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  1. I just wanted to say that I am fine with the changes, except that I now fear that people might think poorly of me for staying at MP3. When I entered the realm, I was told that MP3 was to learn as much as you can. Since I am still doing Mya's MP3-only quest and am learning a lot from it, I have not yet moved on to MP4. I know this is more or less repeating what xrieg wrote, but I wanted to provide support in the form of another testimony besides his own.
  2. [size="4"][center][font="Impact"][color="#FF0000"]PLEASE READ PRIOR TO POSTING[/color][/font][/center][/size] [size="3"]The last few times I have been around The Marble Dale Park the conversation has invariably turned to the topic of spoilers. There has been concern both about spoiling the learning process and about turning away new players by refusing help. I would like this to be a place where the subject can be explored.[/size] [size="4"][b]When posting please keep the following in mind:[/b][/size] [list=1] [size="3"][*][u]Support your arguments with logical reasoning[/u] [/size](None of this "because I said so" business) [size="3"][*][u]Be respectful of other opinions[/u] [/size](Or yours won't be respected) [size="3"][*][u]When refuting arguments, support your logic[/u][/size] (Don't just say "you're wrong" and leave it at that. Why are they wrong?) [size="3"][*][u]Do not attack people[/u][/size] (Who they are has nothing to do with their argument so leave out the name-calling, etc.) [size="3"][*][u]Try to keep your examples spoiler free by using hypotheticals[/u][/size] (For example: say "if they tell them how to get past the guards" rather than "if they tell them ___" with the blank being filled with an actual method to defeat the guards) [/list] [size="3"] This should be a [b]discussion[/b] not a fight. Consider the positive as well as the negative aspects of each view. By working together, we may be able to come up with some guidelines as to what constitutes a spoiler.[/size] [b] [size="4"]Some questions to consider:[/b][/size] [size="3"][i][list] [*]What is the definition of a spoiler? [*]Does the location of the conversation matter? [*]What are ways to help new people without using spoilers? [*]Should there be a specific punishment for people who give away spoilers? [/list][/i][/size]
  3. Asterdai- when is the deadline for submissions?
  4. I really love hearing answers to questions like these; great idea! What is good? In my opinion, "good" is word used to embody an idea held by a group or a person. I think that this idea depends greatly on the party to which the idea belongs. For example, in most Christian communities people share the belief that God is "good" in that He is all-loving. A different Christian group that came to protest at my university in 2010 believes that God hates certain people and does "good" by killing them. Generally, it seems that "good" has a connection with the idea of morality. What is your best physical attribute? My best physical attribute is probably this whole opposable thumb thing. What is your best non-physical attribute? I think that my best non-physical attribute is the ability to see issue/arguments/etc. from both my perspective and from other perspectives. What do you value most? Love. What is 2 + 2? "2 + 2" is a series of symbols used to represent an idea (much like words). "2" is commonly interpreted as the number two. The concept of numbers is something we created to make an organized system for manipulating patterns we see in the world. In mathematics, "+" denotes addition. Were we to add the integer two and the integer two in decimal system, we would arrive with the integer four. However, a variety of answers can be achieved depending on the system and whether or not fractions are used. What do you know? I must quote Plato here: "And how will you inquire, Socrates, into that which you do not know? What will you put forth as the subject of inquiry? And if you find what you want, how will you ever know that this is the thing which you did not know?" That is from Meno 80d.
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