5. [font="Book Antiqua"][i][size="5"]Thank you so much for the Birthday wishes [/size][/i][/font]
  6. [font="Palatino Linotype"][size="5"]Happy Birthday Yala [/size][/font] [font="Book Antiqua"][i][size="4"]Very nice to have you share my birthday [/size][/i][i][size="4"]I hope you have a lovely day and it brings you all you wish for[/size][/i][/font].
  7. To a fellow Cancerian I wish you a very Happy Birthday Queen kets xxx
  8. Hey I would love to be added to forum Redmyth in MD and forum
  9. [quote name='Rumi' timestamp='1304488714' post='83853'] I hope you don't mean digging up Bob. I don't know what type of tree Bob is. Perhaps you mean the spawn of Bob. Maybe the next time he blooms we can collect a Bob seed. That would be fun. A wonderful discussion with Redmyth led to a few new plants, including some herbs. tomato potato eggplant onion cabbage blueberry fig peach plum lavendar chamomile [/quote] Yes rumi that conversation certainly got me thinking about the wonderful healing properties herbs have.... Calendula (French marigold) = Antiseptic Ivy & Thyme = Expectorants Lungwort = Coughs but also gastrointestinal and kidney problems. Lavender = Burns, also aids sleep Valerian = Herbal sedative. Milk thistle = Liver tonic Red clover = Menopausal symptoms Clary sage = Antiseptic, carminative and astringent plus aids PMS Garlic = Heart disease The list goes on and on and its not just herbs, healing properties can be found in many trees, shrubs and vegetable.
  10. Redmyth


    [quote name='Fyrd Argentus' timestamp='1304195197' post='83637'] You need to click inventory above the mood panel to get the functionality you need. If you click your own [I] doc you do not have that functionality in that view. [/quote] Thank you all for your help I found it at last....... there's no bug just me not doing it right, Fyrd you were right and thanks to all in chat for your advice
  11. Redmyth


    I am having problems with my inventory .......I don't seem to have a to give option and have received an item from someone on lone but now I can't give it back
  12. Ohhhhh Ireland where in Ireland???? you'll have a lovely time if the weather holds out
  13. Sorry Crazy Mike I told you I was confused I wish to be part of the Merry Devilers team please
  14. I wanna be on this team....posted before but can't see where it went, I do hope I haven't confused anyone
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